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Cold Sneezes Throughout The Dag


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Hello everyone, it seems I've caught another cold. There's one going around work, but 'tis the season outside of there anyway. It's not a terrible cold, but bad enough that I decided to take the day off work. My sneezes sound sort of like 

I started sneezing pretty much as soon as I woke up. A double, half into my pillow because I was still sleepy - "Eh-t'shh! Heh-chhmf!" I eventually managed to wake myself up enough to call into work sick, sneezing another double while on the phone with the manager. She's pretty understanding about how much I sometimes sneeze, and always blesses me.

I laid down and tried to go back to sleep, but felt too congested and it just wasn't happening, so I got up and had breakfast. I blew my nose into tissues right when I got back up, and again while I was eating. It kept running, despite all the congestion, so I was also constantly sniffling. Thankfully my roommates were all at work/school or else I would have worried about the sniffling being annoying. I clearly should have blown my nose more though, because after breakfast when I went outside, the cold air tickled my nose fiercly and I sneezed a very messy double, my nose exploding out its contents. "Et'shhh! eh'SHHEW!" The first sneeze was uncovered, but I managed to get my hand up over my nose for the second and quickly went back inside to clean up amd thoroughly blow my nose.

This seemed like a good time for a hot shower. I expected a few sneezes, since I can be sensitive to things like temperature and the steam, but there were many more. Over the course of my ten minute shower, I sneezed probably somewhere between 15 and 20 times. A mix of uge messy singles, rapid sets of 3-5, and my normal doubles and triples. I definitely was able to fall back asleep afterwards.

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bless you bro hope you feel better but how does steam help congestion it doesn't work for me at all it only makes me congested.


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