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I got inspired by the prompts in this thread made by @CeruleanBlue. I am grateful for the support I got for my one-shot. So, thank you for that!

As of that, I grace you with another story! I'm planning on continuing this into a multiple part series, so stay tuned. Maybe 3 parts? We'll see. Each part will probably be around 1,000 words.

WARNING: This story involves M/M relationship. If you are not into that kind of stuff, I suggest you click away now. I'll see in my next story. Also, it may have some foul language.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

A major project is due on Monday. It's Saturday today and Jason is freaking out. He wants to prove to his co-workers that he is worthy of being in the company and can do his job better than them. He's felt like this for a couple of weeks now. But how can he prove himself worthy without even starting this project? He has been awake for countless nights, 24/7, but still has no idea how to start. He's been getting major headaches now.


He drops his pen in defeat. Until suddenly, an idea pops into his mind. He starts writing away on his blank piece of paper until his hand turns sore. He started the layout and the report script.


"h'AAASHUU! -xGT!" He sneezed forcefully, directing it towards his lap. He pawed at his nose and continued to sniffle as the night went on.


"I hope I'm not catching a cold."


The next morning, Sunday, the first thing that Jason does is he went to his desk and started finishing the project. He was finished at around 5 in the evening. He made himself some dinner and went to bed early as it was the big day tomorrow.


He wakes up early in the morning, revising and re-reading his script, took a quick shower and walked over to work. He needed to wake up early because the office was quite far away from his house. He rubbed his nose more and focused on the road. He double checked his stuff and made sure he brought everything.


Once he entered the building, he was greeted by his other co-workers. One of them, in particular, caught his attention.


"Hey, Jason! Good luck with your presentation today." A guy, tall; 5'11, with short black hair, walked by.


Jason has only been working here for about 3 months now and he hasn't seen him before. But that little action made him blush. Wanting to find out more about this guy, he asked the receptionist.


"Hi, umm... do you have any idea of what his name might be?" He pointed to the guy, who was talking with a few other people.


"Oh, that's James. He's the CEO of the company. To be honest with you, he's super hot! Don't tell anyone." She giggled to herself. This made him want to punch her as a sign of... jealousy?


He thanked her a went to his cubicle. The itch in his nose blossomed again. He bit his lower lip, trying to make it go away as there were other people in the vicinity. The itch grew stronger and stronger as time went on. Failing, he held his nose in between a forceful grip using his forefinger and thumb.


"-gxt! 'H'igxT! Hah'gXt'shiiew!" He successfully stifled the first two but the last slipped out of his fingers, resulting into a half-stifled sneeze. "Fuck." He whispered to himself. No one seemed to hear his sneezes aside from the person that was working next to him, who politely blessed him.


He didn't reply. He thought it was a bitchy move, but he focused more on his paperwork. The meeting is in 5 minutes. Jason swore that he was going to have a panic attack soon. Instead, he kept calm. A co-worker called him to enter the meeting room as everyone was already seated and ready for the presentation. The CEO started to speak.


"So, everyone, this is Jason. He is relatively new here and is about to present the report I explained," said James. Jason waved politely and cleared his throat. He projected the presentation on the screen and started talking. His consistent sniffling made him nervous. He had to stop every few minutes to cough and sniffle. After the long and informative presentation, everyone clapped for him. His boss and James patted him on the back,


"You did well, Jason. You can go take a break now."


"T-tha...nks--," He stuttered, then turned to his elbow, "h'NgT! 'Scuse mbe." He said with slight congestion in his voice.


"Bless you!"


"God bless you!" Both people granted. 



"Guh... Thank you. I'll see you after the break." He punctuated the sentence with a sniff. As he left for the cafeteria, his fellow co-workers started to feel concerned.


"Do you think he's okay?" James asked. Their boss just shrugged.




At the cafeteria, Jason prepared his lunch for the day. 


He continued to sniffle as he ate his lunch, occasionally stifling sneezes into his shoulder. He was starting to get a headache from all this stifling. He just wanted to go home.




Finally, after 3 more hours of work, he was able to go home. Unfortunately, the sky turned grey and it started to drizzle. Then, it rained heavily. Jason didn't know how to drive a car. Maybe because he doesn't trust himself. He also didn't have an umbrella.


Jason found himself, walking in the rain. He stayed under shelter for quite a while, but as he realized that it won't end soon, he just continued walking. Jason tried to use his suitcase as an "umbrella", but he gave up half-way. He finally reached his house. While fumbling for the keys, he looked up, breath hitching audibly. His nose was twitching and flaring like crazy, until,


"huh'EHSCCHH'uh! *snf* h--.... hah'H'ESCHUU! Fucgking hell." He swore.


