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Ok, so, I don't really do ob's, mostly because I am unfortunate enough to have a life where I very rarely have a sneezing-encounter that is worth sharing, but today, something happened at work that just made me smile.

So I was at the till and was about to serve a couple, mum and her daughter I think, I knew the daughter from school (which was quite a while ago for me lol) but we weren't exactly buddies that hung out all the time. Quick description of this woman, she is about my age (27) long brown hair, fairly broad nose and nostrils with freckles going across the top of her nose and under her eyes. Anyway, as I was serving her mum I looked up to tell her what the total was, and this woman that I knew was standing there, her nostrils clearly flaring a little, she had a far-away look in her eye's, I thought there was no way she was gonna sneeze (just cos I haven't really been that lucky, like, ever) but the build-up went on, her nostrils flared even more, her eyes slowly closed, she tunred her head to the side and pinched her nose for a sneeze that sounded a little like "MPHchoo", now, honestly, stifles arn't my thing, but this one seemed really cute to me, it helped that the woman in question is kinda cute too to be honest, but I blessed her and she said thank you and.....well.....that was that, it brought a warm glow to my heart and was a very pleasent surprise. Kinda hoping that I get a repeat performance some time in the future, maybe an unstifled one :) but I don't think I am that lucky, but this was pleasent enough and I hope you guys enjoyed hearing this :)

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