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Wasn't sure where else to put this so here it is! 

I headcanon Seven as having the sneeze kink. I also headcanon him to have pretty bad pollen allergies, with hibiscus being the worst for him. Seven also never tries to hold back, and does all his sneezes in threes. He rarely ever tries to hold them and likes letting his sneezes out. I was thinking of an idea where he basically induces with hibiscus. He takes the yellow part and put it up one nostril and just twirls it and moves it around, going deeper and deeper. If it has two parts, he'll do one inside each nostril. He does try and stall it, plenty of pre sneeze expressions involved, so you can see it really bothers him. His nostrils are flaring and running, his nose is twitching. He's hitching really desperately, Then he lets it out after a minute or two when the tickle becomes too much. The sneeze is pretty messy but he enjoys it and sniffles, triggering another buildup since there is still pollen in his nose. He also talks through the whole thing even if he's by himself. 

I dont know if I want to write a fic but someone definitely should. A lot of people seemed to enjoy the idea. ^_^

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1 hour ago, TsundereKushami said:

Yes anyone can write this if they want! Or draw it @Nval95 I've seen your art around! 

Ahahaha.. I dun think i can X'D i mean he is God 7, and here i am a pheasant trying to draw him? 

But basically, i have no idea how to draw the expression, when someone is inducing X'D aaaand, in my mind, i sorta dun wanna to ruin those handsome Loveable face with my mediocre skill. Its just too sad 😂😂😂

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