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Kathryn's Crazy New Allergies (F, Gigantic)


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I'm new to the forum--please tell me what you think!



Kathryn yelped a bit as they injected the fluid into her arm via a shot. It was painful, but it was sure worth it. She had won the lottery, and of course, she had spent a lot of that lottery money on buying this very shot that would give her allergies. The first allergies of all time. No one had ever sneezed in the world before, and Kathryn wanted to be the first. She had wanted to sneeze since she was little, and soon it would happen.

"Alright," the doctor said. "The allergies should kick in soon. The allergies will include dust, pollen, feathers, cats, and dogs." 

Kathryn was so excited, and she left the doctor's office. Then, she went by the gardens on the way home. She picked a pollen-filled flower from the garden and then hurried home. She sat on her bed, and sniffed the pollen, focusing on trying to sneeze.

Kathryn felt a small tickle in her nose. She was so excited! She was finally going to sneeze. Then, the tickle faded. She sighed.

Kathryn heard a  knock on her door, and opened it to see her crush, Alex.

"Is it happening yet? Have you sneezed?" Alex asked.

"Come on in," Kathryn said. "I want you to see me sneeze."

Kathryn sat on the couch and sniffed even more pollen. This time the tickle returned, stronger.

"Alex...I...hih...." Kathryn's breath hitched. "I'm...gonna....sneeze...hih...hih..."

Alex marvelled at Kathryn's nose twitching with the intense tickle, and her face scrunching, her mouth hanging open, and her eyes fluttering.

Finally, Kathryn felt as she began the sneezing process. "HUH....WATCHOOO!"

"Wow," Alex said. "That was amazing."

Kathryn's nose wasn't done yet. "I....hih...not done....WATCHOO! WATCHOOO!"

Finally, Kathryn sniffled, done sneezing.

Then, she saw that her posters had flown off her walls with her powerful sneezes. Was that normal?

"How'd it feel? To really sneeze?" Alex asked.

"Great." Kathryn admitted. "I want to sneeze even more."

Alex grabbed the flower and stuffed it in Kathryn's nose. Kathryn hitched. This next sneeze was going to be huge. She just hoped it would do less damage than knocking down her posters (although, she was wrong. Maybe her sneezes will destroy her whole house!)  








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It is a good start so far. I really like it when a girl's nostrils flare before she sneezes.

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