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Wings Were Made To Fly (SPN, Castiel)


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Okay, so Castiel has to be my favorite character. He's funny and doesn't get a lot of things and I find that amusing. I hope that you guys like this story!


Prompt=So, it turns out angels can get sick too. Castiel comes down from heaven after an outbreak of some strange angelic illness (involving sneezing of course), and Dean and Sam have to get him on the mend.


Bonus: There's wings


    "You sure he's coming?"


    Dean looked up from the magazine that he was reading before he tipped his head toward Sam. "I called him. He usually comes running, but I'm sure that he's just a little slow with the war going on and stuff. He'll be here, I'm sure of it."


    Sam said nothing more as he turned back to the map. He circled where they needed to be, which was about a five minute drive. "The house is right here and it was built on top of a graveyard, so that means many unhappy spirits. I really wish Cas would show up!"


    "Show up for what?"


    Sam and Dean both turned to see their favorite angel in a trench coat standing in front of them. Dean was the first one to greet him, but he stopped short. Something appeared to be off with Castiel. His eyes were slightly bloodshot and had bags under them while he was breathing more through his mouth. His nostrils were slightly pink and appeared to be twitching. This was not the same Castiel that Dean knew.


    "Cas, everything okay," Dean asked gently.


    "Yes, why wouldn't it be," Castiel questioned blankly.


    Dean looked to Sam for backup, but Sam was already readying to move. He had the weapons packed after a brief cleaning and was ready to go, but something about this made Dean hesitant. There had to be something off about Castiel.


    "Cas, what's that?!"


    Castiel lifted a hand and pushed it to where Dean was pointing. Dean was of course pointing to his nose. Bluefish goo was trickling down from one of his nostrils. It was one of the strangest things that Dean had ever seen. It was pretty gross and Dean had no idea what it was.


    "I believe it is human liquid that is commonly ejected from the nose," Castiel explained as he rubbed at it stubbornly with the side of his trench coat sleeve. The blue goo clung to it and made Castiel look almost radioactive.


    Dean pressed a finger to his temple. "You mean snot?"


    "I suppose if that is what you call it," Castiel continued as he wiped at his nose to try and stem the waterfall of blue liquid streaming from his nostrils.


    "Are you sick or something," asked Dean intrigued.


    Castiel wrinkled his nose. "I don't, eh, beliuah ah so...HetchsHshhh!"


    The force of the sneeze bent Castiel at the waist before something shot out of his back and collided with Sam in the face. Sam fell backwards and landed on his back with the weapons landing on the floor behind him. Sam groaned in surprise while Castiel straightened, looking beyond embarrassed.


    "What the hell just happened," groaned Sam on the floor.


    "I am terribly sorry, Sam," Castiel began as Dean offered a hand and hauled him to his feet. "I don't, um..."


    Dean turned to face his slightly winded brother. "Castiel sneezed and I'm not entirely sure what happened after that," Dean explained. It had happened so quick that Dean had missed just about all of it.


    Sam rubbed his chest and forehead. "It felt like something hit me. It was strong and feathered, I think," Sam tried to recall as he rubbed his chest once more.


    Castiel bit his lip as he turned away from the two Winchesters. He lifted a hand and pawed at his nose while he sniffled harshly. The sound echoed through the entire motel as Castiel tried to stem the flow or stop it completely. He wasn't having much luck.


    Dean smiled sympathetically as he grabbed a box of rough motel tissues on the table and brought it over to Castiel. He dangled it in front of his face, smiling ever so slightly. "Here, sniffles. This might work better than your sleeve."


    Castiel looked at the drenched thing and nodded. He took the box that Dean offered and pulled a few out. He lifted it to his nose and started to rub it back and forth slowly. He was slightly cleaning himself up, but more snot just flowed. Dean couldn't help but grimace.


    "Well, how about you try blowing? That works too," he offered.


    Castiel raised an eyebrow. "Blowing?"


    "Your nose," Sam answered as he joined his brother beside him. "You just place a tissue over your nose and blow and you're set!"


    Castiel appeared guarded, but he did as they suggested. He lifted the tissue to his nose and blew through his nose after Dean demonstrated. Once he was finished the tissue was sopping in clear mucus as well as the angelic blue stuff as well. He showed it to Dean before Dean rolled his eyes and forced Castiel to throw it in the trash.


