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Wings Were Made To Fly (SPN, Castiel)


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Okay, so Castiel has to be my favorite character. He's funny and doesn't get a lot of things and I find that amusing. I hope that you guys like this story!


Prompt=So, it turns out angels can get sick too. Castiel comes down from heaven after an outbreak of some strange angelic illness (involving sneezing of course), and Dean and Sam have to get him on the mend.


Bonus: There's wings


    "You sure he's coming?"


    Dean looked up from the magazine that he was reading before he tipped his head toward Sam. "I called him. He usually comes running, but I'm sure that he's just a little slow with the war going on and stuff. He'll be here, I'm sure of it."


    Sam said nothing more as he turned back to the map. He circled where they needed to be, which was about a five minute drive. "The house is right here and it was built on top of a graveyard, so that means many unhappy spirits. I really wish Cas would show up!"


    "Show up for what?"


    Sam and Dean both turned to see their favorite angel in a trench coat standing in front of them. Dean was the first one to greet him, but he stopped short. Something appeared to be off with Castiel. His eyes were slightly bloodshot and had bags under them while he was breathing more through his mouth. His nostrils were slightly pink and appeared to be twitching. This was not the same Castiel that Dean knew.


    "Cas, everything okay," Dean asked gently.


    "Yes, why wouldn't it be," Castiel questioned blankly.


    Dean looked to Sam for backup, but Sam was already readying to move. He had the weapons packed after a brief cleaning and was ready to go, but something about this made Dean hesitant. There had to be something off about Castiel.


    "Cas, what's that?!"


    Castiel lifted a hand and pushed it to where Dean was pointing. Dean was of course pointing to his nose. Bluefish goo was trickling down from one of his nostrils. It was one of the strangest things that Dean had ever seen. It was pretty gross and Dean had no idea what it was.


    "I believe it is human liquid that is commonly ejected from the nose," Castiel explained as he rubbed at it stubbornly with the side of his trench coat sleeve. The blue goo clung to it and made Castiel look almost radioactive.


    Dean pressed a finger to his temple. "You mean snot?"


    "I suppose if that is what you call it," Castiel continued as he wiped at his nose to try and stem the waterfall of blue liquid streaming from his nostrils.


    "Are you sick or something," asked Dean intrigued.


    Castiel wrinkled his nose. "I don't, eh, beliuah ah so...HetchsHshhh!"


    The force of the sneeze bent Castiel at the waist before something shot out of his back and collided with Sam in the face. Sam fell backwards and landed on his back with the weapons landing on the floor behind him. Sam groaned in surprise while Castiel straightened, looking beyond embarrassed.


    "What the hell just happened," groaned Sam on the floor.


    "I am terribly sorry, Sam," Castiel began as Dean offered a hand and hauled him to his feet. "I don't, um..."


    Dean turned to face his slightly winded brother. "Castiel sneezed and I'm not entirely sure what happened after that," Dean explained. It had happened so quick that Dean had missed just about all of it.


    Sam rubbed his chest and forehead. "It felt like something hit me. It was strong and feathered, I think," Sam tried to recall as he rubbed his chest once more.


    Castiel bit his lip as he turned away from the two Winchesters. He lifted a hand and pawed at his nose while he sniffled harshly. The sound echoed through the entire motel as Castiel tried to stem the flow or stop it completely. He wasn't having much luck.


    Dean smiled sympathetically as he grabbed a box of rough motel tissues on the table and brought it over to Castiel. He dangled it in front of his face, smiling ever so slightly. "Here, sniffles. This might work better than your sleeve."


    Castiel looked at the drenched thing and nodded. He took the box that Dean offered and pulled a few out. He lifted it to his nose and started to rub it back and forth slowly. He was slightly cleaning himself up, but more snot just flowed. Dean couldn't help but grimace.


    "Well, how about you try blowing? That works too," he offered.


    Castiel raised an eyebrow. "Blowing?"


    "Your nose," Sam answered as he joined his brother beside him. "You just place a tissue over your nose and blow and you're set!"


    Castiel appeared guarded, but he did as they suggested. He lifted the tissue to his nose and blew through his nose after Dean demonstrated. Once he was finished the tissue was sopping in clear mucus as well as the angelic blue stuff as well. He showed it to Dean before Dean rolled his eyes and forced Castiel to throw it in the trash.


    "So, the mission," Castiel croaked.


    Dean stretched out a hand to stop him rushing forward. "I don't think so. First tell me what the hell is wrong with you and why you're sneezing blue goo."


    Castiel gritted his teeth together before he swiveled around to look at Dean and Sam at the same time. "It's my grace."


    "You're sneezing out your grace! What the hell, man? Isn't that, you know, dangerous," Dean snapped as he took a step closer to the angel.


    Castiel angled his head away. "It is none of your concern! It is merely a different type of warfare."


    "They're giving all the angles colds? Man, I'd hate to be an angel," Dean laughed as he rolled his eyes.


    Sam waved a hand to cut him off. "Is it dangerous for you to be losing grace like this," Sam asked, echoing one of Dean's thoughts from earlier.


    Castiel shook his head. "I am renewing my grace as rapidly as I am losing it," he explained as he tried to make himself sound stronger than he was. "It should not matter."


    Dean started to say something, but Sam grasped his arm. "Cas, can you give Dean and I a second?"


    Castiel stood rigid before he nodded slowly. "Of course. No problem." He seemed to shrug before he walked over to the bed and sat down. He rubbed his palms against his tired eyes as he let out a weak sounded cough, sending some blue gas into the air. Sam didn't say anything as he sighed heavily. 


    "Do you really think that he should come with us," Sam asked shortly.


    Dean chewed on his lower lip. "Of course not! But, we don't have much of a choice. He has to come with us. We just have to make sure that he doesn't mess this up."


    "This sounds like a long shot to me," confessed Sam.


    "It doesn't matter. It's all we got. We have to get this done and I doubt that telling him to stop and wait is a good idea," he pointed out with a frown to his brother.




    Both Dean and Sam cringed as they turned and saw Castiel standing with his hand cupped over half of his face. He looked to Dean hopefully before he shivered. "Tissues?"


    Dean nudged the tissue box toward his friend with a smile clear on his face. "Here, buddy. Just use these," he told him before he looked to Sam. "Maybe it's not a good idea."


    "He'll just follow us. You know that he will. He hasn't exactly learned the art of 'staying still'," Sam hissed.




    The explosive sneeze was accompanied by the lamp on the bedside table being thrown forward. It landed on the ground and shattered. Both Dean and Sam jumped and spun to face Castiel. They each looked at him quizzically before they looked at the lamp.


    Dean's gaze never left the lamp until Sam elbowed him hard in the side. Dean looked up and gasped when he saw something black and feathered slightly sticking out from Castiel's back. Castiel seemed way too out of it to notice, but Dean certainly did. Dean had only seen Castiel's wings once and he had actually forgotten that he actually had wings. But, it was a little hard to miss now.


    "Um, Cas," Dean began as he lifted a hand and pointed at the slightly stretched out wing behind him.


    Castiel looked back with his wrist pressed against his nose to contain the grace seeping out. He let out a small gasp as he quickly tucked them back and they disappeared without a trace. He frowned as he looked down before he looked back up to Dean with embarrassment showing on his face.


    "By abologies," he mumbled thickly.


    Dean wasn't sure what to say. He just stood there in shock as Sam walked over and nodded to the lamp. "It's okay. We just have to make sure that that doesn't happen again."


    "I will try," Castiel reassured weakly.


    Dean sighed as he passed them and pushed the box of tissues against Castiel's chest. "Here use these. You sound like you snorted cotton," he muttered as he opened the motel's door. "I guess that we have to get going."


