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Girlfriend Got a Little Sneezy


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My girlfriend (let's call her Gwen) was complaining about a headache a couple days ago and part of me hoped she was getting sick. Well, today while we were talking on the phone, she ended up sneezing four times - the first time I've ever heard her sneeze. It was rather high-pitched and sounded like "hehh--pi'tSHEW!"

It's just the cutest little sneeze and I hope she is at least having a small cold so that I can hear the sneeze many more times in the near future! 

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nice! that is cute I wish you luck bro may the sneezes be with you  (haha get it let the force be with you let the sneezes be with you )

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Nice! And the fact that she was happily sneezing down the phone to you bodes well for the chance of her really letting them go when she finally needs to when she's with you. Enjoy :D  

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