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Sorry if this is too similar to other threads.

Write about love here. Any type of love, platonic, romantic. You can write things you love about your family, forum members, hobbies, things you like, and even things you love about something you might think is 'okay'. Turn something neutral or negative into something positive. I'll post first with a few examples.

I love how the world comes together for the holidays in December, no matter what you celebrate,  and even if you don't celebrate anything at all, everything is focused on peace and love in the world. :) Happy holidays! <3 

Also, I love this community. It's given me real strength over the years and I hope to be around in it or many more years to come.

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Wow, great idea @Cutelittlenose! I really like the fact that I've been making new friends so far. I am grateful for my friends at college. I am also grateful that @Melody is one of my most trusted friends.

Oh, and I also love this forum because there are so many cool people on here!

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I love taking long, hot baths. It's one of the main reasons I still keep this apartment, to be honest, because most modern apartments here only have showers. There's nothing like soaking in a bath, with a glass of wine and a book, for an hour or more. :D 

I love it when my cats boop me with wet noses. And I love kissing their paws, because there is nothing more adorable than a cat's paw when the claws are retracted. 

I love hugging my horse when she has her winter fur. It's SO THICK, and she's not even a breed that should get that kind of fur. She looks like a bear. Riding bareback when she's "dressed" for winter is like sitting on a soft cushion. 

I love my body. It's always doing weird, unauthorised things and it's not pretty to look at, but given how I treat it and have treated it ever since I came in possession of it, it's one hell of a trooper and it deserves way more love and appreciation than it gets. True, I never asked for this body, but this poor body never asked for ME either, but it's doing it's job regardless. So, go body!!  

I love it when I get "in the zone" and completely lose myself in a story, whether it's one I'm writing myself or something I'm reading. 

Also, I love the character in my sig so much. :wub:  I know you can't actually be in love with someone you've never met, and even less so if it's a fictional character that doesn't even exist in real life, but apparently my feelings don't care about details like that, so I just roll with it. :blushing::rofl: 


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