    "Are you sure that you're up for this, Cas," Sam inquired gently.


    Castiel gave his head a powerful nod. "Of course! I will be fine," he reassured as he took out a few tissues from the box to powerfully blow his nose.


    "Okay, well we should probably-"


    "HetcHshsh! HetchsHshh! HetCShshSHSH!"


    The force of the sneezes caused Castiel's wings to shoot out once more. This time one connected with the side of the door and the other with the wall. His wings seemed to crumple in pain as Castiel's eyes knit together. The tissue obstructed much of his face, but Dean could tell that it couldn't have felt good.


    Sam and Dean both looked like they wanted to say something, but whatever they wanted to say had been completely lost on reason. Dean stifled a groan as he opened the door the rest of the way as he saw Castiel's wings fold and then completely disappear behind him.


    "Let's go. This is such a bad idea!"


To Be Continued....

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1 hour ago, helyzelle said:

An angelic cold... Very supernatural ;) I like the idea, and Cas is such a cutie. Looking forward to more of this!

Couldn’t have said it better myself. 

This is so sweet. I’m excited for more.

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Ahhhhhhhhh this is amazing! Castiel is my favorite character as well and I'm so glad you made him sneeze! The idea that he's loosing his grace with the sneezes is great. Thank you so much for this Cas-centered fic, I can't wait for the next part!

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Thanks to you all for the support for this story. I hope you enjoy the next part!


    "Okay, Cas, we have new rules in the Impala," Dean explained once Castiel climbed into the backseat.


    Castiel tilted his head and gave a powerful sniff as blue goo started to trickle from his gaping nostril. "What?"


    "No sneezing in the Impala," Dean answered as he started to the car. "Understand me?"


    "Dean," Sam began with a hint of a growl in his voice.


    Dean raised a hand to cut his off. "No, buts about it. You sneeze and those wings of yours pop out and break something in here I'm going to have your head!"


    "Why would you wish to take my head," Castiel asked stubbornly.


    Dean rolled his eyes while Sam turned around in the Impala to answer. "It's just an expression, Cas. Dean just means that he's going to be really angry." Sam turned to face Dean with his own angry expression. "Which isn't fair."


    "What isn't fair is if he sneezes and breaks a window," Dean flashed back with a smug glance. "If he can't learn to control those things than they can't happen at all."


    Sam looked like he wanted to argue, but he thought better of it. He muttered to himself as he sat back in the passenger seat with his head rested against the window, waiting patiently. He knew that Castiel wasn't going to be able to hold it for the twenty minutes that it took to get to the house. He was not looking forward to the way that Dean was going to react.


    It was quiet for about ten minutes before the sniffling from the backseat really started to bother Dean. He gritted his teeth together before he finally adjusted the rearview mirror so that he could see behind him. "Cas, must you do that?"


    "I am sorry, Dean. My nose appears to be producing even more of this blue substance," he confessed as he took another tissue and rubbed at it.


    Sam smiled kindly. "Yeah, that's annoying. Try blowing your nose. That helps."


    Castiel shook his head madly, causing more congestion to flow from his nostrils. "I-I can't," he stammered in embarrassment. 


    "And why not," Dean complained.


    "Because it makes my nose tickle and then I sneeze," Castiel confessed as he played with his hands in front of him as if he was actually embarrassed for once.


    Sam turned to look at his brother with his puppy dog eyes. Dean met his gaze before he stifled a groan. "Fine, fine, but if he breaks anything then you pay for it," Dean seethed as he gripped the steering wheel tighter, ready for the inevitable.


    Relief showed on Castiel's face as he lifted a tissue and pressed it to his face. He emptied both nostrils in turn and Sam saw the blue liquid, Castiel's grace, seeping through the tissue. Castiel set it down before he grabbed another and blew once more. When air passed through his nose he looked down at his slightly blue and sticky hands. He shrugged as he rubbed them against his trench coat and Sam let out a small sigh. He leaned back and reminded himself not to touch anywhere on Castiel for at least a little bit.


    It wasn't two minutes later that the sniffling intensified once more. This time both Sam and Deann were a little frustrated at the sound. Castile could be annoying at times, but he never made these type of noises before.


    "Cas, please," begged Dean as he hit his head against the steering wheel. "Can't you keep it down?"


    Castiel looked up to Sam and Dean from the back with an almost panicked look on his face. "It feels...uh....like I'm gonna...uh...huh...Heh!"


    Dean gripped the steering wheel so tight that his knuckled turned white. Then, to Sam's surprise, Dean turned almost sympathetic. "It's alright, Cas. Fighting it does no good."


    Castiel shook his head, his eyes watering and a small trace of grace trickling from his nose like a small stream. "N-No," he almost screamed. "You...eh....told.....huh...me...no-not t-to," he stammered through hitching breaths. Each time it tickled his nose a little bit more and caused the intensified sneeze feeling that he desperately wanted to expel. However, Dean had told him not to and that was precisely what he was doing.


    Dean looked to Sam who crossed his arms against his chest. "Your fault. You fix it."


    Dean frowned. "How do you want me to fix it? What do you want me to say?"


    Sam rolled his eyes as he turned to look at Castiel. He tried not to cringe at the sound of Castiel's hitching breaths or the desperation on his face. He looked terrible and holding back that sneeze wasn't helping. "Cas, Dean was just kidding. Whatever happens, it's okay. Dean didn't mean it, okay?"


    Castiel's eyes were fluttering so much that they were almost closed. "Promise?"


    "Promise," Dean echoed. It was about time he fought his own battles and not Sam.


    Castiel relaxed his entire body before he pressed the tissue even firmer against his nose to allow the sneeze to shake his entire body.


    "HetcshsHsh! Hetcshsh! HeTCShhs! HetCHsHSHh!"


    Sure enough, the black wings shot out from behind him and one hit the passenger door and the other went right through the window. Castiel whimpered in surprise as he looked at the wing through the glass. He tried to pull it free, but it just resulted in his wing becoming even more wedged in. Blood started to trickle from the window as Castiel forced his wings to disappear from Sam and Dean's view.


    "Dean, pull over," Sam ordered as he saw the look of pain and embarrassment on Castiel's face.


    Dean didn't think twice. He pulled the Impale to the side of the road and looked over to Sam. Sam seemed stunned as to what actually to do, so Dean took charge right away.


    "Look, I'm going to stay with Cas and keep him calm while you see what you can do about that wing," Dean told him as he motioned to the trunk. "There's blankets back there to stop the bleeding."


    Sam sprang from the passenger seat with Dean doing the same. Dean came on the other side and climbed into the passenger seat. Castiel looked like he was about to loose it. Tears showed in his eyes and his breath came in ragged gasps. He shook in terror as he let out a few coughs, grace spilling from his lips.


    Dean rested a hand on his shoulder in an effort to calm him down. "Hey, look at me. It's okay. It'a alright. We're going to get your wing out. We're going to fix it."


    "N-No," stammered Castiel as he looked into Dean's eyes before he propelled himself forward with and unrestrained sneeze.




    Dean tried to ignore the blue splashes now littering his chest. He felt the spray, but tried not to react to it. Castiel looked up and whimpered.


    "It's okay," Dean told him as he helped Castiel straighten so that he didn't wrench his wing anymore. "I promise that it's going to be okay. Just breathe. Follow my breath. In and out. In and out."


    Dean took in deep breaths before he waited for Castiel to match his breath. The two of them sat with their foreheads pressed against each other. Dean allowed Castiel to slump against him. But, he couldn't turn him any which way and it was a little uncomfortable for him. Dean tried to help him as much as possible, but what would really make Castiel feel better was his wing out of the window.