When he entered his house, he removed his coat and shoes and headed for the shower. The steam relieved so much congestion in his sinuses which help the pressure in his head. But it did affect his nose quite a bit,


"h'NDDISSH!" H'egXThcoo!" Even his sneezes started to sound tired.


His nose was now streaming. He ended with one final, "HAh'EESHH'cheww!


After changing, he ran to the bed, sniffled a few times, and the last thing he heard was his own sneeze,




-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 


TBC... :D

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@Blackraspberrycheesecake: Thank you!

@supernaturalfragalistic: Hope you love this part, as well!

Sorry, it's been awhile. Next part is here!

(Also, I imagine Jason and everyone else working in England. I'm a sucker for guys with accents!)

(Another thing, James is that type of person who blesses every sneeze. I think it's cute!)


-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


Part 2




Another day of work passes by. Jason is left as an exhausted, sniffling mess. He was about to leave the building when he heard his name.


"Jason! Wait." shouted a familiar voice. Jason turned around to see that James was calling him.


Jason blushed. He froze in position while James was running towards him.


"I just wanted to invite you to a really important party celebrating the company's 2 year anniversary. We were so impressed with your work that we thought you were an excellent addition to this event," He paused to catch his breath, "Wanna join?"


He wanted to open his mouth to reply, but sneezed instead. James stepped back, quite startled. He didn't have time to stifle, nor the time to cover.


"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry." He apologized, blushing and bowing profusely. James tall frame towered over Jason's height of 5'6 as he walked back and straightened up.


He smiled, "It's alright. Bless you." Jason stopped bowing. Maybe because he was starting to feel a little dizzy.


He accepted the offer, "I'd be honored to...hhold on," He held his index finger as a wait signal. He turned to his right and clamped his nose tightly, "-xHGT! h'GIXT!" He waited for more, but none came.


James looked generally concerned, "Are you alright? Bless you, by the way."


He shook his head, "I'm fine. When is the party?" He ended with a sniffle.


"Tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. I can pick you up if you want! Oh, give me your phone. I'll add my number!" Jason blushed and gave his phone.


"There, all done. Call me if you need anything." He headed off to his office again, leaving Jason alone.




He reached his house, a bag full of papers and reports to bring to the party tomorrow for James. The change in temperature seemed to take a toll on his nose. It teased him a little, causing him to fan his hands in front of his face.


"h'IISH'eww! Shit." He sneezed on his coat, now soaked in snot. He was tired of sneezing. 


"Should I go to the party?" He questioned. He felt sick, he didn't have anything fancy, and he looked like a mess. Still wanting to impress James, he decided to call a close friend.


"Hello?" Said the voice on the other side.


"Hi, Mark. It's me, Jason."


"Oh, hey! Whadt's up?"


"I've got a party to... ugh, one sec--" He lowered the phone, "huh'EHSCCHH'uh! Christ."


"God bless you, Jason! You sick or sombething?"


"No. *snf* Just a little congested and sneezy. Wanted to ask you if I could borrow your suit or something for this party at work."


"Sure! I'll bring it over." And with that, he ended the call. Jason swiftly cleaned the whole house of gross tissues and threw them into the trash can, making it full. He also cleaned up his desk, full of books covered in dust.


"h'CHISSSH-CHISShh! hah'EASHEWW! hEASHEEWW! -ngXT! Xgt!" The stifling seemed to have stopped the fit. He grabbed a few more tissues and pressed it against the offending organ. It was now starting to grow a bright glowing red.


He heard his doorbell ring. He opened the door to see Mark holding a fancy suit. He first noticed that Mark also looked quite tired, and to be honest, he looked like a mess. He did also notice the slight congestion in his voice during their phone call earlier.


"Have you caught a cold, yourself? You look dreadful." Jason asked.


"Heh," He chuckled sheepishly, rubbing his neck, "Ndo, just allergies bothering mbe. It is a high pollen day."


Jason welcomed him in. Mark asked him to try on the suit, which he did. Mark was seated on Jason's bed, waiting. The stifled and muffled sneezes from his friend inside the closet made him worry. Jason exited the closet, looking quite fabulous


"Wow! That really suits you!" Mark exclaimed as he was fixing the bed linen. When he got no response, he turned to look at Jason, who was struggling to get a sneeze out. Mark chuckled to himself as he moved to Jason, lightly tapping his nose.


"h'NDDISSH! *snf* Thanks. You know, you don't have to stay here. You can go right now."


Mark waved his hand dismissively, "Nah, in any case, I'll watch over your house!" 


