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Responses to Handkerchief Criticism


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Handkerchief users, when people criticize or question your choice to use a handkerchief, how do you respond to them? If this hasn't happened to you before, how do you think you would, theoretically?

Also, I'm interested to hear times this has happened to you if you're up for some storytelling :P

I've had at least one person tell me it's gross to use a handkerchief, to which I'll sort of just shrug and carry on. I've also had people simply ask why, sometimes with a disapproving tone/look, and in that case I just tell them why and if they don't like it then that's their problem.

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Good on you. People just say to me why do you use them? I thoight only older people use them. So i just respond back by saying that i find them softer on the nose, cheaper to use and more environmentally friendly, also that i love using them too

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16 hours ago, rhinoceros said:

Good for you. What do you tell them?

I tell them that it's more comfortable and convenient, and that it's more enviromentally and economically friendly. I also do still use tissues though.

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It's way more convenient to carry (esp. if you have a cold), softer/feels better, bigger/more practical, doesn't get bits stuck in my stubble, and better for the environment

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