    "How are you doing with that, Sammy," Dean called, trying not to freak out Castiel.


    Sam frowned. "I can't do much if I can't see it," confessed Sam as he looked to where he thought that Castiel's wing had to be. He was standing on the outside of the car, but he didn't want to just start pushing on it. He knew that it was bleeding since the blood ran from the broken window glass.


    Dean gritted his teeth as he rested a hand on Castiel's shoulder and watched him sniffle. "Buddy, you have to show us your wings."


    Panic showed on Castiel's face. "No," he argued with a shake of his head.


    "And why not," Dean asked as he squeezed his shoulder firmly.


    Castiel raised his wrist and rubbed it against his nose. "Angel wings are sacred, Dean. It's what angels are most proud of, but they're sensitive and no one is supposed to look at them. Not even you two."'


    "I understand that, but I'm not asking you to give away your most intimate secrets. I'm asking you to just let me see them so that we can help you. Okay?"


    Castiel still seemed beyond reluctant, but luckily his nose has different ideas. It twitched and his nostrils flared while he sucked in a breath. Dean gripped his shoulders and held him steady since he knew what was about to happen.


    "Hetcshhsh! Hetcshsh!"


    Dean sighed as more blue specks covered his chest and sleeve. He didn't have time to focus on that since his black feathered wings came back into view. 


    It was then that both Sam and Dean saw his black feathered wing jammed tightly in the window. It poked out a good bit as blood and black feathers started to fall from his wing. It wasn't a deadly wound, but it wasn't good either.


    "Castiel, don't move. Don't do anything. Just stay still," urged Dean as he rested a hand in the small of Castiel's back, just there his wings gaped. The last thing that he wanted to to do was cause Castiel even more discomfort.


    Castiel gulped before he nodded slowly. He went to look to where Sam was draping his wing with blankets to try and stem the bleeding just a bit. Dean shot out a hand and pulled his chin slightly so that he couldn't.


    "No, don't even think about that," chided Dean sternly. "That's not going to make it better. We're going to fix it, but until then, don't look."


    Castiel sighed heavily, which turned into a wet cough. It shook his entire body while Dean tried to hold him steady. "I'm sorry."


    "For what," Dean joked as he watched Sam lift Castiel's wing gingerly and slide it through the the glass. It splintered and fell a bit on the seat and on the outside. Castiel's wing went completely limp. Sam rushed to open the door as he pressed more blankets around the wing to stop the bleeding.


    Castiel coughed again before he lifted a tissue to his face to catch the newest onslaught of sneezes.


    "HehTcshsh! Hetcshsh! HetSHshh!"


    Dean let out a breath of relief that Castiel had actually managed to cover his mouth this time. It had obliterated the tissue, though, and it was pretty useless to Castiel now. He set the tissue on the floor before he grabbed a few new ones. He blew his nose before he looked over to Dean.


    "You don't have to apologize for being sick. Everyone gets sick, even angels apparently," joked Dean.


    Castiel nodded before Sam clapped his hands. "Alright! That's the best that I can do with what I have, but once we get back to the motel I can stitch you up a little better." 


    "That's it. We're going back to the motel," Dean told Sam as he tossed him the keys.


    Sam caught them as Castiel pressed his hands against Dean's chest as he tried to straighten. "No! We have to get to the house with the...Hutcshshs!"


    Dean grabbed the box of tissues that had fallen from the seat. He set it on Castiel's lap before he watched the angel scramble to pull some out. He started to press it against his nose as he blew loudly. Once he was finished Dean scrambled backwards and closed the door gently.


    He climbed into the passenger seat before he looked over to Sam. "Drive back to the motel. We'll take care of it ourselves."


    "Look, we can't just leave him. He'll follow us," Sam pointed out as he turned the key in the ignition and turned to face his brother. "I'll go and you can stay with him."


    "What? Why me," complained Dean.


    "Because you two are 'bonded' or whatever. He'll listen to you better than he will me and he wants you more than he'll listen to me. Do you think that you can just sit tight for a few hours and as soon as I'm done then I'll come back and relieve you and you can go to a bar or something. Deal?"


    Dean sighed as he nodded slowly. "Fine, but don't take too long and you have to help me get him settled."


    "Sure," Sam sighed before he dangled the keys in front of Dean's face. "Want to drive?"


    Dean turned and looked at Castiel in the back seat. He was slightly leaned forward with his head pressed against the glass. It looked like he was favoring his back, or more like his wings. Dean gritted his teeth together before he sighed heavily. "You go ahead. I better make sure that he's okay."


    Sam said nothing as Dean climbed out of the passenger seat and into the back seat. Castiel lifted his head and tilted his head in surprise.


    "Hey, you okay," asked Dean.


    Castiel lifted his head and sniffed. "Fine."


    Dean stretched out a hand and palmed Castiel's forehead. "Apparently this angelic cold is accompanied by a fever. Don't worry. We have Tylenol for that."


    "Tylenol," asked Castiel with a small head tilt.


    "I'll explain it when we get back. I think that we're in for a long night."


To Be Continued.....

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7 hours ago, jensdw said:

Poor Cas trying not to sneeze because dean said not to. Too cute! 

Awesome update! 



I'm so glad that you're liking it so far. There will be many parts to follow. I hope you enjoy those just as much!

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Wowzers. Wing-Kink in a sneezefic? :jawdrop: Is it my birthday? :D Now, if you could work in some Destiel, that would be amazing, but I'm not pushing my luck. ;) Just happy to see where you go with this! Also, thank you! Consider your fic added to my all-time faves! Great story so far, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how things develop!

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I loved that part! I really like the way Dean progresses in this part, from being obnoxious with Cas because of his precious Baby, to concerned at the end. Sam is great from the beginning to the end.

On 05/12/2017 at 5:29 AM, Wolfwings22 said:

Apparently this angelic cold is accompanied by a fever.

Oh, yes please! A sneezy AND feverish Castiel would make my day! :blushing:

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On 12/6/2017 at 5:26 PM, BookQ36 said:

Wowzers. Wing-Kink in a sneezefic? :jawdrop: Is it my birthday? :D Now, if you could work in some Destiel, that would be amazing, but I'm not pushing my luck. ;) Just happy to see where you go with this! Also, thank you! Consider your fic added to my all-time faves! Great story so far, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how things develop!

I'm glad that you like it and I'll see what I can do with the Destiel. I've never really written it before but there's a first for everything!


On 12/9/2017 at 11:23 AM, Aliena H. said:

I loved that part! I really like the way Dean progresses in this part, from being obnoxious with Cas because of his precious Baby, to concerned at the end. Sam is great from the beginning to the end.

Oh, yes please! A sneezy AND feverish Castiel would make my day! :blushing:

I can promise you that a sneezy and feverish Castiel is coming right up! Hope you enjoy it!


Here's the next part. Hope you all like it!


    The drive back to the motel wasn't long since they had only gotten halfway there. Castiel had fallen asleep against the broken window of the Impala. Dean worried that it was going to shatter and Castiel's head was going to hang out, but Castiel was barely sleeping. He was breathing through his open mouth at this point and his nostrils were flaring. Dean had dealt with sick Sam more times than he could count, but he had no idea how to deal with sick Castiel. He barely knew how to deal with regular Castiel most of the time.


    They pulled up at the motel and Dean nudged Castiel calmly awake. "Come on, buddy. Let's get that wing taken care of," he chided as he looked up at the window. "And maybe the window."


    "I am sorry about that," Castiel rasped as he opened the door of the broken window and climbed out. He coughed into a fist before he slammed the door behind him. The rest of the window shattered, sending glass everywhere. Castiel spun around, looking blank and fearful. "I-I...."


