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(Soooooo this has taken me like a few years... and it definitely does not do him justice, but hell I tried... sooooo yup--- - Anyway, 'Cyrano De Bergerac' is a magnificent play written by the wonderful genius Edmond Rostand-- Good lord I remember having to read it for a class and I swear I yearned for him to at least sneeze once but alas here I am to satisfy that fantasy-- if you are not familiar with the play I HIGHLY recommend you pick it up-- especially if you enjoy wit and long noses like I do--- and for those of you who have already read this play--for the sake of my sanity I had to name the Refreshment Girl--- she was never named-- didn't have a long enough part for that clearly-- anyway the curtain is rising, so I do hope you enjoy☺️)




The refreshment girl chewed her bottom lip between her teeth as she looked to the silhouetted profile of the sleeping man in her bed. Moving to prop herself up on her elbow, mindful to keep from disturbing the bed which might disturb his slumber, as she leaned in closer. Observing that while in peaceful sleep, his nose was just as lively as it was while he was awake. The hand that wasn't preoccupied with supporting her came up to hover just above his face. Sneaking a quick glance to make sure the eyelids hadn't opened to catch her. Lowering her hand, just about to place her finger tip on the tip of the proboscis.


"I wouldn't," came the man's sleepy timbre. 


Corálinda smirked at the warning. "Well luckily for us both, I'm not you," she hummed as her finger made contact with his warm flesh. Looking to his eyes again, they remained shut. The only difference to be noticed was now his brows were furrowed. 


But he quietly bared her touch with a tight lipped frown.


Tracing her finger down the long bridge of his nose. The tip of her finger continuing to smooth over one furrowed brow and then the other before continuing on it's way across his forehead where her index finger was met with her middle, ring and little finger. The back of her fingers slide softly down his temple to his cheek, rounding beneath his chin to caress his other cheek.


She smiled to see his frown has lessened as he enjoyed her gentle caresses.


 Taking her middle, ring finger, and little finger back, to trace along the rim of one nostril with the tip of her index finger. Easing it along his columella that stretched, until she came to the curve at the bottom of his other nostril. She smiled as the warmth of his breath tickled her skin. Moving up along the outside of his nostril to complete another lap her fingers had trailed out. "I find your face to be quite enrapturing," she exhaled softly. She watched as the bridge of his nose wrinkled with a snort. Her trailing finger slipped back to go over the crinkled flesh. "Do you not believe me?" She breathed softly, already guessing his answer.


The man's eyes cracked open to look at her, his nose giving a wiggle, his nostrils a trembling flare as the refreshment girl's fingers went back to teasing about his nostrils. Moving quickly Cyrano snatched up her hand, causing the girl to gasp, and brought it to his lips. Placing soft kisses along the back. "I believe you," he breathed against her skin.


"You lie," she pouted.


"A lier I am not, and I'd ask you kindly to never call me one again," he said just as sweetly as he'd spoken before, albeit his tone held steel as sharp as his sword in his tone. 


With a soft sigh she pulled her hand and he let it go without a fight. 

She watched as he closed his eyes, face returning to peace to await sleep. 



"Hmm?" His brow creased with query.


 Corálinda moved to rest on her elbow, leaning over to place her lips gently on his.

When his parted her tongue slipped in to duel his.

The corners of her lips quirked up in amusement in satisfaction with how quick he was to accommodate. 

A pleased moan escaped her as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to him, on him. 

She squealed against him with excitement. Her hair cascaded down around her face, blinding her. But she didn't need to see to let her passion guide her.


Amused, Cyrano chuckled, "And here I thought you'd let me sleEhH--"


Corálinda pulled back a bit to see Cyrano and what had given him pause. Her eyes searched his face before spotting one of her bourbon curls had nearly disappeared into one of his abnormally large nostrils.

"O-Oh dear," she giggled. 


Above the insane ticklish irritant in his nose, all Cyrano could hear was her laughter, at him.

Gritting his teeth, to keep his breath from hitching. He refused to let himself be mocked any further.


"One of my silly curls found it's way into your nose," Corálinda hummed as she gently took the lock of hair between her index finger and thumb. Pulling her hair free from Cyrano's cavernous nostril.

"Please forgive me Monsieur." 


The fire in his bones simmered. As his nose twitched with the intruding curl gone.


Noticing he was genuinely frowning. "Monsieur Cyrano? Why do you look like you've sipped a soured wine?"


Cyrano searched the refreshment girl's face, trying to discern if her inquiry was genuine or if she was toying with him. 

"It was nothing," he settled on.


Corálinda's brow furrowed with his simple answer before her gaze traveled to the center of his face. "Are you upset because my hair tickled your nose?" She asked innocently with a breathless giggle. 


His frown returned, to be displayed by tight, thinned lips. "It wasn't that."


"Oh? Then what couldn't have been?" She couldn't help but chuckle.

Noticing how his expression seemed to darken. 

"Was it because I laughed? I didn't mean to," she said sweetly as she leaned back in to kiss Cyrano on his upset expression.

