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Most Awkward/Embarassing Way You've (Had To) Cover A Sneeze


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Pretty much just what the title says :P I had a small fit into a sock once. Yes, a sock. Still sounds ridiculous to me to this day but it was the best option in the situation.

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I can't remember most embarrassing but it is definitely super annoying when you are eating and feel a sneeze coming on. You have to chewchewchew really fast as to not spit food everywhere. Another non-specific scenario I find embarrassing is having to sneeze when you're in a quiet room or setting full of people. I hate that.

Curious about your sock dilemma. hahaa. Care to elaborate?

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eh I've sneezed into my towle before but it wasn't really embarressing just gross but the most embarressing thing for me was my friend she knows about my fetish and she sneezed into me sweatshirt I let her wear it for the day (everyday) I died inside

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Probably once having sneezing fits inside my shirt because I didn't have tissues at the time.  They were getting messy and it was the best way I could think of to hide the messiness

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