    Sam climbed out beside him and steered him toward the motel. "It's okay," chided Sam as he watched Dean enter the motel room. "I told him that I did it."


    "Why," Castiel asked.


    "Because he'll go easier on me," Sam answered with a tiny smile. "Just be a little more careful if you can. If not then be aware of where you stand."


    Castiel smiled before he nodded slowly, coughing into another fist. He allowed Sam to lead him forward and into the motel room. It was fairly spacious compared to other motel rooms that they were used to staying. That was probably a good thing since they still hadn't figured out Castiel's wing problem.


    "Sit down on the bed and I'll get the first aid kit," Sam told him as he started to rummage through his duffle.


    Meanwhile, Dean came over to Castiel with a small bottle of pills. "Here," he offered as he handed him two accompanied by a bottle of water.


    "I'm not sure-"


    "Just put them on your tongue and swallow the water like normal. It'll take it down by itself," explained Dean as he grabbed his duffle and looked through it. He brought out a t-shirt and sweatpants and set them on the bed in front of Castiel.


    "What are those for," Castiel asked.


    "You're not going to stay in those clothes," Dean pointed out as he started to pry Castiel's trench coat from his arms and shoulders. "For one they're covered in blood and second you're not going to be very comfortable in them. You're going to sweat right through them with your fever."


    Castiel looked almost offended considering that he had never worn anything else, unless he was stabbed or something like that. However, he would just then grab what he needed from Jimmy's closet, but it would be the exact same thing. He never wore something other than what he always wore. 


    "Don't look so shocked. You'll be fine, okay? You'll feel a heck of a lot better after you change," Dean pointed out as Sam spread out everything that he needed on the bed.


    "Okay, so, since you're not healing like you used to and you're spilling grace out whenever you cough or sneeze, I'm going to need to stitch your wing up. At least, I hope that's all I need to do," explained Sam as he threaded the needle.


    Castiel jumped a bit and crumpled to the ground when his legs could no longer support him all the way. Both Sam and Dean lunged forward and looped their arms around Castiel and hauled him back onto the bed. "No, Cas," chided Dean.


    "I-I'm fine," Castiel stammered as he shook his head madly. "You don't need to do this. I'm fine."


    "You are not fine, Cas. I'm sure that you're still bleeding and we need to help you. You have to let us help you. I promise that I won't hurt your wings. I'll be as gentle as I could possibly be," reassured Sam as he looked to Dean. "You have to turn him around to face the wall. I don't want his wings bent."


    Dean steered Castiel around so that his back was facing Sam and his front was facing Dean. Dean smiled as he thought about what they could possibly talk about. "Cas, I have to see your wings," Sam explained.


    Castiel looked to Dean. "Please don't make me do it."


    "I'm with Sam on this one. I promise that he's not going to hurt them or rip at your feathers or whatever. He's just going to make sure that it's okay," explained Dean.


    Castiel shook his head defiantly, anger and fear clear in his eyes. Dean exchanged a glance with Sam, who shrugged. Dean bit his lip before he glared at Castiel. "Look, I didn't want to have to do this, but you kind of left me no choice."


    Castiel was about to ask what Dean actually meant when Dean lifted his hand and ran a finger enticingly along the bridge of Castiel's. nose. Castiel whimpered as he tried to look away while Dean continued to toy with him. He flicked his finger against the tip and that was all it took to send Castiel over the edge.


    "Hetcshshs! HetCshsh!"


    Sure enough, the black feathered wings spread to their full length. Dean was tempted to shout at Sam to grab it before Castiel could force it to disappear, but he thought better of it. Sam was already on it, though, and took the twitching wing in his hands. He held on tightly, but not in the wound so that he didn't injure Castiel anymore.


    "Easy, Cas," Sam whispered when Castiel's wing locked up and was almost unable to move.


    "Come on, Cas. Let Sam help," Dean told him as he took the box of tissues and offered it to Castiel. "And you got something right here." He pointed to his right nostril and Castiel immediately rushed to clean his own up.


    While he did, Sam fumbled to force Castiel's wing into submission. Eventually he was able to force the wing down and backwards. Sure enough there were shards of glass along the bone while several of the feathers were a small tug from falling out. They were covered with blood and blood was continuing to flow from the wound.


    "It's not that bad," Sam announced. "It'll just be a quick stitching and then I'll go."


    "Go where," inquired Castiel.


    "Well, Sam is going to take this case on his own and you and I are going to stay here," Dean explained as he reached out and grabbed the first aid kit from his brother.


    Castiel narrowed his eyes. "I can prove some assistance."


    "Normally I wouldn't question it, but right now I need you to get better and you won't there, especially with your wing problem," Dean pointed out as he rummaged around.


    Castiel set his jaw. "I'm going with you."


    "I thought you might say that, so I have an idea. When Sam was little I would tell him that he could do whatever he wanted as long a his fever was under 100. If it was over 100 then he had to stay in bed until he was better. How about that? Sound like a deal," asked Dean as he produced the thermometer.


    Castiel looked down to the instrument before he nodded. It wasn't like he had much of a choice. "Fine. What am I supposed to do with it?"


    "Just open your mouth and I'll stick it under your tongue. As soon as it beeps then I'll know that it's done," Dean explained as he turned it on. "Now, open up."


    Castiel grimaced before he obeyed. Dean stuck the thermometer under his tongue while Sam continued to stitch his wing closed while trying to remove fragments of glass at the same time.


    Almost thirty seconds later Castiel started to squirm before he glared at Dean. "Um, Dean?"


    "Shhh, Cas! You can't talk with that in or it'll mess up the reading," Dean scolded, recalling having this exact same conversation with a young Sam.


    Castiel rolled his eyes. "I am aware, but it's of import."


    "Can't it wait like two minutes? It'll be over with before you even notice, I promise," Dean told him in amusement. 


    "Hetcshshs! HetcSHshh!"


    Dean watched as the thermometer fell from Castiel's mouth before he let out a small groan of pain. He tried to look over his shoulder, but Dean quickly gained his attention again since he was sure that Castiel wasn't going to like what he saw.


    "It hurts even worse back there," Castiel muttered.


    "That might be because the needle if jammed pretty far up there," Sam confessed as he pressed on the bone gingerly. Castiel's wing flinched and Sam had to be careful that it didn't hit him in the face. "But, if it helps any it's not that bad and I'm almost done. Let's just not do that again."


    Dean chuckled before he turned it back on and stuck the thermometer back in Castiel's mouth. "Okay, let's help Sam and I out and not sneeze for the next two minutes, okay?"


    Castiel said nothing, taking what Dean had said about not talking to heart. He tried to focus on just willing his temperature to be below 100 degrees. He had heard that human temperatures were 98.6, but he wasn't sure what his was at this moment. All he knew was that he didn't feel like he always did and he hated it.


    The beeping of the thermometer started him and he almost jumped back. Luckily Dean was there to take it from him. He looked at the small electronic reading before a smug smile showed on his face. He turned it to face Castiel and Castiel rolled his eyes as he looked at it. 


    "102.3. That's much higher than 100. Looks like you're at my mercy until then," Dean told him.


    Castiel moaned before Sam set down the needle and nodded slowly. "Alright, you're all good back here too. I've never actually stitched wings before, so I hope I did okay."


    "I'm sure you did marginal," Castiel replied.


    Dean had to stop himself from laughing out loud while Sam shrugged, not taking it too personally. "Thanks, Cas." He packed up the supplies before he turned to Dean. "Think you can handle yourself here?"


    "Sure! What could possibly go wrong," he joked warmly.




