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She Left The Window Open!


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First sneeze fic I ever wrote for the interwebs! Also the only one with girls thus far! Still, I hope it holds up! 

Dianne woke up and looked around the room. It was uncommon for her since she slept so heavily, but tonight was different. She was sleeping over with her girlfriend, Bree. She hadn’t stirred at all, she was turned towards her, drooling a bit in her sleep. Dianne smiled a bit at her, giggling. She looked so dorky! 

Then she felt it. A huge tickle growing in her button nose. 

“HiiH!” She suddenly gasped but pinched her nose shut. Just before one of her dreaded messy sneezes escaped. She pitched forward and let out a long sigh. She sniffled hesitantly and looked at the window. She realized why. 

The window had been left open. The pollen count was high and someone had forgotten to close the window. Dear god why here? Why now? The itch grew stronger. Her nostrils started quivering and flaring in and out rhythmically. 

“Hiihh…hiiiH…Hih!” Her body shivered a bit as she let out short desperate hitched breaths. God her nose tickled so badly! She couldn’t sneeze now! It would be so embarrassing! Again she pinched her button nose shut and rubbed it between her fingers. She could feel some fluid leak out from it, much to her dismay. 

Dianne looked down and froze up. Bree was awake and watching her. She froze up. There was a tense moment of silence as Dianne turned bright red with embarrassment. Bree broke it by giggling a bit. 

“You alright sweetie?” She sat up, yawning a bit after saying that. “Your eyes are all watery, did you have a bad dream?” Dianne released her nose but quickly covered it, cupping her hands around her nose and mouth. “Allergies..” she mumbled. It was muffled through her hands. 

Bree looked confused. “Allergies? Aww..” she giggled. “Poor thing. What’s making your nose tickle huh? Did I not dust well enough before you came over?” She sat up fully and nuzzled her. Dianne looked at her. “N-no it’s p…hiih…hIIiih.” Bree could feel her body tense. Dianne brought her hand up to put a finger under her nose. 


Bree watched as Dianne’s red nose quivered and her small nostrils flared into perfect quivering circles. A small drip coming out from the right nostril. There was no way she was holding this one back. She could see the sneeze tickling every inch of Dianne’s sensitive nose. It was coming out whether Dianne wanted it to or not. 


The sneeze finally burst out, and Dianne let out the messiest and quite frankly most attractive sneeze Bree had ever seen. It was so desperate sounding. She hadn’t dated the other so long so it was the first she was seeing one of Dianne’s trademark sneezes. She looked stunned, and her face seemed a bit flushed. 

Dianne was too embarrassed to look. She tried to sniff back a strand of mess. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry that was gross.” She tried to get out of bed but Bree grabbed her arm. Her girlfriend instead plucked a tissue from the box on her nightstand. “Oh sweetheart I’m so sorry! I didn’t know you were allergic. You should have said something.” She brought the tissue up to her girlfriend’s nose. She lightly dabbed at the leaking nostrils. 

She could feel Dianne’s nostrils twitching and flaring again. She heard Dianne whimper as another tickle started to take over. “B-bree im gonnahhhh…hiihhh…” Bree chuckled. “It’s OK sweetheart. I know I can feel it.” The flaring and twitching got worse. 


Dianne’s body was stiff. Then she let out a long sigh. Bree could still feel her nose twitching, but pulled the tissue away. Her girlfriend rubbed her nose and let out a series of wet sniffles. She scrunched it and wriggled it around. 

“I-it’s stuck…” Dianne admitted after a long silence. Bree giggled. “Aw, oh no! Hang on a second.” She walked over and shut the window. She rummaged through her drawers listening to Dianne let out cute sniffles every few seconds. She then pulled out a feather pen. “OK, hun. Good news, I closed the window so this won’t be happening again.” 

“What’s the bad news?” Dianne asked. She scrubbed at her nose getting another sneezy expression on her face. “Hiiihhhh….HiiiEhhh…HIIIIIIH!” She thew her head back squeezing her eyes shut. There was a long moment of silence and Dianne let out a long sigh. She sighed. 

