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Is anyone else playing Cuphead? I got this recently when I realised I could plug my PS4 controller into my laptop, and it would just work.

I wasn't sure at first, but I've really got into it- though it is very hard. I thought I would not get anywhere, but I've now beaten all the platforming/gunning bosses on the three isles, and I'm just left with three of the plane bosses. (If you're wondering, I discovered that you can advance if you beat bosses on simple mode, so I beat everyone on Inkwell Isle 2 on simple mode so I could go on to 3, and then came back to beat them on regular.)

How far have you guys got? And who is your favourite boss? I really like Werner Werman just for the concept and art.   :cat:

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I beat the game and did all the run-and-gun levels on Passive to unlock black-and-white mode. I don't think I will be able to unlock technicolor mode because getting A's on levels requires you to be almost perfect, which is not very easy on this game. Actually, the King Dice fight glitched on me so that's how I beat that, but I did everything else legitimately. I used the 2-heart charm on most of the later levels because I didn't notice much difference with the supposed damage downgrade, and being able to get hit more makes a lot of difference. I'd say the roundabout and the charge shot are the best weapons, and the spread is really good, too. Not a fan of the lobber, though I was able to make it work okay against the frogs.

Edit: Not sure who my favorite boss is, but my favorite stage ending would be Wally Warbles, where the medics, after you beat him, are getting ready to eat him. :D

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But it natively supports a PS4 controller on PC which is good.

That's good for me, for my point of view as a PS4 owner.

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My favorite bosses at the moment are Cagney Carnation, Blind Specter, Cala Maria, Beppi the Clown, and King Dice. Who else agrees?

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Picked this up for myself to play while on break for school. Easily the hardest game I've ever played, but also one of the most gorgeous. I'm allllllll about rubberhose/any homage to Golden Age era cartoons, and Cuphead captures the spirit perfectly. I'd obsessively been watching let's plays and boss battle compilations and 3 hour runs of the music months before I bought it, so I sort of knew what I was getting into a head of time. And even when I get frustrated with losing a level or having to start over because my game plan didn't go through, I'm not even mad -- it just means I get to engage with the brilliant visuals and infectious music again.

I'm currently stuck in the second half of Isle 2 with Wally, Grim, and the second run 'n gun to beat still. It's definitely been harder than the first one on all accounts (and my death toll at its latest figure definitely reflects it). But it's also been great fun; again, being familiar with everything beforehand has already sort of cemented this Isle as my favorite based on aesthetics and bosses. And it's so cool to finally get to experience it first hand.

Wally Warbles has my favorite music overall; I cannot tell you how many times I've listened to Aviary Action casually or while working on projects. Hilda Berg's theme and the Funfair Fever music both come in at a very, very tight second, however. I can't pick a favorite fight just yet; I literally just tried to list them out and realized I had included pretty much all of them. Forest Follies and Funfair Fever have definitely been my favorite run 'n guns so far.

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The game is interesting looking but I never played it! It's so creative though, but I've noticed a few games with a 50's or 60's spin on them. Bendy and The Ink Machine seems to have come from the same era. I wonder why that style is popular these days. 

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