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Part One

I don’t admit this to anyone, but I have a cold fetish and I am obsessed about catching colds.  Now, the issue is that my immune system works too well.  The most I get when I am exposed to a cold virus is a bit of a scratchy throat that lasts for a few days, with no other symptoms.


I have tried everything from icing my feet to staying up for days on end to weaken my immune system.  I have touched doorknobs, bathroom sinks, computer keyboards… without washing my hands and then rubbing my eyes.   I have even touched contaminated tissues, which I rubbed against my face.


I have sat too close to infected persons, who coughed and sneezed in close range of me.  I have even made doctor’s appointment, just so I can sit in the waiting room. I have gone to urgent care centers and pretended to wait for a friend to arrive, whom just doesn’t show. 


All of this, and I still have not been able to catch any meaningful kind of cold.  I was at my wits end, until I found out about a possible solution.  The add read, “Cold therapy, specializing in persons with cold ocd.”  Certainly, this therapy will help me, right?


I dialed the number and left a message with my name and cell number.

A few hours later my phone rang and I answered.  “Hi.  Is this Faith?” The voice said.

“Yes,” I responded.  “This is Ebee.  I understand you would like to make an appointment.  Did you have any questions?” she finished.

“Umm.. well.. I was just hoping you can help me.  It’s personal and I have not discussed it with anyone ever.” I said.

“Of course. We can talk about it at your first session. How about tonight at 7:00pm?” She asked.  “Sure,” I said. 


She gave me directions to her office and we hung up the phone.


I was so nervous. What if she thinks I’m crazy? What if she gives me like anti-cold pills or something?


I arrived at 6:50 to Ebee’s office.  I was the only one in the waiting room.  There were lots of magazines, so I picked one up and read it to kill time. 

A few minutes later though, Ebee walked into the room, held out her hand and introduced her self.  I noticed her nose was a bit red and she was sniffling.


She motioned to her office and we sat down across from one another.  After some small talk, she asked why I ended up at her office.  I felt comfortable with Ebbie and all the words came tumbling out.  She listened and nodded.  I noticed as I was talking Ebbie’s face contort into the pre-sneeze position.  She held up her hand and said, “Excuse me.”  “EiTISHIEW!”  “Bless you,” I said.


I finished speaking and gave Ebbie a turn to get a few words in.  “So, I want you to know that your love of sneezing and desire to catch colds is perfectly normal.  In fact, the real reason I see clients is to foster that love, help them catch colds and to delight in the sneezing!”  She finished.


I was dumbfounded.  Had I died and gone to heaven? 


“Wait,” I said.  “So, you are telling me that this is therapy for cold fetish clients, but not to fix anyone really?” 


“Yes, but I can’t exactly advertise as such.  Plus, I am not a liscensed therapist either,” She finished.


Her face contorted again and she sneezed openly twice, leaning forward.  “huhIESHEW! ATISSSHEW!”  “I’m catching a cold, by the way.” She said.

“A client was in a few days ago and he was sneezing and coughing something terrible.  He had a doosy of a cold, which I got from him,” She finished.


She blew her nose and then handed me the tissue.  I took the tissue and rubbed it across my nose and eyes before handing it back to her.  She sneezed twice more.

“HEHTISHEEW!  HUK-TTSHEW!”  “Bless you!” I said.

I had leaned forward and she had too.  We were just inches apart from one another.  The spray misted me. 


“Oh geez… I’d dot to sneeze….”haaHHAHshEW!”  “Excuss be,” Ebbie said with an increasingly congested voice.  “You poor thing.  Bless you,” I said.

“Danks,” she said.  “Like I said,” She continued, “I am doming down with an adful dold.  She blew her nose and placed the used tissues on the table next to her.

“Well, our dime ib ub.  Hobe du det a dold!”


She hugged me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.


I noticed her next client in the waiting room. She was holding a tissue under her chapped nose. Her cheeks were pink and she coughed.  She was holding a magazine in the opposite hand.  She made the scrunchy face and sneezed onto the magazine.  “HISHOO!”  “Bless you,” both Ebee and I said.  “Thanks,” the girl said.  Then she continued, “Would you like to read my magazine?” I took the magazine from her and smiled.  She sneezed twice as we exchanged the reading material.  She didn’t cover and was standing about a foot away from me.  She didn’t turn her head either.

“HISHEW!  HUKCHEW!”  These two sneezes were more forceful than the previous sneeze.  I inhaled as she sneezed and kept my feet firmly planted on the ground.

