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Fake Sneezing for Blessing?


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So earlier in the week I skipped class and told my prof I was sick.  When I went to office hours to discuss what I missed I decided to throw in a fake sneeze to see how they'd react.  It worked! I got blessed and asked how I was feeling.

Has anyone else done something like this?

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yeah but mine was a different scenario, I was dared to fake sneeze all day and count how many people said 'bless you' my friend 'L' was very gullible my normal sneeze can get high pitch, wet, and gives me  head ache. I don't have much of a build up unless I do it myself

normal: CHU! (more high pitch and jars head)

fake: He..het-chu! (less high pitch)

16 people fell for it most of my friends fell for it I'm good at this my other friend promised me ice cream

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YES! I definitely do this.

One time, my friends and i were in a group outside and I sneezed a fakie, hoping to get a blessing from my crush. IT WORKED!

My sneezes aren't that wet and I usually stifle. But my fakes are wet!


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Heh, I've done the same as Wolfpack, but with a friend. 

I was in a call with one of my friends, and I wanted to see if he's a blesser, so I tried doing a fake sneeze. They didn't bless me though haha. 

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