Bree giggled and sat back down, the bed creaking under her. “I’m going to help you get that sneeze out.” She said sounding almost excited about it. Dianne tilted her head. “A-are you sure? My sneezes are so gross it would be embarrassing if you saw…” She mumbled. Bree shook her head. “No, not at all. Nothing about you is gross Dianne. You’re adorable.”

Dianne blinked a few times and smiled awkwardly. “Oh…thanks…” She laughed awkwardly. Bree nodded. “No problem, now then…” She took the feather pen out, and started twirling the soft bristles around the edge of Dianne’s nostrils. Immediately Dianne started to react. Her eyebrow arched and her eyes fell shut. Her nose scrunched and wiggled. 


Bree smiled a bit. She moved the feather to her other nostril twirling it around. “Tickle tickle..” she said teasingly. This only seemed to make Dianne’s nose react to it more. Bree took her feather pen and moved it on the tip of her nose as well. “EEEIEEHHH…HIIIHH….HIEHHHH..hIIiH…HIH!” 

Bree wanting to spare Dianne the embarrassment leaned over to grab the tissue box. She didn’t mind the sneezes but she wanted to spare her girlfriend the embarrassment. She had waited too long however.  


A strong messy sneeze finally burst out of Dianne’s tortured nose and her whole body flew forward. Her face slammed against Bree’s shoulder. Bree gasped in surprise and fell back. Dianne gasped and let out more sneezes, her nose still tickling. 


Bree blushed a bit feeling her body tighten with each sneeze as Dianne let out the fit, clearing her irritated nose of allergens. Bree worried a bit as the sneezes reached double digit numbers.  Finally, though they stopped. Bree looked up at her girlfriend. She looked so pretty in the moonlight. She smiled up at Dianne with her runny nose and all. 

“Bless you sweetheart! Poor thing…you really have the worst allergies I’ve ever seen on a person..” She plucked a tissue out of the box and wiped her nose. After that fit, she wouldn’t need to blow. Just the deep red cheeks Dianne had said it all. 

“Yeah…I’m sorry…they’re really bad.” Dianne mumbled. She tried to avoid Bree’s gaze. Bree smiled warmly. “…Honestly that may have been the cutest and hottest thing I’ve ever seen you do.” Dianne turned even redder. “W-what!? No it isn’t!” Bree sat up and pouted, albeit in a playful fashion. “Who are you to tell me what’s hot and not.” She grabbed Dianne’s cheeks and ran her thumb against the other girls cheek. With the other hand, she ran her hands through her bob cut. 

Dianne flustered beyond words just made a squeak sound in response. Bree just giggled. “Anyway..come on we should go back to sleep. We have early classes tomorrow. Only if you’re feeling better, though!” Dianne nodded. “Yeah…I feel better and um…thanks. That really helped. My nose actually doesn’t tickle at all anymore. Thanks…it um…honestly felt…really good” She laughed a bit but still looked away shyly. “A-and um…sorry I think I…sneezed on you a few times.” 

Bree laughed. “No worries at all!” She grabbed Dianne pulling her down and cuddling her. She was facing her. Their faces were practically two inches from each other. They stared into each others eyes. Finally Bree smiled and kissed Dianne lightly on the tip of her nose. 

“Goodnight Dianne.”

“Good niiii…niiiIIh…” Her still sensitive nose geared up for another sneeze. Bree giggled. “A sensitive little nose to, huh?” She reached over putting a finger under Dianne’s nostrils. After a tense moment Dianne let out a long sigh of relief. 

“Thanks..” She sniffled. 

“Anytime love.” 

The two slept soundly not having anymore allergy incidents. Well, not within the next 24 hours that is. 

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On 12/18/2017 at 4:53 PM, delylam said:

I would definitely love more of this!


On 12/18/2017 at 10:24 PM, famouslastmemories said:

m o r e

I'll see what I can do! 

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Very descriptive and I love those buildups!  I almost felt like I was feeling the itching in my own nose out of sympathy.  Great job with this!

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