“I’b sorry.  I must be coming down with a cold or something. I have bed steezing all day!”  She finished.  But she smiled a hug grin of a smile as she said it.

“God bless you sweetie!” I said, thanking her for the magazine.  Her face scrunched up as we parted and I pulled her to me and used my hands to cover up her face.

“HUH-ISHHHHOOOO!”  I took my germy hands and rubbed them over my eyes and nose.  “God bless love,” I said.  I had nearly forgotten about Ebee, poor red eyes, pink nosed Ebee.  She was wiping her runny nose and smiling, clearly enjoying this interaction. 


I thanked the sneezy client and thanked Ebee before making my way out the door. I really wanted to stay though.  Two cold encounters in just over an hour!  I was beaming with hope that I would catch a cold now!


It was 5 below zero outside.  I made sure to run my socks over cold water and then put them back on before going for a short walk. It was short because I did not intend to get frostbite, just a cold.  When I say short, I mean just a few minutes.


I was shivering by the time I came back inside, but I forced myself to keep those cold, wet socks on my feet for a full 25 minutes.


I ate diner and went to bed.


I woke up full of hope and with a bit of an irritated throat.  Within hours, the scratchy throat grew more intense.  By dinner time, I felt a headache come on.

No sneezing…. Yet.


This was the sickest I had been in years and all I had was a raw throat.  Still, it gave me hope that this would turn into a full blown sneezing cold!

I gargled salt water to help with the throat pain and fell asleep.


By morning, it was clear that I was catching indeed a cold!  My throat was raw and my nose was quite stuffy.  I sat up and sneezed twice into the open air.  “AHTCHOO! ahhHHTCHOO!”  The force burned my throught and hurt my ears.  My nose dripped onto the bed covers and I wiped the excess mucus on the back of my hand.

I got up and sneezed again, before reaching any tissues.  “HUHTISHEW!”

I stumbled forward from the sneeze.  The snot now dripped and hung from my nose.  I used my pajama sleeve to wipe it.  I walked successfully to the bathroom and grabbed a few tissues.  I blew my congested nose, which made my head throb more.

I sneezed a series of three times into the snotty tissues.  “HAHSHOO! AHTCHEW! EITISHEW!”


It was 7:00 am and by 9:00 am, I had sneezed so much that I couldn’t breath out of my nose.  My head throbbed and my throat was on fire. I had never been so sick in my life with a simple cold.  I felt awful. My body hurt.  I was so sick I was just crying. I had no idea what to do.   I finally came up with the idea to try calling Ebee. She must be able to help with this. She has experience with colds, right?


I dialed her number and she answered.


“Hi Faith.  How are you doing?”  Ebee said.  “I’b dying,” I said.  “Ahh, sounds like you have indeed catch a cold. Congratuations!”

“HAHTCHOO! EISHEW! ISHOOO!”  I sneezed into her ear.

“Bless you sweetie,” She said.

I started crying and trying to speak at the same time, every few minutes stopping to sneeze and cough.

“Shhhh…” Ebee said gently.

“Come on over, sweetie. I guarantee that my next client will not mind at all,” She said.


Ebee met me at the door with a big hug and a cold of hot tea waiting for me.  She had also put together a care package, which consisted of canned chicken soup, cough drops and some cold medicine. 


She took me to her office, where she motioned for me to sit next to her client.


“This is Faith,” She said to the young woman.  “Faith, this is Poppy,” She said.

“You poor thing.  You look awful!” Poppy exclaimed.

“I’b got a terrible code,” I managed to say before sneezing onto my cupped hands.


“Bless you Faith.  No need to cover though.  I have been trying to catch a cold. I haven’t had one since last year this time,”  Poppy said.

I nodded and extended my wet hand for Poppy to shake. She smiled and made sure to hold it firmly before rubbing her eyes.

“Dhis is by first told id a long tide!  I taught id here!” I finished.

My nose ran and dripped before I could get a tissue from the box.  Ebee handed me the tissue box.  I blew my nose and then handed the tissue to Poppy.

She took it and wiped it across her eye and then wiped her nose with it.

Poppy moved closer to me and held my hand in hers.  My explosive sneezes splattered her shirt.  “IESHEW! ISHEW! AhhhTCHOO! HUHTIHSEW!”

Poppy took a few tissues and wiped my nose.  I blew into them.


“Poor thing.  You are burning up,” Ebee said touching my head.


