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Lin-Manuel Miranda request


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So if anyone is unhealthily obsessed with Hamilton, specifically, Lin-Manuel Miranda trash, I have a request for a sickfic if anyone is bored and wants to write bec I would love to do it, but I’m hella busy. 

If you follow his Twitter at all, recent tweets have been about this bad head cold he has and I’m just imaging all sorts of things to write about, but anyone be my guest. 

I still might write something, but it will be a while before you see anything from me  

no biggie if no one takes the bait  I’m just throwing this topic out in the open  



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ohhh my god, I second this request. I may take a crack at it, but I have never written LMM fics before, so the request is definitely still open. There are some really good Hamilton fics floating around the fanfiction section :)

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Seeing all those tweets has me inspired as well! I'm very busy with lots of projects at the moment, but I hope to start some writing soon

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So here's maybe a few vids of Lin from this week, while he tweets about being sick. He was on Ellen today (Friday Nov 17) and he doens't sound too bad, but I can tell he's been sick because I can hear it in his slightly gravelly voice. 

 Here's one from earlier this week. It's from CBS this morning and it was posted on Sunday Nov 12. I can def hear some stuffiness in his voice:

 Ooooh, here's a good one, behind the scenes of that CBS interview: 


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I don't know if anyone watched Lin's stream on Facebook Live yesterday but he coughs a bunch and his voice sounds rough and at the end of the first stream he even mentions being sick!

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Hey, I don`t know if this one has been mentioned before but i was just looking through some interviews from Mary Poppins Returns. At this one the interviewer mentions that Lin is under the weather and you can definetly hear it in his voice.


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Thanks for sharing those! You def hear it in his voice that he’s exhausted and sick. Though his body language and facial expressions hide it well. 

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