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Dead people sneezing


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So I was wondering, can you still enjoy a sneeze from a person who has been dead? I mean this in the fact that there are a lot of old movies and TV shows that we watch for sneezes. I hope this makes sense. 

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I'm conflicted. On one hand I'd feel guilty. It feels inappropriate and insulting to the person's memory? On the other hand, if they are deceased, my interest is obviously in them BEFORE that happened. There are several "historical figures" I always found really attractive and thus would have been interested in seeing them sneeze, such as Jackie Kennedy, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, just to name a few. They all passed away in my lifetime, so I'm not even sure they count as "historical figures" yet. But they were very iconic in very specific time periods, which is where my interest is focused, and that was way before I was born. Also, fetish-wise, with people I don't personally know, I tend to view them as fictional characters, because, well, if I don't know a person but still feel attracted to them, I'm not attracted to the actual person but to my idea of what that person would be like, if that makes sense.

But yeah, I'm conflicted.


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13 hours ago, Junia said:

No, it kills it for me, at least as long as it was recent.

Same with me. I'll even go further than that and say that it kills it for me even when it comes to fictional characters, and it doesn't even matter to me if the death was recent or not. Death kills the enjoyment for me (pun fully intended). 

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