She took a cool washcloth and placed it over my forehead.  My nose ran and I kept blowing it in attempts to actually breathe out of my nose some.  I couldn’t, so my mouth stayed open. It was dry and crusty, I mean my mouth and nose.  Poppy rubbed my back.


I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up, Poppy was gone. Ebee was reading a book in her chair across from me.  I sat up, confused.  My nose dripped and itched like crazy.  “ahh..AHH …AAAAAHHCHOO!”  I sneezed onto my shirt sleeve and smeared it with my snot.

Ebee handed me some tissues.  I blew the endless flow of fluid from my nostrils.


Ebee left the room and came back with a bowl of steaming soup and some juice.

I was both hungry and nauseous at the same time. As I ate, Ebee spoke.


“You are welcome to the guest bedroom tonight Faith,” Ebee said.


I nodded to her as I ate my soup.  I swallowed what was in my mouth and thanked Ebee for her kindness. 

“Sweetie, you are sick. I don’t mind,” She said.

“EHTSSSHOO! ATCHOO! ahHHTCHOO!”  I sneezed out a mouthful of soup onto my shirt and onto the floor below.  “I’b so sorry!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t worry about it sweetie,” Ebee said.  “I’ll get you something warm and dry to change into.”

I sneezed twice more, this time onto some used tissues.

“Bless you,” Ebee said, leaving the room.


 Once settled in my room, I quickly fell asleep, only to wake up frequently during the night.


I continued to cough, sneeze and blow my nose the next day. Several of Ebee’s clients came to see me and to expose themselves to my cold. 


My cold was just as bad on day 4 and I wondering if I was ever going to stop sneezing. I felt as if I was for real dying.  It was only 10:00 am and I must have sneezed 15 times.  Ebee’s 9:00 client loved it. She smiled from ear to ear. She climbed right into bed next to me and cuddled with her face by mine. I didn’t have the energy to move, nor did she wish me to.  “No tissues,” She said.

I could care less at this point. I had not energy. I sneezed openly and the snot ran down my face onto my pillow like ketchup oozing out of the bottle.  She wiped my nose with her bare hand a few times, but then started to use her shirt sleeve.  By the end of the hour, her shirt was saturated with my secretions.  She blessed me each time I sneezed.


My head was throbbing from all that sneezing. Ebee walked the client to the door and came in with some Tylenol for me.  I swallowed it and then blew my nose.

As if reading my mind, Ebee handed me clean sweatpants and a clean t shirt, along with fresh sheets for the bed.  “This will make you feel better sweetie,” she said.

She ran the bath water for me and I climbed in.


While I bathed, Ebee changed the sheets and had fixed me a snack, which she left on the table next to the bed.


I ate my snack, blew my runny nose and got cozy in the bed. I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew it, Ebee was knocking on the door and coming in with my lunch.

It was 2:00.  She had a tray with soup and crackers for me.  Next to her was a tall man.  “Hi sweetie.  I’m glad to see you got some rest.  I hope you don’t mind.  Fred needs an exposure something awful.  He had a bad cold last month and wants another one.” She finished.


I nodded and gave her the ok to come in.


I sat up in bed and wiped my drippy nose.   The friction caused me to sneeze.  “HUH-CHEW!”

“Bless you,” the man said.  Ebee handed the man the shirt I had on earlier.  I handed him the saturated tissue that had piled up next to my pillow.

I sneezed twice more onto the man’s hand that he held to cover my contagion.


“Bless you,” the man said.  He extended his hand and we shook.  He rubbed his eyes and his nose with his wet hand.  I motioned for him to sit next to me and he did.

I laid my head on his shoulder and sneezed onto his cheek twice.  “ahh-AHTCHOO! HAH-TSSSHOOO!”

The snot dripped down my nose and flung onto his face, but Fred didn’t move at all.

“Bless you,” He said instead.

“Are joo sure joo want dis told?  I’b so sick!” I moaned.

“Shhhh” Fred said, rubbing my back.  My nose continued to drip onto his shirt and the snot dangled when I continued to sneeze in multiples.

Like the previous exposure, Fred was a walking mess of contagion by the time he left.


I was exhausted. I fell asleep and slept until noon the next day. I woke up congested, but feeling just a bit better. The sneezing was much less. I was on the mend and able to go home.  Before I left, I scheduled my next session with Ebee.



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Wow.  This really gets me.  Especially earlier when he was holding the sick woman by the face.  Close proximity sneezing is quickly becoming a weakness of mine

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This is exactly the type of story that I love. Also, it's neat that you kinda concluded the story in the first chapter, but I'm obviously hoping for more parts to come!

