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FACET... YOU... I... THE... IT... HUH...?!?!

*Words.. Come on...form words! Make a sentence! Say how much you love it! Say how the surprise was definitely unexpected, and the story made you smile immensely... Say how you loved the talking while sneezing scenario and giant sneezes...!*

Heh... Pretty story... 

*...ugh...hideandgosneeze... You moron.*


In all seriousness, I adored this story so much. You have written my kryptonite... Huge sneezes, amazing buildups... Hitches... THE HITCHES... Ahh! Someone catch me.. I may faint. *about to faint.* 

I am sending you so many hugs right now... 

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Wow. Like... WOW. That was several levels of incredible. Honestly one of the hottest things I have read in a WHILE. Yeah, this was phenomenal. I didn't even catch this til the 2nd time I read through and nearly died when I did:

9 hours ago, facet said:

"I don't know if I can even make the drive without blowing the roof off..." he said chagrined. 

At least he was being honest.

Seriously incredible. Thank you!!

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This was awesome!! Another amazing story! Can't thank you enough for taking the time to write this and all your many other great stories :)

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5 minutes ago, facet said:


Heh... Thanks.

..I used glitter.

(God I hope she liked it. Did she like it? Play it cool, facet.)

Seriously, though, I'm really happy you like it! :D You're always great to me up here and I wanted to say, "Thank you," in the best way I knew how.

OMG I love glitter! (Geez, hideandgosneeze... Way to be over excited about a comment... Ugh. You're such a dork. Commence blushing of the face in 5...4...1.)

I mean... The.. Uh.. Words.. Pretty.. AHEM. 

Um... Wow. I love this story immensely. And the fact that it was a surprise.. Was.. Well.. A.. Erm.. Surprise. (WORDS, hideandgosneeze!) It truly made me smile, and I believe I speak for others when I say multiple posts from you is never a bad thing... Ever. (Okay.. End it with something cool..)

*snaps fingers and does finger guns* See ya around! 

(.... I think that was cool... God... I hope so.) 

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On 12/3/2017 at 1:25 PM, facet said:

Like, I know I've already said this, but you're so sweet! I'm so happy I could do something that made you happy!! :heart: 

((EEP! HE THINKS YOU'RE SWEET! Okay...wait...why haven't you said anything?!))
((Don't yell!))
I mean...thanks!

On 12/3/2017 at 1:25 PM, facet said:

(God she's cool..) 

Y-yeah! See you!

(He probably think's I'm SO uncool)

Yeah! See ya! Can't wait for the next story!
Wh-When you feel better, I mean! Gosh. Yeah...totally get better soon!!

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I like this so much! I’m not usually one for giant sneezes but the combination with just how darn cute they both are makes it for me!

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Oh my god Michael's sneeze in this one was so desperate and tickly sounding. I would take care of him seriously he seems so helpless I can't take it. Great second chapter! It's even better then the first one! 

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6 hours ago, facet said:

Oh no! I've done you a heckin' concern :lol: I dunno when he'll get better so it might be a while. I think it's cute you think of him as a giant teddy bear though. I really like it when people like my characters. :heart:  


It's hard not to like them though the concern of the characters is what I show back and yes I dare say giant teddy bear....cause he's making me wanna snuggle a lil bit

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8 hours ago, facet said:

Oh no! I've done you a heckin' concern :lol: I dunno when he'll get better so it might be a while. I think it's cute you think of him as a giant teddy bear though. I really like it when people like my characters. :heart:  

He is pretty helpless, but you'd probably need to tie yourself down to something if you were going to take care of him! :lol: This was actually the third chapter. Did you miss the second maybe? I posted these updates semi-quickly in succession so you might be missing out! ^_^ 

Ohhh I think I did! Thanks for telling me I don't want to miss even a bit of this! 

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Oh... My... Goodness... I loved every word... Every sentence... EVERYTHING about this story!! The hitching, the description... Everything. I.. OMG. *hugs*

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Ooo, this is really good!! I'm pretty worried about them, but on the other hand I don't Michael to be under control haha. I love Michael and Kelly! As characters and as a couple lol. I'm glad you didn't just leave this as a one-shot!

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