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The Apartment


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Hey, everyone! Allergies are great and I wrote this a while ago. Hope you all like it. :)



“And as you can see, all rooms have─”

HuhTSSHHuh! Uhh-ETSCHhuh!

Greyson wiped his streaming nose with his tissues again as he tried to listen to the realtor go on about the crown molding throughout the apartment. His realtor called him two days prior to discuss the new listing in Brooklyn near his office and he couldn’t pass the chance up. Anything was better than the shoebox he had now in Queens. There was only one thing wrong.

He couldn’t stop sneezing.

It began a few minutes into the tour, a scratchiness in his throat that traveled to his eyes and nose quickly, and now he had a couple of tissues to his face more often than not. Each sneeze left him with teary eyes and a moment of relief until the same gasp-sneeze-exhale began again. He sneezed so much that his nose hurt.

“Bless you again, are you sure you’re okay?”

Of course, his sudden allergy fit hadn’t gone unnoticed by the realtor. While he was appreciative that she cared, the loss of control due to his allergies was embarrassing. Greyson tried to brush it off when it began with only a few sneezes and irritated eyes. Something in the apartment had to be setting him off.

“I think… hehhehhh-AH-!” his voice caught his throat as his eyes closed. “HehHATSCHshn! HahISCHoo!” he rubbed his nose furiously with the tissues then looked at the realtor again. “I’m allergic to something in here.”

The typical pleasant demeanor of the realtor paused for a moment, he noticed the same brow furrow when she handed him the couple tissues after his fit kept progressing while she showed him the living room. She cleared her throat as a cautious smile formed on her lips. “The apartment has been thoroughly inspected for mold and─”


“Was recently dusted,” the realtor carried on. “The previous renters had two cats, too, if that’s any─”

Heh-ISSCHuhh!” Greyson quickly nodded, congestion flooding his voice. “Thaaa… that’s it. I’m allergic to ca-ahhh.. huhhahhh-yESSHHah! Cats.”

Allergic was an understatement. While he stayed in the doorway of the bedroom, his swelling eyes itched so badly it was as if he could feel specks of cat dander in them. His body seemed more aware of the cat fur that covered the apartment more than ever. Greyson’s nose itched, the roof of his mouth itched, even his ears itched.

“Oh, I’m sure I can get the landlord to deep clean before you move in.”

Greyson shook his head. He was terribly, terribly allergic and regardless of how much the apartment was clean, it wouldn’t be enough. It would never be enough.

“No, I apologize but… but… Uhh-ETSCHhuh!” he sniffed again, the pressure in his sinuses was becoming too much. “I can’t live here.” another burning itch teased him as he looked at his confused realtor until he bent forward as a fit of desperate sneezes escaped. “HehHATSCHshn! EiSSSCHhuh! Heh-AASCHHHuh!

“Well,” the realtor began as Greyson tried to compose himself. “I won’t show you any apartments where a cat lived previously from now on, alright?”

Greyson nodded as his breath hitched. “Thank… hehhh…hah! HahAAISSHH! AAaaeSSSHHHoo!

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