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When my husband only gets sick with my family


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We live a few hours away from my family, and only see them a few times a year. 


My husband hardly ever gets a cold.


Yet somehow these two events ALWAYS line up together.


How I feel when this happens: helpless. Defeated. Depressed. Isolated. Angry. Disregulated. Selfish. Terrible. 


I don't have any other words for this right now, as I lie here barricaded in a room by myself sobbing, but I just had to come here and remind myself that there ARE other people out there who understand this.


Thank you all for being those people.

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Abigail you say your feel selfish when your husband is sick but why? is it that you don't know how to take care of him but you do all you can to make him feel better. you are not selfish you are kind and beautiful your husband either way loves you the way you are fetish and all even if he's not feeling his best and you probably aren't seeing your family during that time they still love you 

You have no reason to think of yourself so lowly, I may not understand the situation and I may not know you but I'm just wanting to help you sorry if I'm not making it any better or if my answer doesn't make sense I just don't like to see or hear people upset 

you can spam me all you want for my stupid response but I'm just trying to help

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