    Castiel's wings once against shot out and his noninjued one caught Sam right under the jaw. Sam gasped in surprise as he rubbed a hand against it. "Thanks, Cas."


    Castiel spun to look at him with his wrist still pressed against the underside of his nostrils. "By abologies."


    Dean struggled not to laugh or smile as he handed the tissue box to Castiel. Castiel pulled out a few more and pressed it against his nose as more grace trickled out. Castiel grumbled something to himself as he gave a few echoing coughs that shook his entire frame. Dean stretched out a hand to steady him.


    "We'll be fine," Dean reassured as if he was reading Sam's thoughts. "Just get going."


    Sam didn't need to be told twice. He never thought that he would take vengeful spirits over Castiel, but those wings were just as dangerous as the spirits probably could be. He smiled to Castiel kindly before he grabbed the Impala's keys and left the motel room.




    Dean turned his attention to Castiel, who looked considerably more miserable then when he left. "Yeah, Cas?"


    "I don't feel well."


To Be Continued....

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Aw! Cas is too precious! 

I liked this a lot:

20 minutes ago, Wolfwings22 said:

Castiel was about to ask what Dean actually meant when Dean lifted his hand and ran a finger enticingly along the bridge of Castiel's. nose. Castiel whimpered as he tried to look away while Dean continued to toy with him. He flicked his finger against the tip and that was all it took to send Castiel over the edge.

Great update! Can’t wait for more. :) 

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Here is the next installment. Hope you like it!


    "I know that you don't," Dean told him as he handed him the sweatpants and t-shirt. "Go and change into this and I'm sure that it'll make you feel a little better."


    Castiel didn't argue. He grabbed the clothes that Dean offered before his gaze flickered so that it became distant. He took in a deep, hitching breath with the 'I'm about to sneeze' look that Dean had learned to anticipate. 


    "Cover it," Dean ordered, knowing that Castiel's grace spraying would not be appreciated by the motel staff.


    Castiel lifted the clothes to his face and let out a violent triple. "Hetcshshs! Hetcshsh! Hetcshshs!"


    Castiel rubbed his nose against the clothes before he realized who's they were. He croaked a bit before he looked to Dean, the clothes still pressed against his nose. "I-I-"


    "Cas, it's okay," Dean chided as he took the clothes from Castiel and threw them on the floor. He took to the duffle once more and was able to find another pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. He handed it back to Castiel and motioned to the bathroom. 


    Castiel walked there and closed the door. Dean pulled himself from the bed and started to see what he could possibly have to make Castiel feel better. They didn't have any cold medicine in the first aid kit and the only thing that he had in there that could be of any use was Tylenol and they had already tried that. They had tissues from the motel, but that was probably it. He wished that he could go out and get stuff for him, but he was going to have to call Sam and ask him to pick up some things after.




    "I really hope that he covered his mouth," Dean muttered as he turned on the TV so that it wouldn't just be awkward conversation between himself and Castiel. It wasn't like he was overly good at this. He was just trying to treat Castiel like how he would've treated Sam when he was sick.




    There was a sudden sound of shattering glass and something falling. There was a thud and panic rose inside Dean. 


    "Cas," Dean called.


    He knocked at the bathroom door and froze when he heard Castiel's weak and trembling voice. "Dean?"


    Dean opened the door before he even thought about not barging in. He swung open the door and held his breath when he saw Castiel laying on the bathroom floor on his side. The mirror was shattered and more droplets of blood littered almost everywhere in the bathroom. 


    "Cas," Dean chided as he kneeled down and rested a hand on Castiel's shoulder.


    Castiel shied away from Dean with a small wince. "My wings," he croaked.


    "I know. I know. How about I help you back to the bed and then I can see about your wings, alright," asked Dean as gently as he possibly could. 


    Castiel didn't answer, but Dean didn't need him to actually answer. He grasped Castiel as gently as he could as he hauled him to his feet. Dean had no idea where his wings were since they had long since disappeared, but he wanted to at least make sure that they didn't snag on anything else. 


    They made their way forward, Castiel stumbling the entire time. Dean finally was able to set him on the bed. He squeezed his shoulder before he turned back to the first aid kit. He sighed heavily as he grabbed the tissue box and set it in front of Castiel. 


    "Just make sure if you need it that they're right here," Dean explained before he grabbed the first aid supplies again and sat behind Castiel. "You know the drill."


    Castiel spun to face Dean and shook his head. "They're fine. We don't need to-"


    "Cas, please don't make this harder than it needs to be. I just need to have a look is all," Dean told him.




    Castiel's wings once again appeared to Dean and Dean couldn't help but reach out and touch them. Clearly the touch was too much for Castiel since he gasped in agony. Dean immediately let go of them as he looked over to Castiel.


    "I'm sorry, Cas," Dean apologized as he gulped.


    Castiel shook his head as he let out a heavy breath, his wings sagging. Dean could still see them and he could see the fallen feathers that were doused in blood. He winced when Dean tried to touch his wings again.


    "It's not that bad," Dean whispered as he grabbed the needle once again, that was still threaded. "Just a few nicks and scratches. I just need to get in there. Do you think that you can hold out for a few seconds?"


    Castiel didn't answer, but he gave a weak sniff. Dean took that as okay as he grasped Castiel's wing and pulled it out a bit. He stitched Castiel's wings in places where the the glass had cut him. Once he finished he patted Castiel in the middle of his back.


    "Alright, you're good," whispered Dean as he slid from the bed and went to wash his slightly bloody hands. 


    When he was finished he returned back to Castiel's side and pointed to the bed. "Lay down. Get some sleep. Maybe then you'll feel a little better."


    "I'm not sure I can," replied Castiel as he lifted a hand and rubbed at his nose. Blue goo clung to his fingers before he looked around madly for the tissues.


    Dean smiled as he threw the box over to him. Castiel caught it and tried to clean off his fingers. "And why not," questioned Dean stubbornly. "Afraid I'm going to try to kill you in your sleep or something?"


    "I don't believe that. I'm not used to this," confessed Castiel.


    Dean sighed as he came over and sat on the bed beside Castiel. "I get that, but how about we just try? You try to get some sleep and I'll watch crappy motel TV? How about that?"


    Castiel still appeared to be guarded, but he didn't argue it. He swung his legs onto the bed with his back propped up against a few layers of pillows. He coughed painfully as he rubbed his wrist against his nose until it turned sore and he forced his hand away from it.


    Dean nodded to him before he took the night table that was between the two single beds and pulled it to the corner of the room. "What are you doing," Castiel asked.


    "With your wing problems I thought that it would be best if the less things that you could bump into would be best," Dean pointed out with a small shrug. "Does that sound okay?"


    "Hetcshshs! Hetcshshs! Hetcshshs!"


    His wings spread like normal while his knees curled up to his chest. He sneezed against the comforter and speckled it with grace like anything else that Castiel sneezed on. Castiel shook his head to clear it before he grabbed the tissues and blew his nose loudly.


    "See, not bad, huh," Dean teased as he offered the bottle of water from earlier back to Castiel. "Keep hydrated. That should help with the fever too. We don't want it to get any higher."


    "Thank you for all this, Dean," whispered Castiel as he snorted back congestion and grace. 


    Dean smiled. "Don't mention it. You're family and this is what we do for family," Dean explained as he went to sit on the bed beside Castiel. "Just call if you need anything, okay?"


    "Dean, will you stay here," pleaded Castiel.


    Dean grunted as he swung his legs back over the bed and sat down besides Castiel on the bed. He sighed heavily before Castiel shivered. Dean rolled his eyes as he curled his arm around his shoulders and held him close.


    "What about my wings," Castiel asked in a hushed whisper.


