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So the other day I was cuddling with my boyfriend and watching something on Netflix. I was curled up next to him and he had his arm around me so I was leaning my head on his shoulder. Anyways, at one point he all of the sudden inhales really deeply and sneezes uncovered to the side (away from me). His sneezes sound like hahESHOO. I blessed him and he thanked me and we resumed the cuddling. I could feel him breathing a bit erratically so I look up and I see him with this really adorable pre-sneeze face where his eyes are squinted and his mouth is slightly open with his tongue sticking out a little over his bottom teeth and his nostrils were flaring a bit. So when I saw him like this I said bless you again but that made the sneeze go away. He was so upset. I ended up sneezing a few minutes later (mine sound more like hehchew) and he was like "you stole my sneeze!" and then proceeded to tickle me because I "had to be punished for stealing his sneeze."

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