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So these are just two obvs from this past weekend that I really enjoyed. 

The first one my boyfriend and I were doing stuff that I'm not going to say because it's not appropriate when he suddenly pushes me away from him slightly and says "hold on" in this super sexy breathy voice and I look up at his face right before he sneezes a really wet sneeze kinda off to the side but he still sprayed me a bit and he felt really bad about it but I just kissed his nose and blessed him before resuming our previous activities

The second one was a few hours later we were lying on the couch (he was on his back and I was laying on his stomach) and he was saying something that I can't remember now but I noticed his nostrils flare a bit before he stopped talking and started building up to a sneeze (which doesn't normally happen) but I just kept watching his face contorting into this desperate pre-sneeze face for like 10 seconds before he finally sneezed twice over my shoulder and I blessed him each time and then he just continued talking as if nothing had happened meanwhile I'm dying on the inside because he almost never has much of a buildup before he sneezes

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