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A Series Of Giant Sneezes 1/??


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I’ve wanted to do this with all my OC’s so I’m starting it up! It’ll be a tiny/giant original character series! 

Chapter 1 Adam 

“So…what happened?”

Adam was crouched down in front of the desk as he looked at you. Obviously you were the first miniature human he had seen. To be fair to the goth, you were probably the only one in existence. Almost a science project gone wrong if you will!

Your roommate rested his chin on his hands, about eye level with you now. You got closer looking at his black hair. You smirked mischievously. “You totally dye it don’t you?” Adam looked flustered. “What? No! It’s really black!” You laughed a bit at his response. 

“Joke joke!” You looked him over and then you noticed his nose. The poor thing had a cold these past few days. It was thankfully on it’s way out, but it was still reddened and ticklish looking. In fact for some reason more then usual right now. You motioned for him to come back down. 

Instead, Adam reached down. He gently picked you up putting you in his palm and lifting you up to his face. Closer to his face and closer to the itchy looking appendage. “You ok? Your nose is kind of red.” You reached out stroking the tip. It twitched a bit under your touch. 

Adam squinted a bit, the twitching under your fingers intensified a bit. “Yeah, yeah.” He sniffed his nostrils flaring a bit. You looked and could see the inside of his abused nose. The openings looked a bit damp and reddened, to be expected. There was something else, however. Small particles of something making the ticklish openings run and flare even more as you watched. 

“I think something is tickling your nose.” Without any warning you hesitantly reached over. You took the specks as delicately as you could trying to get them off. 

Adam gasped his nostrils flaring. “N…no…wait don’t. I-it’s super se..sensitive right now. O-oh goohh..ehhhh…” Wind blew around you as he hitched. You tried to stay put, though. You were determined to help Adam in any way you could. You stepped a bit closer and reached in further. You managed to get rid of a few of the particles. You didn’t mind that his nose was running a little. It was to be frank the least gross thing you had done in awhile. 

Adam’s nostrils quivered and he tried to clench his jaw. Everything you were doing was making the itchy feeling worse. That and helping reveal something Adam would rather not confess. “Gehhhh….hiiiehhh….stop….it. Please I don’t wanna ehhhhhhh…” 

The walls of Adam’s nostrils quivered under your fingers. You were honestly confused. You tried to see why it was tickling so badly. Was it just the sensitivity from the cold? That’s when you noticed something. Dust was coming off the sleeve of the sweater and getting stuck. That’s when it struck you. 

“Ohh I get it! You’re allergic to dust, aren’t you?” 

“Hhhh…ehhhh…EH! ESSHUUU!” Adam stopped trying to hold it and let out a slightly bigger sneeze then usual. You were misted with spray, mixed with the specks of dust that were tickling his poor helpless nostrils. You flinched a bit and then looked at him. Adam was frozen up looking quite embarrassed. 

“…Yeahhhh.” He confessed. He quickly put his free hand up to his runny nose to cover up the mess. He put you down on the desk and went to the tissue box. You watched him feeling bad. Adam sat in front of you at the desk, looking away. The poor thing felt so humiliated by this. 

You walked over and looked up watching him rub his nostrils. “Why didn’t you ever tell me? You always did the cleaning by yourself, no wonder I’d hear you sneeze so much.” You patted his arm. Adam pulled the tissue way, his nose still pink from his allergy. 

Adam looked at you. “Yeah, I’m sorry. It just embarrasses me a lot. I try to just deal and I really hate my sneezes.” He leaned his chin against the desk and let out a little sniff. “I’m sorry I sneezed on you.” You shook your head. “It’s fine you can’t help it.” You reached up and pressed your hand against the tip of his nose. “If it still tickles, you can sneeze all you want. You don’t need to hold it just because you’re embarrassed. Your sneezes aren’t even that bad.”

Adam gasped a bit as his nose was touched and rubbed. He let out a small sound of pleasure. “H…hhhh….” He let out a soft sigh and his nostrils flared. He relaxed as well enjoying your touch. “I really like when people do that…” He chuckled a bit. “It feels rehhh…hhhhh…” He gasped. “Ohhh god….gonnahhh…sneeze again…” His nostrils started flaring again and his nose twitched. 

You nodded and continued rubbing. “Hehe…does it tickle? Don’t worry. Just let them out, you’ll feel much better.” You encouraged as you took a step closer to the septum, to avoid getting sprayed. “Go ahead.” You said. You still rubbed the tip. 

“Hhh….Ok…hehhhh…..ehhhhere it…comes! Hhhh…ehhhh….hhhh….ehhh…HAH!” 

You were a bit concerned. How huge was it going to be?! 

“…Esshuuu!…Hhh…Shuuu! Eshhhhiii!!! Hhhh….ehhhh….Ettcchiewww!” 

Adam let out a series of sneezes. You were surprised by how small his fits normally were. The buildup was so over dramatic and he was so tall but his sneezes just created a little gust. A bit of a mist as well. Different from his worse allergy sneezes, or his cold sneezes. You looked up at him and giggled. 

“Bless you Adam.” You said sweetly. 

Adam sniffled and let out a little laugh. He pressed his nose against you nuzzling you. “Thank you.” 

You looked down at the desk. “Now shall we try getting me back to normal size?” Adam nodded. “Yup. Let’s get to work.” 

With that he put you on his shoulder. He then started looking for what you wrote to maybe fix the situation you got yourself into. You giggled a bit. Adam was truly kind! 

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7 hours ago, Queen of Spaids (or Kita) said:

This is amazing! I really like it! You definitely should continue this story. Stories with “you” are usually very rare, so I applaud you for making one!

