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co-worker wet nose blows and her trash can full of wet tissues (f)


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I have a co-worker who is blonde and blue eyed with a pointy nose. She is around 5'4 and in her mid 20s.

I sit in the same area and usually 5 to 6 times a day, she blows loudly into a tissue. Usually she will blow her nose several times into the same kleenex to ensure it is well used. 

I get to work several hours after her and she usually has many tissues in there so I assume that she blows her nose many times in the morning before my shift starts.

I guess she is an environmentalist. The odd thing is she has tissue-laden mini-trash can sitting in the aisle, so everyone can see how many kleenex she has in there.

She is not shy about her wet tissues being prominently displayed.

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