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Meeting Mini Fit -is 4 even a fit?


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SO and I were both attendees in a small, informal meeting this morning. I was paying attention to the speaker while also glancing at notes from my tablet when I heard him start to sniffle. He sniffled only a couple times, the second time louder then the first. He put his bent finger under his nose and thumb to the side of his nose, gently rubbing it to ward of the impending sneezing fit. Like he always does and is sometimes actually successful with though not usually. 

Anyhow, I did my best job at looking like I was listening to the speaker, nodding occasionally but kept my attention focused on him-hopefully descreetly.

His breath hitched just once before he turned his head to the side quickly and started sneezing into the crook of his elbow. “EESH-eew! ...EESSH-eew!”.....

A few people started to bless him but I knew he wasent finished. 


A bunch more bless you’s.

Someone said “wow you ok there _____? “ (his name)  

He laughed and sniffed “I think so”

Some laughing then the meeting continued on with no more sneezing. Just some adorable, itchy nose rubbing. 

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Good observation!  Co-worker blessings are always nice.

I tend to say that anything more than three sneezes in a row is a fit.  So, to answer your question, "yes"(?)


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