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Most know me for the Lucifer and Supernatural fanfics that I still haven’t finished...sorry. I kind of lost the motivation, it’s been a very busy couple years...but I just read a fic (and no one will RP with me :( and I’m feeling motivated).

As I write this, I have no idea what I’m going to do, or whether or not this will have more than one part. As I write this, I have no idea who my OC’s will be, and what their relationship will be like, I’m just going by ear. Whatever you guys want, I’ll try to make sure you get. So please comment. 

Without further ado: my story!



Character: Elias Cayne. 

Eli (as he is called by most) is a fun loving person who is actually very shy. He loves playing chess, taking walks (consequently, on the beach :P), and being in love. He isn’t a hopeless romantic. He loves animals, women, and everything else. Elias is allergic to dust, for the most part, but he gets sick easily, not like he’d admit that to anyone. He has deep brown hair and cobalt blue eyes that shouldn’t be physically possible to have. His lips are perfectly shaped- not too big, not too round, not too thin, and not too small, with a slight curve at the ends because of his happy nature. His skin is somewhere between fair and olive, and he isn’t ripped, but he was definitely of handsome body. Oh, and he’s a  cellist. 


Other character: I’m not sure. Probably someone from his orchestra. 


Elias’ car shifted and slided through the fresh-fallen snow, left and right, without much control from Eli. In the Boston winter, the snow was brutal. He was on the way home from rehearsal, and the new Bach piece they were playing was stuck in his head, which didn’t help his situation. Elias had a slight pain building up behind his eyes, which confused him for a moment. He didn’t remember feeling particularly ill when he’d left for the rehearsal some three hours earlier and, now that he was taking stock of how he felt, he didn’t feel particularly sick now either. Which only meant one thing:

A migraine was on the horizon.

At the moment, it wasn’t too bad. All that was happening was a slow build-up of radiating pain behind his eyes. Which was the least of it. He’d always had migraines, so by now, at his ripe age of 20, Eli had a specific plan of attack in mind. Not his plan of attack of course, but the attack the migraine would do to him.

First, always, was the dizziness. Elias first felt this during the last four bars of the Bach piece they were rehearsing. Thank God he practiced so hard at home beforehand because the soft-fallen dizziness had caused him to shift his head to the lift and right, eyes closed, trying in vain to distribute the feeling throughout his body, mind, and soul, and into a better place in order to be able to open his eyes again. Fortunately, the dizziness waned enough for him to take the 15 - make that 30 - minute trek back home. 

Second, of course, was the pain. Fortunately for Elias this time, the pain usually didn’t come at him with soft pain behind the eyes. Usually it came down as a blanket all at once around his entire skull, knocking around like a wrecking ball threatening to crack the very bone that keeps his brain in tact. One day, when he was very young, Eli had actually asked his parents to take him to the ER just in case his skull had actually been breaking. Of course his parents didn’t take him there, they just tended to him the best they could. 

The third step to the migraine was the nausea. The nausea usually lasted the entire hour or however-many hours the disasterous migraine would last, but a few times, which he absolutely dreaded -he had a fear of this- he would throw up. Maybe once, maybe twice. He had a record of 6 times, maybe. Which is why there was always a small trash bin next to his bed. Unfortunately for him, Elias usually didn’t eat before these things, a habit of a busy musician, he supposed, so all that was there was some dry heaving which hurt like hell. Sometimes he didn’t puke at all. . 

Fourth, mercifully, was sleep, which he would always try to do during this show of strength, but finally, it would overtake him. More like make him faint, actually. No matter where he was or what he was doing, no matter who he was with, Elias would drop to the ground, or his head to the pillow, and he would sleep until it went away. Sometimes he would sleep for somewhere around 7 hours. Other times 10. 

At the moment, however, he was only on step two. Rushing upstairs before he could get to step three, Elias tore the cello from his shoulder (he had been holding it at his back so he could keep hunched over -it helped with the migraine) and the jacket from his back. He got comfortable in some sweatpants and a grey baggy shirt, assuming his position on his king-sized bed, trashbin next to him. The rest is history. 

Hours later, after the pain, the dry heaving, the dizziness (which tended to make a comeback toward the end), and the forced -and longed for- sleep, Eli woke up. 

He found it perplexing that he could only breathe out of one nostril. He tried to sniffle but nothing happened, his right nostril was all but useless. Basically numb, Eli didn’t feel the flaring of his nostrils. He did feel, however, the itch tingling at the back of his sinuses. 

No no no no no, he begged no one. He still wasn’t 100% and knew if he sneezed, he might relapse into the mania that was a migraine, maybe even just throw up. 

Hih....heh....no...p-hih-please..I can’t-“ he shut his eyes tight, pinching his nose with his thumb and forefinger. As soon as they pressed his nostrils together, he knew it was the wrong choice. But he didn’t have any time to correct. “Hit’tch! Ah! Fuck!” He yelped into his dark room. Thankfully, all he felt was a sharp(er than usual) pain in his temple, and congestion in his sinuses. He sniffled miserably, put his blanket over his head, and waited -prayed- for sleep to take him once more. 


Sorry, there’s not a lot of sneezing. And the whole migraine thing. Let me know what you guys think. And if I should continue. 

I think the girl in this story is gonna be someone from his orchestra, who will call in the morning when he’s late to rehearsal. Do you guys like that idea? 

As you could probably tell, I haven’t written for a while, and I haven’t written a sneeze in even longer, so can you guys help me re-learn how to write sneezes, I’m really not confident about my writing...



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Keep going 

You sure? I’m not sure, since this doesn’t seem to be getting much attention

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