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So I'm getting trained in a new skill at work, and my co-worker, Jay, who is training me, has a slight cold. He was sniffling all day and sneezed quite a few times. For a visual, he's tall and thin, but muscular, early 30's, so just a couple years older than me, with brown hair that he keeps buzzed really short. He's pretty cute, and his sneezes are, too! Here are a couple of my favorite obs from today...

This morning Jay was teaching me how to do this new skill, when he suddenly stopped talking. "I'm going to sneeze." He said, bringing his arm up in front of his face. "PSHOO! *pause* PSHOO!" He sneezed twice into the crook of his arm. I blessed him and he thanked me, and spent the next several minutes sniffling adorably. 

Later in the day we were chatting and I was asking him a question, I think (honestly I was a little distracted so I don't remember exactly what I was saying) and he was looking at me as I was speaking, then suddenly he held his arm in front of his face and got this pre-sneeze expression. He didn't look away, (I think he didn't want to be rude by turning from me when I was talking) so I got to watch the whole thing. I'm pretty sure my speech faltered for a second as I waited for the sneeze to come, but he didn't notice as he was consumed with his tickly nose. "PSHOO! HUPSHOO!" He sneezed another double into the crook of his arm and sniffled. I blessed him again and we continued our conversation as if nothing happened, but he sniffled throughout and had a few more sets of doubles throughout the day.

I freaking love announced sneezes, so that first obs has been on my mind all day and I just had to write about it. I don't know how much I actually learned today, but he definitely made work more enjoyable. 😊 And you won't hear me complaining if Jay still happens to have a tickly nose on Monday, as I'll have another 8 hours in a training room just me and him! 

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So I went back for another day of training today, and Jay was feeling much better, but was still pretty sneezy. My favorite part of today- most of his sneezes were pretty quiet today, muffled into his arm, but suddenly he sneezed two loud, full, almost wet-sounding sneezes into the crook of his arm, like "HUUPSHOO! HUSHHOO!" I blessed him and he sniffled and thanked me, then after a few seconds said "Oh, here we go again!" I watched him bring his arm back up in front of his face and take a deep breath, closing his eyes before burying his nose in his arm with another powerful sneeze. "HETCHHHU! *sniff* Oh, that gave me the shivers!" He shivered again for emphasis, and of course I blessed him again. About another 15 seconds passed when he said "Here comes another one... HEISHHOO!" He then sniffled a few times and went back to working. I loved that he told me when he was about to sneeze! Best training ever!

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Oh how lovely!! If only I can meet someonr like that in my everyday. Most of the people i know usualy just end up sick cough and sniffle, no cold sneezing 😢. Love your obs though~~

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