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Andre was half asleep when he felt his nose tickling. He tried to ignore it and go back to sleep but the tickle doesn't seemed to be going anywhere anytime soon. He slowly let go of his wife and turned towards the night stand hoping that blowing his nose would clear him of the tickle. 

Carefully not to wake his wife up Andre slowly sat on the bed and reached for a tissue. Hfffffnnnnxxxxtt. After a thorough blow he layed down and wrapped his arm around Elle hoping to go back to sleep. Unfortunately for him blowing the nose doesn't seem to be getting him anywhere. The urge to sneeze became stronger and stronger until at one point he coudn't help him self but tilt his head upwards and prepare himself to sneeze knowing that he's going to end up waking up Elle. Turning his back towards Elle he slowly brought his hand towards his face.HUUURRRRR-EHHH-SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAIISHHHHH ISHHH ISHHH ISSSHHHHHHAAAA mmm  chooo haacchhiiinnggg haaching

Elle POV 

I suddenly woke up suddenly in the early morning to a loud sound only to see Andre preparing himself to sneeze. It looked like my dear husband was having one of his famous sneeze attacks. It wasn't uncommon for him to sneeze in the morning. So I sat up and rubbed his back to comfort him. "You okay Andre??"

Turning his head towards me he said "Yhhh I'm fine sweetheart. *sniff* ishoo I'm sorry that I woke you up" *sniff* Hurr- ehh- shooo he sneezed again.Gosshh he sounded so congested. Poor Andre with the allergy season starting and the pollen count rising he's probably in for a lot more of those sneezing fits. 

Andre POV

As expected I endes up waking Elle up. I felt really bad because I know how tired she was when she went to bed last night. She was slowly rubbing my back as if to comfort me. After I was done I turned back to her and pulled her towards me while wrapping my arms around her. She snuggled in keeping her head on my chest and happily trying to fall back asleep. I kissed her on the forehead whispering an apology for waking her up. 

Elle POV 

I was happily snuggled up againts Andres when I heard his breath starting to hitch again and before long he started to pull away from me. I didn't want him to pull away so I tightly wrapped my arms around him whispering a quiet 'no' 

I heard him sign and sniffing before "Elle I.. I... h-h-have huh uhh to *sniff* s-sneeze. *sniff* Baby I'm g-going to ehh *sniff* ahhh huh end up sneezing onn y-you" *sniff* But I stubbornly held on to him. I didn't care if he sneezed on me as long as he didn't let me go. 

I felt him sign and suddenly he pulled me even closer to him as if he was trying to protect me from his incoming sneezes. 


Andre POV

Finally after feeling like hours of torture when it was only minutes my nose finally calmed down. "Bless you sweety"  said Elle. *sniff* Thanks babe I said in a deeply congested voice. 

I slowly unwrapped an arm around her to pluck a tissue from the box and gave it a hearty blow. After rubbing the tissue under my nose for a little longer I finally discarded it and wrapped my arm around Elle again pulling her againts me. 

"Go back to sleep darling, it's our off day we should sleep in" and she snuggled happily againts me. It wasn't long before we both fell into he peaceful slumber.


And Done. So what do you guys think?? Do you'll think that I should continue this??



Comment below and let me know what you'll think. :)


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It was almost 11 in the morning when Elle and I finally decided it was time to wake up. I could feel her curled up againts me. I slowly pushed back one of those wild hair strands that has fallen infront of her beautiful face and smiled. 

"Morning Sweetheart" Elle faced me and smiled lazily. "Good morning, how are you feeling?" 

"Congested and a bit sneezy but I'm fine darling. Can you make me a hot cup of tea please .. I think the steam might help me with my blocked nose" Elle pecked me on the lips before getting out of the bed. 

She went out yelling "Come down in 2 min"

I smiled to myself before lazily stretching myself. HUH ISHHOOOOO Damn that sneeze came out of nowhere

Elle POV

Bless you. I yelled all the way from downstairs when I heard Andre sneeze from our room.

"Thag..... ISHHOOOO Thagnk you" I heard him say.

After preparing him a hot cup of tea I was about to call him when I heard him coming downstairs. So I took the cup into the living room to see Andre about to sit down on the couch with the tissue pressed againts his nose.

"You okay sweety?"

"Yhhh I'm fine. These freaking allergies are driving me nuts!" He sounded so congested. I gave him the cup and sat down next to him.

Andre POV

Gosshhh the steam of the tea is already tickling my nose. I quickly kept the cup on the coffee table before the sneeze struck. EHHHH-EHHHHH ISHHHOOOOOO I sneezed on to the tissue. Thank god I was able ro bring it up to my nose on time. HUHHH-HURRROOOOSSHHOOOO HUH-EH-ESSSHHHH RUSSHHHOOO AISSHHHH after 6 rapid sneezes I was finally done. Hffffxxxxxnnnnttttt xxxxnnnnnttttt stupid allergies I thought. After emptying my nose into four tissues I was finally done. I looked upto see Elle staring at me longingly. 

I have suspected for a while that she might be attracted to my sneezes but I was never sure.  This wasn't the first time I caught her looking at me like this after having to sneeze. 

Elle POV

I just watched my man having one of the most perfect sneeze attacks in the whole wide world. Could this man be any perfect ?? I thought. 

"Bless you" I mumbled slowly and reached to kiss his red nose. I could feel it starting to twich and before I could move he sneezed a wet ISHOO towards my shoulder. "Bless" I'm in heaven.

I feel bad that Andres allergies are acting up but honestly this is the best day of my life.

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