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This is one for an OC of mine named Nishith. He does videos for the sneeze kink and I wrote one of his videos. I need to do more with him, honestly. 

The video started with Nishith turning the camera on. He leaned against the table resting his chin in the palm of his hand. He had done his makeup so well, and looked nice as always. Then he scrunched his nose up, and moaned. Nishith brought his free hand scrubbing at it and flared his nostrils. 

“My nose is so itchy today…” he whined. Nishith still scrunched and wiggled his nose around, looking off to the side. He knitted his eyebrows together as well making him look a bit annoyed. “I don’t know why it’s so itchy. It’s not even allergy season right now…wasn’t around feathers…I mean you guys know how sensitive it is. If you’re a longtime viewer you would….Ehhh….Ehiehhh….”

Nishith’s nostrils quivered and his jaw relaxed. His eyes closed halfway as his nose reacted to whatever was causing the sudden bad tickle. “Uh oh…” he grinned a little. “I-I think I’m gonna sneeze…” He tilted his head back a bit, giving the viewer a good look at his face. 

Nishith kept trying to smile through it. “Ooohhh man that feels so good…ehhhh…eiehhh…” Again his face fell, his eyes going glassy. His nostrils opened up a bit wider, taking in more air as he hitched. “It feels good to let out one big sneeze…especially when it itches lieeehh…liiiike….thiii..ihh eH.” Nishith quickly put a finger under his nostrils. They flared a few more times but then went back to their normal size. They were still slightly reddened in irritation. He sighed in relief and grinned. He blinked a few times, tears of irritation had come to his eyes. 

Nishith grinned and looked at the camera coyly. “Oh…you think just because I have to sneeze, I’m going to let it out that easy.” he giggled. “Not this time, I always let them out but this time, I think you should wait. Patience is a virtue after all..” 

Nishith sighed. “Maybe I’m catching a colds. Whenever I catch them it just makes me even more itchy…and even more messy..” he chuckled looking off to the side. “As if I needed that, though…oh…” His nose twitched involuntarily again. 

“Jeez my nose is being stubborn…normally I can control it so much beeehhh…better…b-but thiisss…one is s-so…tickl…ticklehhhy…” His eyes closed and his head tilted back again. “Oh god…I don’t wanna sneeze though not y-YEeehhh…eIEHHH….” Nishith pressed a finger under his nose but his nostrils continued to flare against it. “Ohh jeez…I planned on going for longer like this but the ihhhhtchhh…it’s like it’s crawling around in there….I-i can’t f-fighhh…fight it…it’s too itchy…p-pay attention…I’m gonna sneeze…i-it’s gonna be big…c-cahhhnt….f-fight it anymm..EHhh…..ehhhh…eIEhhhh…IH! EEEESSSHIEWW!” 

Nishith pitched forward, face scrunched up and  nostrils fully flared as the sneeze barreled out. Spray and mess shot out all over the desk and onto the camera’s lense as well. The sneeze took care of the tickle in his nose and he blinked a few times, both nostrils still dripping. 

Nishith grabbed a tissue out of the box, and cleaned off the camera. “Oh no! I’m so sorry I sneezed all over you!” He smirked a little as he pulled the tissue away. “I tried to warn you, but you didn’t get out of the way…but who are we kidding…you were dying for that weren’t you?” 

Nishith grinned. “We both know you were…maybe another tickle will come along soon.” Nishith sniffled. “Knowing me it won’t take long…maybe I won’t make you wait next time either.” He giggled and grinned. “…Hopefully I find out what caused that random tickle first.” He laughed as he reached over to shut it off. “See you then sweethearts!” he blew a kiss before the video went black. 

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