They both chuckled. It was reaching 5:00 already so Mark helped him with his hair and looks. Once they were done, they heard the doorbell. Jason opened the door,


"Hi, Jason! Ready?" Asked James.


He gave a slight nod, said goodbye to Mark, and went inside James's car. Once he was inside, he immediately turned to his elbow,


"Heh-- H'ngXT'chu! eNG'xt! Ugh, I'm so sorry."


"Don't be. Bless you."


And with that, they headed to the party.








I'm sorry again for posting this part late. It's also shorter than the first.

It's been tough with a lot of school projects. Hopefully, I can update in the next couple of days. :heart:



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@silentdreamer789: And more you shall have! But it's very late.

Holy hell, I suck at updating!

I only also noticed that I accidentally gave them (Jason and James) names that sound so similar. Even I get confused! So sorry about that!

Caretaking part! (Well, sorta...)

So here's part 3!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


Part 3




Before Jason could even step out of the car, he was launched into a violent coughing fit. James gently patted him on the back.


"You gonna survive there, buddy?"


Jason was still coughing, unable to get any relief. Concerned, James gave him a bottle of water for him to chug down.


"Thank you." Jason wheezed. He was so sure he was getting sick. It followed the same routine every time. Headaches, sneezing, coughing.


James smiled, "C'mon, Jas'. Let's go inside." He blushed at the nickname.


Jason obeyed and followed James to the building where they were holding the event. It was packed with professional looking people and... well... people! He felt like he didn't fit in. A mere employee like himself surrounded by experts in intimidating indeed. But wait, where's James? He was starting to panic. Shit. He suffered from panic attacks before, and it was not very nice. He was unable to find his guide until someone gently tapped him on the shoulder.


"Jason? Why do you look so worried?" James asked, looking quite worried himself.


Jason jumped back at the question, slightly startled by the action. When he saw it was James, he started to calm down, "Oh, sorry. I thought lost you."


James saw Jason's sheepish smile. He couldn't help but smile himself.


While James was talking with some other co-workers and people in the main lounge, Jason headed over to the bar. He placed his order and relaxed. Suddenly, the much too familiar tickle sprouted up again. His brows furrowed and his eyes fluttered, but he couldn't seem to get the tickle out. Rubbing his nose furiously, he was able to at least get a sneeze out.


"h'URREMPSSH!" He muffled it into a handkerchief he brought. The tickle was still there. That mere sneeze did nothing at all in attempt to give him some relief. It grew stronger and stronger, eventually resulting in a ticklish fit of sneezes.


"h'CHISSSH-xt! -nGGGT! -ngXT! Xgt!" He paused, waiting for the next one, "-xGTT! -'TSHIEWW!" Tears escaped the corners of his eyes. He hated feeling sick. He hated being sick. Fuck, he hated everything.


"Bless you, dear." said the Bartender. Jason flushed deeply, embarrassed that he had been noticed. He tried his hardest to be quiet. She slid the drink in Jason's direction.


"Thank you." He ended with a sniffle. He took a napkin and dabbed his eyes.


The bartender smiled sympathetically at him, "You look sick, hun. Are you alright?" She asked.


He chuckled, "Might be."


"Well, if you don't mind, I can, you know, take care of you?"


He almost choked on his drink, which resulted in chesty coughing. It started to die down a bit and he was able to speak.


"That's not needed," He said with a smile. He did have to admit, she was pretty hot, "But I'm responsible enough of taking care of myself. Thanks for the drink though!" He said as he rushes back to James.


"Speak of the devil!" James laughs, "Everyone, this is Jason."


Jason timidly waves in front of everyone, "Uh, hi!"


They chatted about something like... marketing? He doesn't know. After a while, they would all seem to change from one subject to another, whether it be business related or not. He didn't know much about what they were talking about so he stood silent. He dazed out for a moment, the snapped back into reality when James asked him a question.


"Isn't that right, Jas'?"


He didn't know what to say, so he just nodded. The course of action caused the congestion in his sinuses to shift. From the corner of James' eye, he could see his shoulders jerking forward, silently stifling each sneeze.


He quietly whispered, "You shouldn't stifle. It's bad for you. Also," He smiled, "Bless you."


Jason muffled several coughs in his handkerchief. The repeated coughing turned into a violent fit. The others generally looked concerned and worried. James rushed over,


"Hey, bud? Are you okay?" He asked, Jason still coughing, "Of course he isn't, James." He mentally noted.


Fuck. How was he going to deal with this? He wasn't sure until Jason muttered,


"Water, please." He wheezed.


James rushed to the bar to get a glass of water for Jason to drink. "Here."