    "You're the one who wanted me to come over! Besides, if I go flying then it'll be your fault," joked Dean warmly as he pushed Castiel ever so slightly. 


    Castiel smiled back before he lifted a hand and coughed into it. He closed his eyes before he looked up to the ceiling with his eyes partially closed. 




    Dean grunted as he felt a wing stab him in the back. He looked over his shoulder and saw the wing that had jabbed him. It was powerful and covered in black feathers, but he could also see where he had patched him up. Some stitching was hanging out and he would have to clean that up later. But, for now he was going to have to wait.


    "Bless you," Dean whispered as Castiel continued to push his head against the back of the bed and it wasn't long before congested snores filled the room. 


    Dean chuckled as he adjusted the volume on the TV and smiled at Castiel. For once he actually didn't worry about Sam coming home for once.


To Be Continued... 

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On 12/18/2017 at 5:57 PM, jensdw said:

Aww, that was too cute! I’m loving the story! 

I’m excited for more. :) 

I'm so glad that you're enjoying this! I hope you like the next part just as much!


    The motel door opened and Dean looked up from where he had moved to the small dining room table. He had been looking for another hunt, but he wasn't going to press the matter. After all, he wasn't sure how long Castiel was going to be sick and he didn't want to move until he felt better. 


    "Hey," whispered Dean as he watched Sam trudge in.


    Sam smiled as he cranked his neck painfully. "How's Cas?"


    "Oh, you know. He had a little accident in the bathroom so there's glass everywhere," Dean explained as he ran his fingers through his hair. 


    "I'll keep that in mind." He tucked his hand into his pocket and pulled out the keys. He tossed them over to Dean and Dean caught them with one hand. "Here. You can go to the bar and get some food."


    Dean frowned as he shook his head. "I forgot to call you, so I'm going to the store to pick up somethings for Cas. I'll see what food I can find at the local diner and bring it back. Do you think that you can watch him for about an hour?"


    "Sure. How hard can it be," Sam joked with a shrug of his shoulders.


    "Right. I'll be back," announced Dean as he headed out of the motel and closed the door quietly behind him. 


    As soon as he was gone Sam ran his fingers through his long and sweaty hair before he headed into the bathroom to take a shower. 


    Meanwhile, as soon as the water turned on, Castiel almost jumped at the sound. He snorted as he turned over, the congestion caught in his chest and his nose. He could barely breathe at all and it hurt to do so. The tickling sensation had taken up residence in his nose and he couldn't do anything about it. He constantly felt like he needed to sneeze, yet he couldn't. 


    "Dean," moaned Castiel. 


    He let out a cough as speckles of blue showed in the light. He heard no reply.




    Castiel threw off the blankets as he looked around for his friend. He couldn't see Dean and he had no idea where he could've gone. He thought that he heard the water in the bathroom, but Dean had promised that he wasn't going to leave him. He had broken that promise.


    Castiel walked toward the kitchen to get another bottle of water since his throat was burning in agony. He went to take a sip before he felt the tickle overwhelm him.


    "Hetcshshs! Hetcshshs! Hetcshshs! Ugh. Sniffff."


    Castiel looked up and saw speckles of blue on the counter and sink where he had forgotten to cover. He whimpered at he felt his wing collide with one of the cabinets and become lodged in one of the handles. He whimpered as he tried to pull his wing free. He staggered when he couldn't pull it free, no matter how much he tugged. Frustration clawed at him as he pulled as hard as he could.


    The entire cabinet door came off, still attached to Castiel's wing. Castiel gave it a few shakes, but it didn't come undone. He muttered to himself as he felt his nose start to tickle again. His nostrils flared and breathing hitched madly. The burning sensation overwhelmed him into dire need.


    "Not again," Castiel complained. "Hetcshshs! Hetcshsh! Hetcshsh!"


    This time the cabinet covered wing became went right through another cabinet door. Castiel looked up to it and shook his head in embarrassment.


    "Oh doh," he sniffled as he lifted his bare wrist to his nose to stop the snot from leaking out.


    The bathroom door suddenly opened as Sam stepped in. "What the hell is going on?"


    Castiel twisted to the best of his ability and smiled. "I um well uh...."


    Sam stifled a sigh as he walked over to him. He could still see his black feathered wings. Streaks of blood were everywhere as well as fallen, black feathers. It looked like Castiel was really putting them through the ringer and they weren't happen about it whatsoever.


    "How did you mange this one," asked Sam as he lifted Castiel's wing ever so slightly in the middle. He could partially see where his wing and the cabinet door were wedged in, but getting them out without causing Castiel's wing more strain was something else.


    Castiel sighed loudly and Sam wondered if maybe he shouldn't have asked. "It's a long story."


    "Uh huh, got it," replied Sam before he closed a hand tighter around the wing and pulled it gently. It came out of the cabinet, but the cabinet door was still wrapped around it. Sam laughed, despite himself.


    Castiel glared. "It's not funny, Sam!"


    "I know, I know, I'm sorry," Sam apologized as he tried not to snicker as he ran his finger along Castiel's wing bone as he thought about which way he could bend it and how much. "It's just ironic how you find yourself in these situations."


    "I believe it is partially due to yourself and your brother," Castiel argued as Sam managed to pull the handle from Castiel's wing. He smiled at he set it down before he looked to his now bleeding wing.


    "You do this to yourself. Now, I doubt that you want to be stitched up again," Sam began as he examined his wing. "So, I should be able to just wrap this in gauze. It's not as bad as before."


    Castiel let out a sigh of relief with his wings and shoulder slumping. "Dean already had to do what you did again."


    "I'm sure that he did. You're one clumsy angel when you're sick. Why did you get up anyway," Sam asked as he tried to fix up the kitchen to the best of his ability.


    Castiel coughed painfully, his entire frame shaking with the effort. "I was looking for Dean."


    Sam tried not to let a smile spread over his face as he looked over to the bed. "Lay back down and I'll deal the the mess and your wings. Dean was right, your fever is way too high for you to be doing anything productive."


    Castiel didn't argue with him. He dragged himself over to the bed and sat down on it. He brought the covers up to his chest as his nose twitched and nostrils flared. His hitching breath alerted Sam to his predicament and he quickly found the tissues from earlier and set them down in front of Castiel before he could make an even bigger mess.


    Castiel grabbed a handful and shoved them against his twitching nostrils.


    "Hetcshshs! Hetcshshs! Hetcshshshs! Hetcshs!"


    Castiel's sneezes weren't overly loud or powerful, but they seemed to rip through him nonetheless. He looked exhausted in the aftermath with his head hung forward and goo pouring from his nostrils. He coughed as mucus started to run down his throat despite how much he was leaning forward.




    The desperation and panic was clear in his voice, even though Sam had absolutely no idea what Castiel wanted him to do about it. But, he was going to be the best friend that he could be and humor him.


    "Yeah, Cas," Sam asked as he came over with the first aid kit clamped tightly in his hand. "What do you need?"


    A look of almost shock came over Castiel before he finally slumped his shoulders and sighed. "I dond't kdow."


    "I can tell. Well, I'm sure that we can figure it out together, how about that," Sam suggested as he thought about what Dean would do for him when he was sick.


    Castiel nodded vigorously as he coughed on more snot and mucus. Sam stretched out a hand to hold him steady as he gripped Castiel's shoulder to steady him. "Okay, first off you need to blow your nose and clean up a bit, how about that?"


    Castiel pulled the tissue away before Sam handed him more. Castiel showed no embarrassment anymore and Sam took that as the fever. He tried not to show his discomfort as Castiel blew his nose and continued to hold the tissues for dear life. He sniffled as a small trickle of snot ran from his nostril. He nodded to Sam.


