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A sneezing fit in the train


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Almost all the obs I post describe women fits, because I mainly witness women sneezes (how unfair). But last Sunday I was lucky enough to hear the most wonderful fit coming from a man, in the train (the best place ever to witness sneezes!) while I came back home after a week-end in Paris. I was working when I heard the first sneeze - very loud, powerful, just the kind of sneeze I like: "Heeh'TSCHH'UH!". I lifted my head so quickly it's a miracle I didn't get a whiplash...:rolleyes: I couldn't guess who had sneezed so  I went back to my work but when a second sneeze exploded 30 seconds after - "Hiih'AHHTSCHIHhh!", I started to pay attention and I spotted the responsible, who was straightening up on his seat. But unfortunately I couldn't see the man's face because he was sitting a few seats ahead. If I bent (which was quite strange but I don't care) I could only see his left hand and his back. And I saw clearly his back heaving with the third build-up. He pitched forward (I couldn't see if he was covering his mouth, possibly with his right hand?) with a tremendous sneeze - "Hih-hehh-EEEHT'SCHUhh!". A woman not far from him blessed him. He thanked her and then resumed his reading with a very wet sniff. He sneezed three more times, with 30-40 seconds between each sneeze and a slight build-up. 

I love trains. :)

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Wonderful observation - yes, trains are great. I don't have anything to equal this - a nice triple in the metro last week from an unobtrusive man might qualify - the sneezes were perfect three syllable specimens - but I do remember my last trip in a plane.  I was sitting in the seat next to the aisle with a couple in their mid twenties beside me.  The man was nearest to the window, taking photos. At one point the plane turned and the sun shone directly into his eyes.   Fortunately I was also looking out the window at the time, because I saw the man freeze momentarily, then sneeze an open double, just out in front of him, before going back to taking more photos.  No word from the wife/girlfriend (but they were French).

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