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The Story Behind Your Name..


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Hello everyone:)

I hope you are all fine.

I was looking around the forum and your usernames are all nice.

Is there anyone who wants to tell the "story" behind his or her name?

Just if you want to relate it.

My name, taléya** is very emotional and affective for me. It has a story behind.

So, if you are interested..?

Taléya is my *real* name, it is a portuguese first name, also utilized in South America.

I have added the two twinkle stars - one for me and one for my brother, he is one year older than me.

We passed several difficult times in our lives, but he always gives me confidence and trust.

So I added the two stars for him and for me:heart:

It would be nice if you could share the background of your names? 

love, taléya**

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My name isn't as interesting as yours, I needed a name so I just made one based on a Professor Layton game.

It's based on the miracle mask, more specifically the mask of chaos, which I just turned into Masked Chaos.

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I'm an X-Files fan, and in one episode there's a phrase repeated a few times -- "cerulean blue is a gentle breeze" -- so I just chose cerulean blue. Besides, I love all blues and that way it's not (exactly) a fandom reference I have to explain or dislike if I leave the fandom.

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Mine is from a discussion I had with my boyfriend at the time. He had always been of the idea that you don't kiss when you have a cold because you're contagious. My policy, as you can imagine, is to go ahead and kiss - you're either going to catch it or you're not. So when he got sick (which he did a fair amount), I would kiss him, and I would not get sick, which kind of amazed him. In talking about this we kind of free associated the idea of superimmunegirl, a superhero whose superpower was not getting sick. Then of course we imagined all the kryptonite type situations she could get into. (He knew about my fetish).

I am now married to someone else, but he is still a very dear friend!

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In my case, I think you have to live in Chicago. Chicago's mayors have a long history of butchering the English language. One was so inarticulate he was nicknamed the  "Mumblin' Mayor" by the press. Another would try to say "His honor the Mayor" and it came out "Hizzoner duh Mare."

Other than that, I don't know why I chose it. I guess I just like the way it sounds

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22 hours ago, WolfPack said:

My name came from my love of wolves!

I just feel like they're very interesting and mysterious creatures :D

My first thought was, maybe you are a huge fan of the twilight saga?

Perhaps you can find some inspiration for your stories :)

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23 hours ago, Masked Chaos said:

My name isn't as interesting as yours, I needed a name so I just made one based on a Professor Layton game.

It's based on the miracle mask, more specifically the mask of chaos, which I just turned into Masked Chaos.

Hello Masked Chaos,

Your name sounds interesting as well:)

I like your idea you thought about the Professor Layton game and created your own name from the miracle mask into Masked Chaos.

It's great and you can always relate to the game:)

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Back when I joined I tried to think of something I didn't use anywhere else and that would be in Finnish and the first thing that came to my mind (and that would even consider) was sitruuna, lol

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I use Bubbles only in the fetish community because it's unconnected to any other username I use, and is the kind of username that if you googled it, you probably wouldn't link to anywhere else that I go on the internet because it is common and anonymous :) From back in the day when the internet was smaller, but it was harder to search for people!!

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This was actually the name I went by pretty much everywhere on the Internet for a good, long while (discreet, right? :lol:). It was my nickname on my first DeviantArt account, and a few other forums I was a part of. I hardly, if at all go by it nowadays outside of the fetish community -- only my oldest/closest Internet friends still call me Paws.

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I'm a K-Pop fan, and those lyrics are said by Jungwoo (my favorite) in the song Simon Says by NCT 127
I'm way too shy to use my usual nicknames there 🙈

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lol. i had a big avril lavigne phase back in the day, and when i discovered she sneezes rapidly i was stoked. too bad there are only a couple fits from when she was a teen. I bet she works hard to keep her sneezes a secret.

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Way, waaay, waaaaaaaaay back around '98 I was aspiring to be a web designer, hence the name.

Maybe I ought to change it.

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I, uh.. just really like "infernal" as a word. Not an overly creative backstory, I'm afraid. 😅

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