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single Subway stifle


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Stopped for lunch at Subway today, good looking young woman was making my sandwich.  Maybe early 20s, blonde hair pulled back, slim but slightly curvy.

Was just putting my sandwich on the "toaster" tray when she stopped, turned her head way over her left shoulder and stifled a sneeze.  Just one.

Almost silent- only the tiniest t'ch- but it had a little force to it from how it rocked her upper body.  Then she turned back to me and said "Sorry", sounding a bit congested- which she hadn't before.

I kept watching, thinking between the stifling and the congestion there just had to be another one, but no dice.

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Despite a sneeze being almost silent, I actually really like it when the effort of stifling reveals that it must have had some bottled up force behind it! Thanks for posting :) 

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