"Well I suppose I did... but only because you were so cute!"




"Handsome?" Corálinda supplied, thinking she'd upset Cyrano further by calling him something rather feminine. 


"I am not handsome," Cyrano grounded out as he looked away. "I'm a monster whose managed to steal some of your time to stave off remembering my curse."


"You are not a monster," Corálinda frowned herself. "A gallant man... Some would say prideful..."


"Prideful?!" Cyrano asked with unsurprised shock. 


Corálinda shrugged her shoulder. 

"But then again they've never had you in their bed," she purred as she took the lock of hair she hadn't released and brought it down to touch the flesh between both of his permanently flared nostrils. 


"D-D--hHh--Don't," Cyrano breathed as he raised his hand to clasp around the small wrist. 






"Why not?"


As Cyrano opened his mouth to begin the numerous reason he had as to 'why not,' Corálinda placed her finger against his lips to silence him. 


After several long moments of silence, Cyrano released his hold of her wrist. 


Taking this as resignation, a smile instantly curved her lips.

Placing a kiss on Cyrano's cheek, Corálinda trailed her fingers gently along the mustache that rested just below his nose.

Testing the waters as it were. 

She watched as the frown that had put up eternal residence on his face, slowly start to fade. 

Becoming braver by the moment, Corálinda gently trailed the tip of her finger up along his left nostril. 


Cyrano's frown instantly returned. 


Corálinda's movements faltered at seeing his frown, but when Cyrano didn't move to stop her she moved her finger over to tease his other nostril. 


Cyrano kept his eyes shut. He could feel what the refreshment girl was doing, and even more so he didn't need to see the disgust that her features surely displayed.


Chewing her lip, Corálinda brought her curl over. Moving the delicate strands just along the rims of Cyrano's nostrils, the very same path her finger has just trailed moments before. 


He laid in a bed of nerves as he felt the girl touch his nose.

She'd been other places prior to them resting but now she seemed entirely too focused. 

Her gentle caresses with her finger didn't so much as tickle the hated appendage, but let him know where she was.

That changed however when he heard the sheets shift beneath her.



Corálinda continued to move her strand of hair around the underside of his nose.

And that's when, just beyond his head, she spotted the quill poking out of the pillow.

Leaning over, she pulled the plume free. 

Releasing her piece of hair, she brought the feather over.


The spotted haphazard design was quite appeasing in the waning firelight that continued to come from the fireplace.

Stroking it along her cheek to first test it, she then brought it to trail along the outer rim of Cyrano's right nostril. 


His lips parted in a sneer as his nostril twitched.


Slipping the tip of the feather in a bit to further her teasing, Corálinda watched with hushed excitement as the long nose before seemed to come alive. 



Cyrano's chest swelled. 

Whatever the refreshment girl was using now to tease his nose, it was maddening. 

Raising his hand up to stop her, he gripped her wrist again and pulled her hand away. 


Corálinda didn't have much of a grip on the end of the feather, so when Cyrano took up her wrist again, the gentle, yet firm pressure, along with the shock of having her amusement interrupted, had her releasing her hold.


Cyrano could still feel that his nose was not rid of the irritant as he opened his eyes to see that the hand he grasped was empty.


Corálinda watched as the feather slipped further into the depths of his nostril, pulled down and in by his breath.



Cyrano could feel something burrowing it's way into his nose, tickling awfully as it did. 


"HuhH!! huUH!!"


Corálinda could see the end of the feather, shuddering with each breath he took, his inner walls writhing around it. 


He didn't want to. Lord knows he loathed to let his nose have any say. 

He could take on any foe and not bat an eye. But his nose was his weakness.

The sneeze was coming and there was nothing that would derail it. 

At the very least he could spare her the horrific sight.


Shifting away from her, Cyrano sneezed violently over the side of the bed. 



The man beneath her shook not only her, but the bed beneath them.

"Bless you," Corálinda breathed softly. 


Refusing to let his devil of a nose embarrass him any further, Cyrano turned to face her. "Pardon my, outburst.


Corálinda bit her lip to keep from laughing. Reaching with her other hand she gently cupped Cyrano's cheek.  When his eyes met her's she kissed him passionately, wantonly. 



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BE STILL MY HEART. My middle school self with her big, ridiculous, and obscure crush on Cyrano is fanning herself with delight. I mean, I am too, but damn can I tell you how overjoyed I am to finally see some quality content of this play? You hit all of my notes too. Prolonged build-up, check. Humanizing use of a supporting/minor character instead of venturing into the big dumb love triangle of the main cast... check! Characterization, so on point! So check. I'm. I love it. And to boot, that sound and the description of the sneeze at last (bed-shaking omg, my weakness phrase/circumstance) was lovely.

Thank you thank you thank you, this made me incredibly happy.

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I thought I was the only one with this Crush.  Love it. This was so sweetly done. 


I remember during the eighties there was a TV show called Roseanne. And in one episode they do the place you're no, but everybody gets the flu. So Cyrano's character sneezes! It was delectable even if it wasnt Girard Depardu playing him. 

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