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What Does A Nose Fetish Even Entail? It's For a FIc Request, For Science!


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So one of my character's Adam actually has a nose kink. Someone wants me to write a fic with him incorporating that. I don't mind the idea but have no idea what the nose part would even have in it. So what does it entail? It seems like it'll be easy to use both kinks in one fic, but I don't know exactly. Does it matter if Adam is the more submissive one in the couple? Would it change what he does in this scenario? 

If anyone knows tell me I guess. Obviously without being NSFW. 

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It's kind of hard to say, as honestly I still don't actually know why I like noses, but I guess I can try to give some insight. I guess for me it's kind of about how a person's nose looks and feels. Being able to touch another person's nose is kind of like the ultimate thing, but even just looking at one that fits your preferences can be nice. Probably the main thing I'd suggest is giving your character a favorite nose type (like small, big, wide, upturned, etc...) and maybe a favorite nostril shape. I'm sure everybody who reads my stories is bored to death with how I always give my sneezing characters long, narrow nostrils, but that's just what I like. Nose rubbing is another thing I like, doubly so because it kind of bridges the gap between the nose fetish and sneeze fetish. It's great because of how a tickly nose can also lead to sneezing, but it's also great because it gets a person to acknowledge and interact with their nose.

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Noted. It might help! Don't know if Adam likes to be the one doing the Fetish stuff, or the one getting messed with? Maybe both, so this is helpful thanks! 

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