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Part 2

I continued to see Ebee, many times just to talk.  The thing is that her office was a petri dish of germs.  A month later, almost on the dot, I caught another cold. I entered her office sneezing my head off.


“heHTSSShEW! ISHEW! AhTCHOO! huhSHEW!”  “Bless you Faith. Sounds like you are catching anther cold, huh?” She said.

I moaned.  My throat hurt, my head hurt, my eyes were itchy.  In fact, my entire body felt like it was run over by a mack truck.  I twitched by nostrils, which flared up and threatened to sneeze.  The tingle in my  was bothering my all day.  I rubbed my nose with my hand and inhaled a massive amount of air in.  “HaaaaaHHHHTTTSHOOO!”  There, that felt better to get that sneeze out.  “Bless you.  For sure, you are getting sick again and we didn’t even try to expose you!”  Ebee said.  She seemed excited about my predicament.  I started coughing and couldn’t seem to stop.  Ebee got up and poured my a glass of water and handed my a cough drop. I popped it in my mouth.  My nose was oozing thick yellow snot.  The dripping nose made me sneeze again.  “huHtSSHeiU!”  “Bless you!  Do you have a fever?”  Ebee asked and at the same time she was feeling my face to see if I did.  “You are a bit warm dear. You need to rest when you get home.  That will help your cold.” Ebee finished saying.


I sneezed and coughed the entire hour of our session.  My head hurt and I was ready to go home and take a nap.  Ebee walked me to the door and I stepped out into the cold air.  The air bothered my nose some thing terrible. It hurt to sneeze so I looked down and tried not to.  I didn’t see the client standing in front of me because my eyes teared and blurred my vision as I launched into a sneezing fit.  “eh..EHHHtssssHHHEW!  HAHCHEW!  huhSStttew!

As the client passed by I showered her with virus.

When the fit paused, I took a breath and looked up to find her standing right in front of me.  “My goodness. Bless you. Is that a cold coming on?” She said.

I nodded and took the tissues from my pocket to wipe my face off.

The client took out a fresh hankerchief from her pocket and wiped by runny nose and then stuck it back in her pocket.  “Now you go home and get some rest.  You’re coming down with a whopper of a cold.” The client said.


The hankerchief..

After the client, April, used the hankerchief to wipe Faith’s nose, she wiped it across her own nose.  This was April’s second session with Ebee because she wanted to catch a cold and has been trying on her own for over 2 years, with no success.  She hoped this would help her out.


April was very excited because not only did she have the infected hankerchief, but the girl sneezed right on her.  It’s true, she has had many exposures before, but not as good as this one.


April went home that night after her session with newfound hope of catching that cold she wanted so badly.  She even thought she felt a little tired that night, but made sure to stay up later than normal and to eat a lot of sugar. She heard that lowers your immune system.


The next morning April woke up with a slightly scratchy throat that grew increasingly more severe over the next 48 hours.   By day three post exposure, April woke up and could barely swallow.  She was congested and had a runny nose.  Her whole body hurt. Her eyes were itchy and she had a cough.  Her nose was bothersome and tingled like she needed to sneeze, but none had come yet.  She rolled out of bed and stood up.  And just like that, she sneezed.  “huTSSSssHIEW!”

It took her by surprise and she sneezed without covering.  Her roommate shouted from the other side of the bedroom, “Bless you!”  April’s nose ran and she looked for a box of tissues, but couldn’t find any.  She was forced to use rough toilet paper.


As she walked, her nose twitched.  Her roommate had gotten up and was in the kitchen making breakfast. April came out of the bathroom with a wad of toilet paper.  She needed to sneeze badly.  “HUTCHEW!”  She sneezed into the wad of toilet paper and wiped her nose.  Her nose was sore from all the runny mucus and it burned.

“Bless you.  Getting a cold?” Her roommate asked.  April coughed into her cupped hand and then broke into a sneeze.  “hahTSSSHOOO!”  “Geez, bless you!  Now get away with your germy cold!” Her roommate half teased.  April thought he might be slightly serious though and probably didn’t want to catch her plague.  “Yeah, sorry.  I’m coming down with a pretty bad cold.” April said.  “Well, it is just about time for your turn.  Usually, I am the one who is sick!” Her room said.  “HAHtsssheW!”  April sneezed as she walked back into the bedroom to climb into bed.


April fell asleep and almost forgot about her session with Ebee.  She got dressed and grabbed another wad of toilet paper. 


