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Lisa Cimorelli (NEW)


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OMG I JUST SAW THIS! In the new Cimorelli Podcast, Lisa sneezes. It's a bit inaudiable since she's turning away from the mic, but it's very cute.


I placed a timestamp, but I think you should just watch the whole video because it's just hilarious.

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This is super cute.  Every clip I've ever seen of Lisa sneezing, she always sneezes uncovered which is so amazing 

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Oh look, I'm digging this thread back up. Another Lisa sneeze in the new podcast. You can see the buildup, but the camera cuts away before she sneezes. You can still hear it though! She had a cold in this episode and mentioned it at the high and lows section too :)



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Hii, I'm back!

Cimorelli did a livestream and Lisa sneezed! You can actually hear her mumble "I need to sneeze." It's really cute :)

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I’ve been slowly getting into Cimorelli ever since I saw their Valentine’s Day vid you posted on here... this is so cute! Its interesting how Lisa seems to sneeze a lot while the others don’t sneeze as much,  considering they’re all sisters lol.

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@Pixieflower True that! I'm actually kind of (really) sad that Katherine or Christina have never sneezed on camera. Amy has sneezed twice, Dani too, same goes for Lauren. I have more topics on them if you want :)

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New Lisa sneeze! and, Katherine blessed her!


@Pixieflower here's the other topic I made:

and here's the link to the other Amy sneeze I forgot to add in the last thread, it's not very clear but you can hear it.


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