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Sneezy cold (Female, self-obs)


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So it's my first obs here! Hopefully I can make it a good one for all of you. As I type this I have a pretty stuffy cold. It started in my chest a few days ago and I'm guessing I caught it from my boyfriend. Anywho I thought I would share an on from the other night. 

During the week I stay with my boyfriend because we're both in grad school and on days that we have class, I end up going back to his house because it's a slightly shorter commute to campus. Anyway Wednesday night after he got out of class we stop by a game shop so he could trade some of his Magic the Gathering cards. Normally I would go in with him but I had just been feeling like crap all day long. I was exhausted and cold and so I told him I was just going to rest in the car while he went in and he promised me he would only be a few minutes. Luckily he was. As soon as he came back to the car, we drove off and I had a heck of a fit. Heh-cheeew! Huhtcheeew! Huhtcheeew! Heh-heh-hetcheeeew! 

I pulled a kleenex out of my bag and gave a very wet, burbly blow. Now mind you my boyfriend knows about the fetish but we don't really talk about it unless I bring it up first. Anyway he just looked over at me sympathetically and said, "We need to get you home and get you some rest. I have some Vicks Vapor Rub and some cold medicine at home." I nodded and blew my nose again. 

Back at his house we watched anime for a little bit. We were both lying in bed together and I had a wet sneeze that had a lot of buildup and a little bit of mess. huh-huh-huh-hutchew!

I was really embarrassed, and A bit annoyed that I didn't have any more Kleenex in my bag and my boyfriend didn't have any either so I went to the bathroom and grabbed a roll of toilet paper and carried it back to bed with me. I blew my nose and it was a bit wet and stuffy with a little bit of honking. I don't normally honk when I blow my nose so I was a little embarrassed. But my boyfriend just looked over at me and smiled sympathetically and apologized for giving me his cold.


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Nice observation there and i loved the description of your blows. Get well soon 

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