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What's worse?


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What scenario would you dread? 

Having to sneeze while making a toast at a wedding? 


Having to sneeze while trying to film a movie? (where you are the actor/actress) 


Those scenarios just appeared in my head, and... I suppose I'm curious as to your thoughts? Personally for me, I think while making a toast at a wedding would be dreadful... Only because everyone is already staring at me... And I have kinda not-so-quiet sneezes. 

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I would also say during the toast, there are no do-overs for that. Plus, like Facet said, there would probably be a lot of people I know there.

Askong which is worse would make a fun game. Answer the question and then give another choice for the next person! 😋

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I've had the "pleasure" of being a best man at a wedding 4 times so far (with 1 more to come next year!) 

This obviously entails giving a speech which on average last about 10 mins which is nerve wracking enough but the thing that filled me with dread and anxiety for the months leading up to each one was the prospect of the above. It literally scared me to death. They would all be recorded for prosperity by the videographer and if the happy couple decided it was a funny enough moment then they could keep it in the final edit and everyone who ever sees it will laugh or talk about forever and a day and i will always be known as that guy.

Thankfully the closest i have come was quickly shifted by a firm nose rub but the panic was real! i'd choose this over the movie one every time as being worse. i may change my mind when i become a film star ;) 

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wedding is scarier, I have a high pitch sneeze, and anxiety so that would kill me so yeah I'd be the first person to die at a wedding

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