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One of us? Sneezes And kisses 😱♥️


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Right now I’m in friend with benefits relationship.

Me And my friend let’s call him J. So we were at my place in my room. We were watching movies cudling And i realized something. (Everytime i m around him I fake sneezes so he is blessing me And he is saying that it s adorable when i sneeze so Maybe he is one of us What do you think? Anyway its sooo cute) so i told him that we need justice And now he is going to be The one that sneezes.

i started to introduce him with a tissue And he had many build Ups And he was breathing directly into my face. He wasn’t able to sneeze for awhile And he had some false starts. He was breathing And cauthing into my face And it turned me on so badly. Sadenly his breath hiched And he sneezed to his Right exactly were my hand Was And i Could feel The mist i felt all The spray And he started apologizing but i said that it is just fine. Then he was sneezing And sneezing And he wanted to cover his messy sneezes but i told him to put his hands on me (And he was touching my legs. When he was about to sneeze he was clutching my leg And it was so sexy) we started kissing And he was sneezing (but he was turning his head unfortunately) 

and he’s nose was running And he let me hold a tissue for him while he was blowing And it was just so amazing 


sorry for my englisch And that it’s to long but i had to share it 

i’m so excited Right now♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😘😱😱

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