    Sam took out the first aid kit and started to go through it. He found some gauze and realized that Castiel's wings were gone once more. "Seriously, Cas, again? I'm sure that your didn't mind doing for this Dean."


    "I don't know what you're talking about," Castiel argued sternly.


    Sam rolled his eyes. "Okay, well, you still have to give me those wings. I'm sure that they're bleeding," Sam chided as he took out a tissue and handed it over. "Don't make me do what Dean did earlier. Just let me see them."


    "I don't..Hetcshshs! Hetcshshs! I a don't-Hetcshshs!" Castiel's sentence was interrupted by sneezing that seemed to shake him again. 


    The wings revealed themselves once more and Sam was able to detect exactly where the blood had come from. He started to wrap his wing and once he was finished he set the gauze aside. 


    "Okay, now I think that it's time that you get some more sleep before Dean comes back. He'll have medicine and some food too probably. Sound okay," inquired Sam.


    Castiel didn't appeared to be in any position to argue. He let out an aggravated sound in the back of his throat. He coughed painfully before he pressed his head against the back of the bed and closed his eyes.


    Sam slid from the bed and started to collect the used tissues on the floor, just like he did for Dean and just like how Dean did for him. It was just like Castiel was part of the family and Sam enjoyed it. It was so nice to be part of a family again.


To Be Continued....

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Did you think that I forgot about this one? I haven't and I have two more updates for this story before it's completed. I hope you all like it!


    The door opened and Sam looked up from his laptop. He closed the research that he was doing on angels since none of it said anything useful about them, let alone if they could or how they got sick. All that he found was stories, but none of them held any truth in his opinion.


    "Sam, a little help here."


    "Oh, yeah!" Sam quickly jumped from the bed and came over to his brother to take one of the plastic bags from his brother. He set the one with the food on the table and pulled out a salad, soup, and a cheeseburger. Getting Castiel to eat anything would be difficult, but if anyone could do it, Dean could.


    Dean set the rest of the stuff on the bed and started taking out cold and cough medicine, softer tissues, juice, cough drops, and some more fever reducer. He turned to the sleeping Castiel and nodded slowly. 


    "Should I wake him or should you," Dean asked with a small smile on his face.


    Sam sighed heavily. "Go ahead. Basically all he did was ask about you the entire time. I'm sure that he doesn't want to see me waking him up," Sam replied as he started to break out the plastic silverware around the three places on the dining room table.


    Dean walked over to Castiel and saw him laying on his side, breathing congested. Dean had no idea how he was still breathing and he almost didn't want to wake him. But, he had to get some food and fluids in him to help lower his fever and make him better. 


    "Cas," Dean began as he grasped Castiel's shoulder and shook him gently. "Come on, Cas, wake up."


    Castiel mumbled to himself before he opened one eye that was partially crusted over with discharge. He suddenly sucked in a deep breath and Dean saw what was coming, He angled himself out of the way just in time for Castiel to unleash three wet sneezes.


    "Hetshshsh! Hetcshshs! HetCShshSHSH!


    The last one produced an unbelievable amount of snot and Dean couldn't help but jump even further out of the way. The grace and snot gushed from his nose and streamed onto the comforter. Castiel moaned as he turned his head slightly to Dean for answers.


    "Oh, Cas," complained Dean as he pulled out about ten tissues, folded them, and pressed them against Castiel's hand. Castiel started to clean up the goo as much as possible, but it was a lost cause after a while. 


    Dean gave him more tissues to clean his nose with while he took to the comforter. It wasn't much better, but he was able to finish and then he nodded to Castiel with a small, forced smile. "Okay, come on. I think that I have something that might make you feel a little better."


    Castiel still looked guarded, but he allowed Dean to lead him toward the small table. He sat down and rubbed the tissues against his nose back and forth to try and alleviate the itch. 


    "Cas, please don't do that at the table," Sam requested as he started to eat his salad.


    Castiel nodded as he sniffled, but didn't use the tissues. He looked at the soup that Dean put in front of him as well as the numerous medications that looked almost radioactive in color. Castiel couldn't help but grimace.


    "Something wrong? Not hungry," asked Dean as he sat beside him and took a massive bite out of his burger.


    Castiel shrugged. "I don't enjoy being sick."


    "No one does, but eating that will help," Dean told him as he pointed a finger at the soup. "I'm sure that you'll like it. You just have to try it, okay? that's all that I ask."


    Castiel nodded as he lifted the spoon filled with broth to his lips. He took a small sip before he licked his lips, savoring the flavor. He dipped it back in for more, this time taking a noodle and a chunk of chicken too. He ate about half of it before he sat back and rubbed a hand against his ticklish nose.


    "Steam will do that," Sam explained a little gentler than the start of dinner.


    "I don't enjoy this sensation either," Castiel snapped in defeat.


    Dean chuckled as he gripped Castiel's shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "No one does, but it's just what happens. Welcome to the world of sickness."


    Castiel sniffled once more before Dean grabbed the box of tissues and threw it to him. "Here. Blow your nose with these. They'll probably feel better than the other ones, but don't do it at the table. Sammy hates when people do that."


    Castiel nodded as he scrambled backwards. He lifted the tissue to his face and started to blow his nose before he stopped midblow and pitched forward.




    His wing shot out and knocked the table, sending whatever was on it flying. Dean sighed as he watched his burger land on the ground with his fries laying sprawled on the ground next to it. Ordinarily he would've eaten it anyway, but he had no idea what had happened on this floor and he didn't want to take any chances.


    "Well, there goes dinner," Dean huffed.


    Sam looked at his fallen salad and Castiel's half eaten soup. He glared at Dean, but Dean just shrugged. It wasn't his fault. In fact, it really wasn't anyone's fault. Castiel didn't do it on purpose.


    Castiel turned his head and looked at Dean. He folded his wings back against his body as tight as they possibly could before he bowed his head. "I'm so sorry."


    Dean put on his 'happy face' and walked over to his friend. He steered him to the bed. "It's okay, Cas. It's not your fault." He said this last part to Sam, who just huffed in annoyance as he started to clean up what Castiel had spilled with his wings. 


    "I think I shouldn't move anymore," Castiel suggested as he looked at Dean.


    Dean waved him off. "Nah! You just need to watch where your wings are. I mean, you can see them all the time, right?" Castiel shot him an impatient look. "Right, of course you can. Anyway, just be careful. You don't have to stop moving."


    Sam muttered something along the lines of 'it would be safer for the rest of us', but Dean didn't pay him any mind. "Now, what do you say we get some medicine in ya."


    "Will it help with angelic illnesses," Castiel inquired hopefully.


    Dean shrugged his shoulders. "That I'm not so sure about, but it will help with the coughing, fever, and congestion and that's part of the battle. It more or less manages the symptoms, not take away the problem."


    "What a backwards way of healing," Castiel murmured as his eyes turned hazy and unfocused as he looked in Sam's direction, but not at Sam.


    Dean palmed Castiel's forehead and the angel hardly moved. Dean stifled a groan as he helped him lay in the bed once more. He looked at the blue spot on the comforter that Castiel had sneezed on and he hoped that they wouldn't have a reoccurrence of it. But, Dean was able to except the fact that the comforter and himself were in striking position. 


    "Okay, this stuff is going to taste like ass, but you have to take it, okay," Dean asked as if he was speaking to a child.


    Castiel nodded slowly before he panted heavily and looked over to him. He let out a small pant before he almost collapsed against Dean. Dean sighed as he allowed Castiel to press his head against his chest for the time being. He grabbed the tissues quickly and pressed them against Castiel's nose to try and contain the most recent attack.


    "Hetcshshs! Hetcshshs! Hetcshshs!"