When she walked into the waiting room, the girl who got her sick was leaving Ebee’s office. She looked much better than she did a few days ago.  April’s nose twitched and her nostril’s flared.  “huhTSSHEIU!”  She sneezed into her cupped hands.  Shoot, she left the toilet paper in the car and she needed it. Her nose dripped.  “Bless you!”  Both the client and Ebee said.  Ebee got a box of tissues from her office and handed it to April.  “Need these? I see you finally caught a cold!”  Ebee said with excitement.


And a cold April did catch.  She didn’t know it was possible to be that congested.  She couldn’t breath through her nose by the end of her session with Ebee.  She must have sneezed at least 10 times in only an hour.  Her face was beet red and she was pretty sure she had a fever.  Her skin under her nose was chapped and felt raw.  Her throat was still on fire.


She wondered how many clients would get her nasty cold.  She had snotty tissues everywhere that piled up and she sneezed and coughed, all in a small space.


As she exited the office, there was a young man in the waiting room.  He stared at April.  Her nose twitched and she was hitching and trying not to sneeze again because it actually hurt her body. The man got up and stood right in front of April.  He was wearing strong colone and that just put her nose over the edge.  He grabbed her hands gently to indicate to April not to cover the sneeze.  She had no choice.


“HUTSssHEIW!”  She sneezed directly in the man’s face.  He took a hanky out of his pocket and wiped her face.  She wasn’t finished sneezing. Her face contorted and her head flipped back and she sprayed the man with her germs again.  “HuuuTCHEW!”

The man wiped her face again.  April opened her eyes, which were cloudy from all the sneezing.  “Bless you!” The man said.  “Thanks Ehhh..EH..EHtssshEW!”  April sneezed for the third time and right in the man’s face again. He had a huge smile on his face.  “Goodness, bless you!  You must be catching a bad cold, huh?” the man remarked.  “Yeah, I’ve been sneezing like this all day. I feel horrible!”  April said.

“Well, your sneezes are lovely!  Thanks for sharing!  I hope you get some rest and feel better.” The man finished. 


April stopped and picked up tissues and cough drops on her way home.


She was happy to be home and changed into her pajamas and climbed into bed.  She wondered if the man would catch her cold.

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This is beautiful! Man, I wish this was an actual therapy I could go to! You did an amazing job! :notworthy:

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Part 3


Part 3

April sat in the waiting room waiting for Ebee to come out.  Whoever was in there with Ebee was coughing and sneezing the entire 10 minutes April waited.  Finally the door opened and out walked the man April ran into the week before.  It appeared she had given him her cold. 


“HtttSHHEW!” the man sneezed into his cupped hands.  “Bless you.” April said.

“Thanks.” He answered with a congested voice.


Ebee walked the man to the door and then came back to April and they went into her office. 


April had recovered nicely from her cold that she had the prior week and was thrilled that she actually was able to get a cold, finally! 


Ebee had exciting news.  She was going to have a pot luck at her house for all her clients.  April was more than thrilled about meeting other people like herself with sneeze fetishes.  She made sure to write down the date and started to think about what to bring to the gathering.


Time passed quickly and before she knew it, she was at Ebee’s house with her chili and crock pot with crackers to go with the dish.  Ebee answered the door and guided April to the kitchen where she placed her food. 


There were 3 other clients already in the kitchen, chatting and snacking on appetizers.  One had an obvious cold and was dabbing her nose and sniffling every few seconds.  Just before introducing herself and shaking everyone’s hand, Meggie, the one with the cold, sneezed a big, wet, sick sneeze.  “huuuHHHTTSHHHEW!”  Her body flew forward and her eyes squeezed shut.  She was breathless for a few seconds after the sneeze.  Several clients blessed her and one client grabbed some tissues for her. 


The other 4 clients arrived within the next 20 minutes, so we grabbed our food and headed to the kitchen table with our plates.  There was a man coughing upon entering the kitchen and the cough didn’t sound good at all.  It was wet and sick like.


I sat next to a girl named Faith and we chatted about how we rarely get colds and both ended up at therapy for that very reason. The reason being that we really liked sneezing and wanted to get a cold.  We had so much in common!


On the other side of me sat the man with the cold, Fred.  Fred looked like he was ready to sneeze several times, but it didn’t come.  He would bring his elbow to his face and then release it each time.  Finally though, Fred’s stuck sneezes let themselves loose.  “HAHTSSSHEW! “TSSHEW! atCHewpHXX!”  I felt the spray hit my arm, although he did cover with his elbow.  “Bless you!” I said.  “Thanks.  I’m getting a cold.” Fred said happily. 


