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My scarf + nose ring?


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Okay I don't really like posting self-obs, I don't know why but I've always felt kinda weird about it. Like, attention-seeking or something?  But I've never read an obs like this before and I wanted to share it with you all to see what you thought. This is kinda long, so you'll get to kind of experience my misery with me:

So last night I was at a dress rehearsal at this beautiful old church where my choir performs, and I was running late so I had to throw down my stuff really quickly so I wouldn't miss warm-ups. I have a tiny silver ring in my right nostril, and I was wearing this enormous fluffy scarf and when I was yanking it over my head it caught a little on my nose ring--not super hard or anything, I just felt my nose ring move a little bit while I was pulling it off.

Almost as soon as that happened, I felt the most irritating tickly feeling just on the right side of my nose, where my nose ring is. Y'all, it was sooo tickly. Like, the most feather-light, wispy irritation that would get incredibly itchy every time I breathed in or touched my nose but then would back away. I started to sort of mess with my nose ring, thinking it somehow got moved in a way that was irritating my nose. Every time I would touch it, though, I got the most intense urge to sneeze. I was getting these super breathy, shaky hitches and I  could feel my face starting to scrunch up,  but then the tickly feeling would just suddenly go away--so frustrating!

Then my eyes and nose started watering so I was sniffling constantly, and I could barely sing because every time I breathed I would need to sneeze! Finally I did sneeze a double, which was kind of embarrassing because this close to the concert, everyone is pretty weird about germs, but mostly it was a relief! It was probably like "Hihh! Hihh! HEH'tscchhiew! Hih-HIH'tschhiew!" With the beginning voiced and the end sort of breathy and almost unvoiced. The bass who stands next to me kind of smiled and muttered "bless you," and I just looked at him with a desperate look because I still REALLY had to sneeze and had no idea why.

It went on like that (itchy and hitching and eyes streaming, but no more sneezes) through all of warm ups and then the advanced group of us split off to go up to the balcony to practice our set, and I could barely see because my eyes were watering so badly. When we got to the loft, my friend put her hand on my shoulder and asked if I was okay because she thought I was crying! I was like, "No, I think I think the dust in here is irritating my nose!" because I couldn't think of anything else it could be.

While we were waiting for our conductor to figure out some logistical thing downstairs, I got the intense sneezy feeling again and sneezed five (or maybe six?) times in a period of ten minutes, each with the itchiest, hitchy, gasping periods in between. At this point, I was getting really annoyed and embarrassed because my section was kind of "aww"-ing and laughing at me and asking if I was okay and I was trying to explain that I wasn't sick but my nose was the tickliest it's ever been in my life!

Finally I just went to the bathroom to blow my nose because I didn't want my conductor to say anything about me needing to stay healthy. When I got there, I twisted my nose ring around to see if that would help and saw this tiny piece of fuzz was attached to the clasp. A fiber of my scarf must have gotten caught on my nose ring when I pulled it off in a hurry and was making me sneeze!

I just pulled the fluff off and blew my nose and went back upstairs and after that I was completely fine for the rest of rehearsal.

It was super crazy because I almost never sneeze that much, and I was starting to worry that I was getting the sneeziest cold of all time, or that I was allergic to something in the church--neither of which would be great for performing there next weekend! I'll just have to be more careful next time I wear that scarf!

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Thanks you two! Also I don't know why, but there's something really cute about a septum piercing making someone's nose tickly!

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51 minutes ago, Zwee said:

Thanks you two! Also I don't know why, but there's something really cute about a septum piercing making someone's nose tickly!

So true! I really enjoyed reading that obs and it's awesome that you didn't get too embarrassed and laughed it off xD. 

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