    "You're okay," chided Dean as Castiel straightened and growled as his wings wretched out again. "We're practically used to that by now."


    "I'm sorry," Castiel apologized weakly.


    "For what," Sam asked as he brought over the medicine and handed it over to his brother. "For killing our dinner, because that's not the worst thing that has happened to our food."


    Castiel lifted the tissue to rub at his nose pathetically. He felt like he was doing that a lot these days and his nose was completely chapped and painful to touch now, even with the new tissues. He just wanted this to be over. "For being such a burden."


    "You're not a burden. You've saved our lives more than we can count. Doing this for you is nothing," pointed out Dean as he handed Castiel more tissues since the ones that he had were pretty much obliterated. "You can repay us by trying to get better for us, alright?"


    Castiel gave a timid smile that pulled at the very corners of his mouth. He blinked his eyes up at Dean and Sam gratefully. "Thank you. For everything."


    "No problem," chided Dean as he started to pour the medicine into a small cup and held it to Castiel's lips. Castiel sucked in the medicine and grimaced at the taste. Dean couldn't help but laugh. "I told you it's gross, but it'll make you sleep."


    Castiel blinked his eyes a few times before he coughed wetly, more blue flying into the air. He closed his eyes before he looked to Dean. "Stay for a little bit?"


    "Just for a little bit," Dean told him as he watched Sam chuckle and turn away from them. He grabbed his laptop and settled on his bed. Considering that they only had two beds and no couch, two of them were going to have to share a bed.


     Castiel seemed to radiate as he leaned against the back of the bed and closed his eyes tightly. He started to drift off as snores sounded through the entire room. Dean looked over to Castiel who was tucked under the covers with him over the covers. 


    "Do you think that he'll be better soon," asked Sam in surprise. 


    Dean rolled his eyes. "He better be or I'm going to loose it. But, I'm glad that he came to us when he was sick."


    "And why is that," asked Sam, clearly only half listening.


    He sighed heavily. "Because that means that he trusts us. We're family and this is what family does for one another."


To Be Continued....

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Here is the final installment. Thank you to everyone who supported this story and commented on it. I hope you all enjoyed it and enjoy this final part!


    Castiel squirmed in the early morning and lifted a hand to paw at his nose. "Hetcshshs! Hetcshshs!"


    Dean felt something hit his shoulder and the side of his head. He lifted a hand to rub at his ear before he smiled at Castiel. "Cas, awake so early?"


    "Not on purpose," he grumbled as he blinked the tears from his eyes. "What time is it?"


    "Like seven in the morning or something," answered Dean as he looked at his cellphone. He closed it heavily before he sat up. He stretched out a hand and felt Castiel's cheek and then his forehead. He smiled before he tried once more. "Hey, no more fever. That's great! How do you feel?"


    "Better, "answered Castiel, his voice not nearly as rough as it had been. He was far from completely healed, but he seemed to be a little better. "A lot better."


    Dean smiled. "That's great to hear, Cas. I think that you should be right as rain in a few days. Then you can go back to doing whatever it is angels do in heaven."




    "I don't need to know what you do," Dean interrupted as he thumped Castiel slightly on the back. "How are your wings?"


    Castiel shrugged as he moved his shoulders around ever so slightly and Dean could tell that he was moving his wings around. "Alright," he replied with a small sigh. "A little tender, but nothing I can't handle."


    "Isn't that the truth," pointed out Dean as he laughed loudly.


    Suddenly, there was an intake of breath followed by a massive sneeze from the other bed.


    "HutcsHSSHhh! HetcsSHSHhh!"


    Dean and Castiel jumped at the sound. They exchanged a glance before Dean turned and looked over at Sam. He frowned as he saw his brother covered up to his chin in the blankets and he was still shivering. His nose was slightly pink around the nostrils and his cheeks were flushed. Dean gritted his teeth together as he came over to his brother's side quietly.


    He pressed a hand against his forehead and then his cheeks in turn with the back of his hands. He drew back and shook his head. "Awe, Sammy."


    "What's wrong," Castiel asked from his side of the bed.


    Dean looked over to him. "Looks like your angelic illness is contagious," he pointed out with a small groan. "At least wings aren't going to sprout from his back or anything."


    Castiel didn't say anything as Dean grabbed the medicine on the counter as well as the thermometer. "Looks like I have two family members to take care of," he pointed out as he nudged Sam's shoulder to try and wake him up. "Come on, Sam. Wake up for me, kiddo."


    Sam groaned as he opened his eyes. He nearly fell back when he saw how close his brother was to him. "D'?"


    "Yeah, that's me," Dean told him as he turned on the thermometer after he wiped it on his t-shirt. "Now, come here. I need to take your temperature."


    Sam narrowed his eyes. "Why?"




    Dean was knocked forward and stumbled into the bed. He turned to look at Castiel before he rolled his eyes and sat on the bed. "It's catching."


    Sam opened his mouth to ask what Dean meant, but Dean shoved the thermometer into Sam's mouth. Sam gagged a bit as Dean fished it under his tongue. He sighed heavily as he waited for it to beep. Once it did he pulled it out and read it and he frowned.


    "101.7. Yep, you know my rule. You're going to need to stay in bed for a while, both of you so that I can keep an eye on you," Dean told Sam as he grabbed the medicine and started to pour some in a spoon that he had left on the table. He had done that for Castiel in the morning, but it appeared that Sam might need it more right now.


    Sam rolled his eyes as he sat up in bed. He used his fingers to thread them through his long hair. "Dean, please-"


    "Uh huh. This is not how this is going to go," Dean argued as he tipped the spoon toward Sam's mouth.


    Sam drew away in agitation. "Dean, I said quit it!" He turned away before he snapped toward Dean. Dean stuck out a hand to steady him.


    "HetSHshsh! HetcsSHSHSHhh! HetcsHshshh!"


    Dean jolted with his brother from the force of the sneezes and it was a miracle that he didn't spill the cold medicine. "Okay, you only sneeze in threes when you're sick. That means you are definitely sick and you're not going to get out of this, so open up."




    Dean shoved the spoon into his mouth like he was five and Sam swallowed. He gagged a bit before Dean pulled the spoon from his mouth and Sam swatted at him. "What am I? Five?"


    "Hey, you said it not me," answered Dean as he raised his hands in the air in surrender.


    Sam rolled his eyes as he leaned back in bed, bringing the blanket up to his chin as he shivered. He always got high fevers when he was sick. It didn't matter if it was a small cold or a major flu. 


    "Move over," Dean ordered as he climbed into bed besides Sam and allowed Sam to rest his head on his shoulder as he shivered once more. He coughed painfully with his eyes squeezed shut.




    Dean looked over and saw Castiel laying on the side of the bed, facing them with his pillow pressed against his face. His eyes were bloodshot and his breathing labored and nose red. 


    Dean rolled his eyes as he stretched out his other arm. "Come on, you big angel baby."


    Castiel scrambled from his bed and walked on wobbly legs over to Sam and Dean. Castiel sat beside Dean and rested his head against the headboard like he did in the other bed. This time he just seemed more relaxed being close to both Sam and Dean.


    "How do I keep getting myself into these situations, Sammy," asked Dean as he looked to his brother since Castiel wasn't awake anymore.


    Sam coughed before he looked up at his brother. "By being my brother and his friend."


    "Yeah, I guess that would do it," Dean replied as he watched Sam yawn and snuggle against him before he let out a deep breath that signaled that he was falling asleep. "Looks like this is my life for the next few days."


    Dean may complain about it, but both of them were safe and resting and he could watch TV for hours. All in all, he wouldn't have it any other way.


    The End

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