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I'm going to be writing a series of drabbles that form a one-shot story. :)

Title: (None)

Part 1

Alex was riding an elevator to work. He did the same monotonous job every day in his office cubicle as an accountant. Today, however was definitely already shaping up to be different. A lady he never seen before, probably a newbie, kept on sneezing and coughing on the back of his neck.  He didn't dare look back at her, but he was sure by the mucus rattling in her chest that she had a monster of a cold. 

The ill lady held a decimated tissue to her nose as she gave a final "Hgnx'ttttssshhhoo!!" And hacked  as Alex's floor beeped and he exited. 


Alex came home to his roommate and best friend, Josh. He got in, washed his hands, and took off his work clothes, changing in to his pajamas before going to see Josh in his room. "Hey buddy." He sniffled. "How wad your dayd?" He snuffled again. Around lunchtime a persistent sniffle had bothered his nose.

Josh was on his gaming system . "Good man." He grinned and looked back. He immediately frowned. "You okay? You're a little pale and sound congested." 

Alex frowned. "Yeah, I'b okay." He sniffled. "There wad a lady wid a code od the elebator thid bornig." He told him. "Sneeding and coughig all ober be." He walked into his room. "Bind if I play player 2?" He gave a weak smile.

"Oh, alright." He handed his roommate the second controller, knowing very well Alex was coming down with a cold.

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Part 2

They had really enjoyed playing games together, but now Alex was  on the couch wrapped in blankets, a tissue box near him to keep his running nose at bay.

Josh was in the kitchen eating chips and he frowned. Maybe his friend had a fever? He was completely swathed in blankets. "Heh....heh....huuuuhhh.....hek'tttssshhhooo!" He heard a loud sneeze come from the living room. There was the dreaded first sneeze to start it all. "Bless you!" He called, hearing a stuffed up 'Thdangs." in reply.  Josh immediately got started on making Alex some hot soup and hot tea.

Meanwhile, Alex snuffled and snorted and blew his nose as he watched TV, starting to groan. He was really starting to feel rather funny.

The other young man smiled as he brought his roommate some tea and soup on a tray complete with napkins. Alex looked up, red-rimmed eyes bleary. "Thangs, mban. You're the best." He accepted the meal without admiting he wasn't feeling his best.

Josh nodded with a smile and felt his friend's forehead wordlessly. He was a little warm. Maybe he shouldn't be so worried? He crashed next to his friend, changing the channel to something they both liked  while the sniffly person next to him enjoyed his meal.


"Hgn'xxxtttssshhhoooo! At'xxxtttssshhhooo!" He coughed, nearly hacking. It was the next day and Alex was shivering under his pile on blankets on the couch, moaning. He felt like crap. Meanwhile, Josh had just taken his temperature. The digital thermometer read 100.2 degrees Fahrenheit (37.9 degrees Celsius). "Dude, I think you cauht that lady's cold." He informed him of his suspicions.

Meanwhile, Alex was still in denial. "No, dude. I'b fide." He snuffled, sitting up. "Com on, let's play huuuuh...heh....games in....huet'ssshhhoooo!!" He sprayed in front of him, quite suddenly. "...here." He finished.

Josh frowned, looking toward the game console attached to the TV, pausing. "Alright." He turned on the console, sat next to his best friend, and handed him a wireless controller.


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Part 3

It was the day after the previous one. Alex was still feeling like crap, and had become confined to his bed as he hacked and sneezed, snuffled, and snorted all into the limitless tissues that Josh seemed to keep having to go to the store to buy. By now, Josh was his caretaker, doing everything his ill friend asked of him.  What's more, Josh was starting to feel a little run down. A slow sniffle had started in his nose and he was feeling especially tired after this latest run to the store, carrying the bags into the kitchen to remove everything from their bags.

He sighed hearing a loud "Hk'tttsscchhh!" From the back of the house. "I'll be right there!" He called, sniffling lightly afterwards as he let Alex know he was home.  He washed up, and, making sure Alex couldn't hear him, blew his nose helplessly into the tissue, although he tried to be as quite as possible. The green mucus as he peeked into the tissue, threw it away, then sanitized his hands confirmed one thing: He was catching Alex's dreadful cold. 

Josh sighed, forced a smile on his face,  and brought the cold supplies into Alex's room, becoming alarmed when he saw his roommate's dreadful state. Alex had horrible bedhead, he was pale except for his flushed cheeks, and his nose was unbearably pink, raw, and still running somehow no matter how much medicine he made sure he took. "Aw, I'b sorry, dude." Josh sniffled, and felt his friend's  forehead as his breath crackled from his chest. He was burning up! Alarmed, Josh wet down a rag and applied it to Alex's forehead before rushing to give him medicine.


A few hours later Alex woke up, unaware of what had happened while he had been sleeping, or rather out of it. The first thing he noticed was Josh passed out out in a nearby chair and snoring loudly. Was...was his friend ill? He usually didn't snore. And he had no allergies he was aware of. Still feeling crummy, he moved his aching body out of bed and and walked to get the digital thermometer. He washed it off, making sure it was clean of germs, and shook  Josh awake by the shoulder. "Jodsh...Jodsh..." He whispered, sniffling. 

"Huh?" Josh blinked, stirred from deep sleep. Alex quickly put the thermometer under his tongue and clicked it on. Josh startled awake, but sat there patiently, a bit miffed his friend had caught on so fast, even while so sick. The thermometer finished and showed a low fever. "..." Alex felt a grin curve his flushed face. He started to laugh hoarsely before hacking into a tissue. "Sorry, sorry." He excused himself. "Ndow, we can be sig togedther. Sorry I gabe ydou by code, mban." He finally admitted, giving him a hug. 

Josh just grinned back, and hugged him back. "You need to be in bed." He chuckled, sniffling.


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Nice! Don't like the hacking much, but enjoyed regardless! One bit of advice for you! Describe the nose/nostrils more! It's fun to write per my experience. Poor Alex, though! 

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((Hey everyone, would you like for me to continue this story with a part 4 or would you like to see different drabbles from me?))

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  • 5 months later...

((I know it's been a few months, but would anyone be interested in reading more drabbles from me?))

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