"I feel light-headed," Jason whispered, clutching a hand to his forehead. Just a few minutes ago, he was alright. How did this happen?


"C'mon. Get in the car. We're going home." He turned to his comrades and apologized. As they walked together to the car, making sure Jason's breathing was steady, James asked one more time, "Jason White, are you sick?"


Jason flinched for a little bit, but the slightly nodded soon after.




James had some pills ready at his house. So he decided to go there. Besides, why would he leave Jason in his house alone? As the ride went along, Jason took a power nap. From the corner of James' eye, he could see snot dribbling from his nose. He honestly felt bad for the guy. I mean, he's probably had this cold for days if it's like this. Heck, he even spent a lot of time on that project.


They arrived at James' house. He wondered if he should let him stay the night or not. As they entered, James felt his forehead to feel that it was hot. Burning hot. He found one spot he could let Jason sit on. The couch!


"Umm... Jason, you can sit here." He patted the couch and guided his blurry-eyed friend, "You should stop rubbing your eyes."


"There just so itchyyy--" He didn't have the time nor care to stifle, "eh’nGXTCH’uh!"


Some spray landed on James, but he didn't mind, "Hey, mind telling me your address? I'll inform your friend."


As such, Jason obeyed and gave him the address. He wrote it down on a piece of paper, but the writing didn't really make sense as his handwriting was terrible. James gave him the pills for him to swallow.


"There, that should make you feel better for a while." He cleaned the mess, "You go take a nap while I go buy more tissues and inform your friend, okay?" He said with a genuine smile.


Jason nodded. Snapping back into reality, he realized where he was and deeply apologized,


"Oh my god! Where am I? I'm so sorry! I'm gonna leave right now. Where's my stuff? Where's Mark? Ugh, I'm so sorry!" He immediately panicked.


James smiled at the scene, "Shhhh. It's okay. I'm heading to your place to grab a few things and inform your friend. I have some extra clothes in the closet to the right."


Jason seemed to calm down. He rested his head on the couch, "James, I don't feel so good."


"I'll be back soon. Take a rest." Sooner or later, James was out of the house.


He wanted to get off this suit, so he went to the said closet and changed into some pajamas. He plopped back down on the couch, sighing in defeat.


Jason put his head in his hands. He accidentally touched his nose in the process, triggering another ticklish fit. His nose was streaming. His hanky was unusable now and he didn't want to sneeze on James' clothes. Going to the bathroom, he stole a quick glance at himself at the mirror. He nose was a bright shade of red and his hair was plastered to his face. There were a few tears in the corners of his eyes, causing him to wipe them. He looked disgusting. He looked like a mess. He shouldn't let his senior see his staff this worthless. 


He pulled out his phone to check the time. 8:00 P.M. Checking his contacts, he decided to send a text to Mark, implementing that he was alright. As he tried to wipe his nose with the paper towels, he winced and whimpered in response to the excruciating pain.


He took a nap. The last thing he saw was a pile of paper towels.








James came back to the sight of his colleague lying down on the couch with paper towels stuck up his reddened, sore nose. He wandered over to the table and set down the goodies he bought from the store. Apparently, the noise from setting the stuff down on the counter caused Jason to wake up from his slumber.


"Oh, James. You're back."


James seemed startled, but then smiled afterward, "Yeah, I brought your clothes and some medicine."


They first administered some medicine to at least bring down the fever.


"Did Mark go home?" Jason asked, shivering.


"I told him to. Don't know if he actually did though."


There was silence. It lasted approximately 2 minutes before James decided to speak up.


"I can't hold it in anymore." He murmured to himself. He lifted Jason's gross chin and placed his lips on Jason's. While performing such action, he accidentally touched Jason's nose, triggering the inevitable.


"hah'AAG'SHIeww!" He covered just in time, "Sorry. Wait, you just... what's happening? I think I need more medicine." He said as he held his head.


James scratched his neck sheepishly, "Well, I've kinda got a little..." He whispered the last part to where he can't hear it.




James sighed, "I like you! I've been watching you since you were first hired and I loved the way you did and controlled things and... I'm really sorry!" He paused to gasp for air. Jason told him to take a breath and slow down.


"Hey, it's okay. I kinda like you as well." Jason said genuinely, with a bit of congestion.


Both boys blushed hard. They might have missed the party, but they can hold their own. Cuddling and playing...




-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 




-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 

So sorry for the VERY late update. I just finished exams and now am on vacation so updates may be slow.

I wrote this part like the story was over because I stopped writing up to here. But I'm completely attached to these characters so I might add a few more parts.

Maybe some contagion? Yes or nah? :D

Anyways, until next time!


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