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I Might Be Getting Sick (female, self)


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I might be getting sick, you guys. I woke up with a headache and I've been feeling increasingly chilled throughout the day. I've been kind of achy since yesterday too, but I wrote that off as pre-period aches. Now I'm sitting in the sofa wrapped in two fleece blankets and still freezing like nobody's business, and I'm usually the kind of person who wears T-shirts all year round. My throat isn't exactly sore, but it feels really dry, no matter how much I drink. And a few minutes ago I sneezed a double, that came completely out of the blue. Which is not common for me, I usually get a fair bit of warning when I'm about to sneeze. I can't spell them out because they took me so much by surprise I wasn't fully paying attention, but they were really wet and violent. Not very loud, but forceful. 

Oh, and JUST NOW I had a first, quick, "where the fuck did that come from"-coughing fit.

Great. I have a horse to work tonight, who really needs the exercise. NOT the best timing for this, no. :down: 


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Thanks, everyone! :) 

Still feel like I've been run over. Doped myself up on paracetamol so I could at least lunge horsey, but now I think I'm gonna give up for today and crawl into bed. Hopefully this will pass until tomorrow. I am so not in the mood for the flu. :yuck: 


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Thanks guys. Yeah, I've been sick quite a bit this year. Sigh. I guess it's better to get this now than over Christmas when I have to spend time with family, though. 

Today's update: 

I'm definitely sick. Woke up this morning and could only breathe through one nostril. The other was completely stuffed up, but as soon as I started moving around so did the congestion. I stifled the first sneeze (pinched my nose to make sure it really was stifled, lately I've failed at it more often than I used to) because my cat was sleeping next to me and I didn't want to scare him. He woke up anyway of course, and started meowing like he does when he gets concerned about me. I sat up, rubbing my nose, but that annoying tingle wasn't going away. I bent over and sneezed into cupped hands, a really wet, spraying sneeze, like "EISSSHHHoo!" Still felt like I needed to sneeze, but it wasn't coming out. Mr Cat kept meowing so I had to actually, verbally, assure him I was okay before he let me be. I felt like crap though, soaked in sweat, but as soon as I got out of bed I was freezing! Took one of the blankets from the sofa and swept around me when I went out to the kitchen and fed the cats. Didn't feel like eating anything myself though, so I took my laptop and sat down in the sofa. Haven't really done anything except sitting here and feeling stuffed up, achy and feverish. Haven't sneezed more, but I keep feeling like I might at any moment. And I have a headache that comes and goes throughout the day. Bleh!

I don't think my fever is high enough to call this "flu", because I've had the flu and that's like being 3/4 dead, and I feel miserable but I can still function, you know? My throat is sore, but not "razor-blade" sore, and I only cough a little. Then again, I still gargle salt water daily, so maybe that prevents it from getting too bad. I don't know. 

Anyway. That's been my day. Currently curled up watching "Mindhunter" on Netflix and eating chips. I can still taste them, which is awesome! :lol: 


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hope you feel better I'm starting to feel like dirt didn't get flu shot and ate after my friend so many times it's a surprise I haven't died yet

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