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Yesterday I had an opening shift at work, so as per usual I showered beforehand to wake myself up a little and freshen up. It's cold in the mornings, so the hot water felt wonderful running over me. My body got a little too comfortable though it seemed, because as soon as I turned the water off and stepped onto the cold tile floor, a tickle rapidly filled my nose, sending out sneezes before I'd really even registered it. I sneezed four times in rapid succession, then involuntarily drew in a deep breath before an explosive fifth sneeze ripped out of me, bending me practically in half. They were all quite wet; I'm sure if someone was watching they'd be able to actually see the spray. They left me quite sniffly, so after grabbing my towel and wrapping it around my waist, I took some tissues and gave my nose a good blow. That seemed to irritate my nose further, causing me to release a double into the tissues. I blew my nose some more and then I was done and able to finish getting ready for work.

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