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My dad's cold


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My dad has had a cold this week, which has been very uncomfortable for me, because it's was a very sneezy cold. His sneezes are also too disgusting, his sneezes are loud, strong and masculine, like HEECHOOOOOO !! Last Friday he sneezed every 30 minutes, and I could hear him all over the house even though he used a white handkerchief all the time to cover. On Saturday, he sneezed every 10 minutes, it was the hell! I had a lot of work at home and I could not run away.

Today I woke up with a sore nose. I sneezed 6 times, my sneezes are usually dry and soft like he-shuu!

The first double was immediately when I woke up, without warning, I opened my eyes, turned my face towards the pillow and suddenly heeetiiiiishh! hetiiiiiishhh! really wet. The second double was when I went down the stairs and the cold air tickled my sensitive nose, I stopped to sneeze two stifles Hi-pchhh!-deep inhalation- hee-phhhhchh! The last sneeze was very strong that hurt me.

I had a single while preparing breakfast, I was making scrambling eggs when I turned my face away from the food without time to cover and sneeze towards the floor a blunt Hashiiiiiish !!! finished the breakfast, my nose bothered me and with a handkerchief I blew my nose softly. I had a lot of watery liquid, after clearing my nose, another tickle came back and I sneezed on the used tissue heechiuw!

However, sometimes I have sneezing fits in the morning, but only today I sneezed too wet! I hope it is not the beginning of a cold!

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aw jeez I had a similar situation my friend had a cold, and I let her wear my jacket, she sneezed into it all day. and the Next day I was all sniffly sneezy but it wasn't a cold... but Gesundheit. I hope your not getting sick and if you are I hope you feel better soon

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So, yes, I caught my father's cold, but I developed a bad chesty cough. This week I was coughing dryly, and my morning sneezing increased, I do not know if the combination of allergies, cold and pregnancy, have made this cold one of the worst I've had.
My boyfriend is in France working and on our call via skype, I sneezed without warning 5 sneezes like hacheeew! cheew! cheew! HACHEEW! HAheCHEEEEW! followed by a deep cough. He was so worried! He said: Honey, please take good care of yourself, go to the doctor soon. Luckily I have not had a fever. I have tried not to share this plague anymore but tomorrow I will go to the gynecologist to know what he recommends me because I can not take any medication! My father feels guilty he has already recovered from this cold.

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