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Hey, so after lurking around here (don't know why I still do this even though I'm a member now lol) I have some obs to share. 

So I was coding interviews with my lab group and the lab section is held in the basement of the psychology department at my school. The room we were in is pretty spacious and there's like three other rooms inside it. So my group and I were in one of the rooms just going through transcripts when someone in the group sneezed. The lab instructor, I guess after hearing her sneeze, called out "Bless you! Do you need a tissue? There are some tissues out here?" or something along those lines. Then a couple of minutes later, the lab instructor sneezes and the person who originally sneezed joked "Maybe you need a tissue!" and everyone is having a giggle and I'm there just like "Okay, wow. This is fine." 

I'm sorry for this not being really descriptive. It feels weird because I see these people every day, but I felt it was too good of an obs not to share. Maybe I'm just being weird... Well, anyway, hope you liked it!

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