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Football girls.


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“Come on Chris, I need to pull your hair up before you put on your helmet. You remember what happened the last time when you did it yourself,” Kaisley says with a smile. Chris was always so nervous before kickoff. She always did great but it was the waiting that always did her in. That’s why Kaisley had made a habit of getting ready early always dressing bow to toe thirty minutes early so that she could help Chris get dressed. It was hard being the only girl on the football team and it wasn’t like Chris could use the boys locker room with the rest of the team. When Chris was standing in front of her, Kaisley grabbed a chair and climbed up so she could brush Christ’s hair into the ponytail. Chris rubs her nose and sniffs hard, the mild congestion not moving at all. Kaisley winced at the sound but knew not to comment, she had already tried to talk Chris into skipping the game but she was too invested and didn’t want to let the new freshmen guy take her spot afraid she would never get back on the field. That didn’t keep Kaisley from worrying though. She knew that Chris was tough but that didn’t mean she didn’t want to cuddle her girlfriend until her little cold was gone. 
“please don’t say anything, it’ll be hard enough for me to go on without worrying that I  gonna lose my top cheerleader,” she says turning and kissing Kaisley’s cheek. That made the smaller girl smile. She finishes pulling Chris’s hair into a tight low ponytail. Kaisley hops down and goes to kiss Chris’s lips but the other girl stop her. 
“Not today baby I don’t want you getting sick,” she says her voice low and rough. 
“alright, I’ll see you after the game and we are going to my house and I’m going to make you all better,” Kaisley says with a smile when Chris bends down to Kaisley’s forehead. She didn’t want to let her big tough girl out onto the field, but she could hear the cheer coach calling for all of the girls to get together for the banner before the team came running out. 
“I have to go baby, go join the rest of your team and be careful. Please,” Kaisley says her soft lips pouting. Chris was about to respond when she had to turn away and fumbled for her dirty bandanna. 
“hhhh…henext. .hhhbext…henxt…sorry, of course I’ll be careful,” she says her voice laced with congestion. 
“I love you. I’ll see you after the game. Good luck,” she says kissing her cheek again

TBC...if yall like 

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This is cute! There were a few run on sentences, and you might want to try seperating the paragraphs by skipping a line (makes it easier to read), but overall really nice. Maybe in the next one you could describe the characters a bit more? Physically, I mean-it's sort of hard to get a picture of what's happening. 


All that said, I'm looking forward to the next update, and thanks for posting :)

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Aw, adorable.. I'd definitely be interested in seeing more. I haven't seen ya in a while, hope you're doing well! And it's Kats, if you haven't figured out the name change by now. 

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