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What is your major bookstore in your country?


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Hello all,

So I have a really quick question and I'm hoping this community could help me out. 

In short, I am a published author based out of North America. My book has been getting a lot of international attention recently from online websites, and a lot of people outside of North America would like to purchase it. Except I am not sure if my book is able to be ordered in bookstore chains that is not Canada or the US. If you could comment here, letting me know the biggest bookstore chain in your country that would help me out a ton so I could contact them to figure it out and hopefully strike a deal with some of them to make my book available everywhere!



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13 minutes ago, PuddinPop said:

It's mainly Waterstones here!

I thought of:


and laughed xDDD

Also, Melody, it's mostly Books-a-Million where I'm from! That's so exciting for you >w< Good luck!

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I would say.... Waterstones, American Book Center, Bruna, Stumpel and a really big online store called Bol.com. That's all for I know!

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In Belgium you'll find a Standaard Boekhandel pretty much everywhere (though they usually don't stock much in English :( They'll order things for you though, but then I might as well just order it online myself...)

In Sweden Akademibokhandeln or Bokia, unless that has changed since I left a decade ago :)

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