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Hey guys I was just wondering if someone would write a fic about either of these anime's or Voltron.  If not it's cool just thought I'd ask. :D thanks. 

 Koki Eto- Tsukipro the Animation

Hajime- Tsukiuta the Animation

Mitsuhide- Snow White With The Red Hair

Hak- Yona of the Dawn

Miktsukami- Inu X Boku Secret Service 

Shiro- Voltron Legendary Defender. 


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You might have better luck offering to write/draw something in return for a story. Just food for thought! :) 

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I love Shiro from Voltron. (I haven't finished Season 2 yet, so no spoilers please!)

I would love to write a Shiro fanfic, but not until later. Right now I'm in college and have sooo much work to do. 

But maybe someday soon after this semester is done. I'll comeback to this and see if  I can. 


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