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2 days ago, I had a patient call to schedule an appointment and he sounded sooooooo congested on the phone and gave a couple of thick, congested sniffles while he was talking to me as well as a couple quick coughs. I was thinking to myself how sick he sounded and that I hoped he was better by his appointment a couple days later. Fast forward to today and he no shows his appointment (Grrrr...) Well about an hour after he was supposed to be there, he calls and says he missed his appointment because he is really sick and I rescheduled him. He sounded even worse than earlier this week. Again, super congested and coughing a lot more now and to top it all off, he sneezed a really congested half stifled double on the phone! Kind of like nnggxxtishhhh... ishhhhh! Not really any buildup or hitching in between. I blessed him and was thankful he couldn't see me because I'm sure I turned bright red. It sounded amazing, but he did sound miserable so I hope he is well by his next appointment!

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