Meggie sat on the other side of Faith and every few minutes, she sneezed. The sneezing was followed by nose blowing and coughing.  “huhTsssxu!”  Meggie turned towards Faith and sneezed onto the floor without covering, spraying Faith a bit.  “Bless you!”  Faith said.  Meggie moaned and geared up for another sneeze. 


Faith got up and found a fresh box of tissues for Meggie and went to hand them to her.  Meggie didn’t see Faith and sneezed right on her face.  “hehTIshhhhew!”

“BLESS YOU!” Faith said, sounding pleased.  Faith took a few tissues out of the box and handed them to Meggie, who sneezed twice more into the clean tissues and blew her nose.


By the end of the evening, I wondering just how many clients would come down with either Meggie or Freddie’s colds.  I certainly hoped I would!



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Part 3

As it turns out, Faith waited for that cold to come, but it didn’t.  In fact, she was remarkably healthy for a good 6 months, despite many exposures to illnesses.  It seemed that Ebee was always sick during their appointment, which frustrated Faith.


Faith decided she would take a break from therapy and Ebee agreed it was not a bad idea. Maybe Faith was too focused on getting a cold and if she just relaxed, her body might succumb to illness.


So, Faith took up some new activities.  She enrolled in a cycling class and a zumba class at her local gym.  She also joined up with a local meetup group that knitted.  She kept herself busy as well, having dinners with friends, going to movies and shopping at the mall.


A few months later…


She felt a little off during her zumba class, but didn’t want to cancel her movie/dinner plans with her friends. 


As she changed into her jeans and long sleeve hoodie, Faith thought maybe, just maybe she was getting sick.  Her body felt chilled all day and she had a headache that wouldn’t go away.  She was even a bit nauseous.  She didn’t want to get her hopes up though, so she pushed aside the thought.


Faith settled into her movie seat with her popcorn and pop.  Her nose ran and she wiped it on a napkin.  Before she knew it, the movie was over and she was headed to the restaurant with her friends.  She felt even more chilled now and her nose dripped.  She sniffed hard and ingnored it.


When she stepped outside, out of the blue, Faith sneezed twice. 
“huhTISheu!  HAH-Chew!”  “Bless you,” Her friend Kat said.  “Thank you.” Said Faith.  She thought to herself that really wasn’t feeling well, but didn’t want to jinx it, so she just keep moving towards the car.


Faith’s nose ran even more frequently over dinner and she grew congested.  “Are you feeling ok?  You look a little pale.”  Kat said with concern.  “I feel like I might be getting sick, but I don’t know because I am almost never sick lately.”  There, Faith said it without revealing that she wanted to catch a cold.  “Well, get some rest tonight, so you don’t get sick!” Kat said.


It was clear to Faith that this was not in her imagination and that she was coming down with something because by the end of the meal, she has gone through a stack of napkins and sneezed at least 10 times.  Her friends insisted she go home and take care of that cold she was getting and she couldn’t argue with that advice.


On the way to the car, Faith ran into Ebee, whom was getting out of her car with someone Faith recognized as a client, but didn’t know his name.  Her friends had already left the restaurant parking lot, so Faith was free to talk.


Ebee and Faith hugged and Ebee could tell right away that Faith was getting sick.  “Bless you!”  Ebee said when Faith sneezed twice a few seconds into their conversation.  “Hey, Faith.  This is Gordie.  Gordie extended his hand and Faith shook it and introduced herself.  “Excuse me…gotta sneeze…  HUTSHEUU!”  Faith said as her body flung forward towards Gordon and she sneezed into her poorly cupped hands that didn’t adequately cover her sneeze.  She sniffed hard and reached in her pocket for anything to wipe her nose, but it was empty, so she was forced to use her coat sleeve.  “Bless you!” Gordie said with excitement in his voice.  Faith’s body shook with chills.  “Poor thing honey.  Get in the warm car.  You’re chilled.”  Faith nodded and sneezed twice more.  She noticed Gordon had stepped forward and was a foot away from her as she finished her second sneeze.  She had used the back of her hand to cover, quite an ineffective method actually.  “Goodness, bless you!”  Gordon said to Faith.  Faith thanked him and then climbed into the car and turned on the heat. 

She wondered if Gordie, who was standing in such close range to her sneezes and whom shook her germ covered hand, would catch this cold.  But the thought exited her feverish mind quickly as she sneezed all over the dashboard, backing out of the parking space. 

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