    "So, the mission," Castiel croaked.


    Dean stretched out a hand to stop him rushing forward. "I don't think so. First tell me what the hell is wrong with you and why you're sneezing blue goo."


    Castiel gritted his teeth together before he swiveled around to look at Dean and Sam at the same time. "It's my grace."


    "You're sneezing out your grace! What the hell, man? Isn't that, you know, dangerous," Dean snapped as he took a step closer to the angel.


    Castiel angled his head away. "It is none of your concern! It is merely a different type of warfare."


    "They're giving all the angles colds? Man, I'd hate to be an angel," Dean laughed as he rolled his eyes.


    Sam waved a hand to cut him off. "Is it dangerous for you to be losing grace like this," Sam asked, echoing one of Dean's thoughts from earlier.


    Castiel shook his head. "I am renewing my grace as rapidly as I am losing it," he explained as he tried to make himself sound stronger than he was. "It should not matter."


    Dean started to say something, but Sam grasped his arm. "Cas, can you give Dean and I a second?"


    Castiel stood rigid before he nodded slowly. "Of course. No problem." He seemed to shrug before he walked over to the bed and sat down. He rubbed his palms against his tired eyes as he let out a weak sounded cough, sending some blue gas into the air. Sam didn't say anything as he sighed heavily. 


    "Do you really think that he should come with us," Sam asked shortly.


    Dean chewed on his lower lip. "Of course not! But, we don't have much of a choice. He has to come with us. We just have to make sure that he doesn't mess this up."


    "This sounds like a long shot to me," confessed Sam.


    "It doesn't matter. It's all we got. We have to get this done and I doubt that telling him to stop and wait is a good idea," he pointed out with a frown to his brother.




    Both Dean and Sam cringed as they turned and saw Castiel standing with his hand cupped over half of his face. He looked to Dean hopefully before he shivered. "Tissues?"


    Dean nudged the tissue box toward his friend with a smile clear on his face. "Here, buddy. Just use these," he told him before he looked to Sam. "Maybe it's not a good idea."


    "He'll just follow us. You know that he will. He hasn't exactly learned the art of 'staying still'," Sam hissed.




    The explosive sneeze was accompanied by the lamp on the bedside table being thrown forward. It landed on the ground and shattered. Both Dean and Sam jumped and spun to face Castiel. They each looked at him quizzically before they looked at the lamp.


    Dean's gaze never left the lamp until Sam elbowed him hard in the side. Dean looked up and gasped when he saw something black and feathered slightly sticking out from Castiel's back. Castiel seemed way too out of it to notice, but Dean certainly did. Dean had only seen Castiel's wings once and he had actually forgotten that he actually had wings. But, it was a little hard to miss now.


    "Um, Cas," Dean began as he lifted a hand and pointed at the slightly stretched out wing behind him.


    Castiel looked back with his wrist pressed against his nose to contain the grace seeping out. He let out a small gasp as he quickly tucked them back and they disappeared without a trace. He frowned as he looked down before he looked back up to Dean with embarrassment showing on his face.


    "By abologies," he mumbled thickly.


    Dean wasn't sure what to say. He just stood there in shock as Sam walked over and nodded to the lamp. "It's okay. We just have to make sure that that doesn't happen again."


    "I will try," Castiel reassured weakly.


    Dean sighed as he passed them and pushed the box of tissues against Castiel's chest. "Here use these. You sound like you snorted cotton," he muttered as he opened the motel's door. "I guess that we have to get going."


    "Are you sure that you're up for this, Cas," Sam inquired gently.


    Castiel gave his head a powerful nod. "Of course! I will be fine," he reassured as he took out a few tissues from the box to powerfully blow his nose.


    "Okay, well we should probably-"


    "HetcHshsh! HetchsHshh! HetCShshSHSH!"


    The force of the sneezes caused Castiel's wings to shoot out once more. This time one connected with the side of the door and the other with the wall. His wings seemed to crumple in pain as Castiel's eyes knit together. The tissue obstructed much of his face, but Dean could tell that it couldn't have felt good.


    Sam and Dean both looked like they wanted to say something, but whatever they wanted to say had been completely lost on reason. Dean stifled a groan as he opened the door the rest of the way as he saw Castiel's wings fold and then completely disappear behind him.


    "Let's go. This is such a bad idea!"


To Be Continued....

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