Thank you! There will be more with different characters, if I do this and am consistent about it! 

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50 minutes ago, TsundereKushami said:

Thank you! There will be more with different characters, if I do this and am consistent about it! 

Yay continuation 

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5 hours ago, Shikee12.haley said:

Yay continuation 

Yup! That's how I intend it! 

2 hours ago, iluvemojis said:

So cute! I’d love to read more.

There shall be more then! I'm glad you all enjoy! 

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4 hours ago, SneezeloveronGirls said:

I'm curious if there are going to be any Female Giant Sneezes.

I have female characters, so yes they will be here eventually.

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Oh man... I really like this... And the fact he likes his nose touched like that.. I want to know more about him!! 

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On 12/19/2017 at 11:26 AM, Sneezery said:

This is great! I love giant sneezes

I do as well, hence why I decided to start this series! 

21 hours ago, HideAndGoSneeze said:

Oh man... I really like this... And the fact he likes his nose touched like that.. I want to know more about him!! 

He has become a forum fav these days for sure! I do intend to write more with him! 

11 hours ago, ookami said:

Can't wait for a continuation. They way it's going so far is amaizing. 

Thank you! I'll do my best to finish it up soon! 

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  • 2 months later...

Chapter 2 Nishith 

You looked up at Nishith as he clicked away on his computer. You sat on his desk watching him. Eventually, you wanted to talk and cleared your throat. “Hey Nishith. You feeling bored?” you asked. Nishith looked down and nodded a bit. “Actually, incredibly so.” He sighed pushing away from the desk. You hopped on his shoulder as he spun in the chair. 

You looked at him thinking of what you could do. You looked at his nose. Right now it wasn’t very twitchy at all, nostrils flaring in and out slightly as he breathed. That gave you an idea. “Bet I can make you sneeze.” you said. 

Nishith giggled. “Just a little dust landing on my nose will make me sneeze all over the place. You know how my nose is.” he teased. Nishith grabbed you after a few moments of thought. “I am curious, though. Would you make me sneeze more then even my allergies tend to?” 

You looked at him. “I can try if you want.” Nishith smirked. “Ohhh now I feel a little bad for not being in the filming mood. This is going to make some great sneezes.” he went back to his desk leaning down over it. He put you on the desk. “Still, go for it.” he laughed a bit. “I’m ready.”

You looked up and hesitantly approached his nostril. You looked inside and then with a deep breath, jumped inside and climbed in. Nishith’s nose scrunched. “Ohhhh..” he sniffed without thinking much. You winded up stumbling in deeper and falling over. The nostril you were in twitched and flared a bit. 

“Ehhhh....” Nishith put a finger under his nose, and the flaring died down. He sighed pulling away. “Ehehe...tickly already..” he mumbled to himself. “Sorry love. I couldn’t help that.” he said. You stood up and brushed yourself off, “It’s fine...” This could only end well for you, you thought as you looked around. Nishith’s nasal cavity wasn’t actually as gross as you had anticipated. It was quite clean on the inside other then the hairs. The one thing that got your intention was that some of the walls seemed pinker then other parts. 

You walked up to one of the pinker parts and lightly ran your fingers against it. Immediately the nostril quivered and flared out. 


Nishith’s hitching was much more dramatic sounding in here. His head tilted back and his eyes teared. His poor nose wiggled helplessly. It seemed you brushing against that spot felt really tickly to him. “Ohhhh my god...th-thats ehhhhh....a big tickleehhhhhh....” 

Despite his hitching you continued torturing the poor sensitive inner wall. Clear mucus started rushing by your feet but you didn’t care. You loved having this power over the other. You ran your finger over the spot doing figure 8′s on the wall. His nostrils flared seeming to try and get away from your ticklish touch. Still, you kept going sending ticklish pinprick after pinprick to irritate Nishith’s nose to give in to it’s new sneezy urge. 

Nishith did his best to hold it back, but already he wasn’t doing well. His head was already tilted back, his eyes half closed, his mouth half open. His nose was trembling and the other nostril had started dripping due to your handy work. “Ehhhhhh.....heeeiieeeeehhhhh....Ehhhhhhhhh......hoooooooogod.....babe,...I neeeeehhhd toooohhhh....snnnnaaa,....snnnnnneeeehhhhhh......” It was as far as Nishith got before the hitches took over completely. “Heeeehhhhh......hhhhhhieeeeehhhhhh......AHHHHHHH.”

By now Nishith’s nostrils were flared out so wide they couldn’t splay out any further. Still they quivered warning you of the imminent explosion Nishith’s body was about to give into. Crap you had gotten too cocky and now had nothing to hold onto. You hunkered down preparing for the worst. As you did though, your hair brushed against that pink and sensitive nasal wall, giving everything one last push. 


The best way to describe the feeling was a powerful gust of wind and a bit of rain. It wasn’t as forceful to you as you thought either. You were blasted out to the edge of his nostril. The wind however did make you loose balance and you fell. You closed your eyes thinking it might be the end. Then you opened your eyes on Nishith’s hand. Nishith looked down at you, his nose running like a faucet. 

“Ohhhhh love” He let out a drawn out whine and wriggled and scrunched his nose. You were looking directly up his wide and irritated nostrils. “Im sorry, I couldn’t help it. You really tickled in there. God though it felt soooo good.” he moved down a bit, nuzzling you with the tickly appendage.

“You definitely tickle more then my allerg...allergiiieehhhhh....gihhhhh....gieeeeHHH.” You looked up seeming the glistening nostrils flare out wide above you, as the tickle took over. “EEEESHHHIIIIIIII” Nishith gave in spraying you in another tickly sneeze. His nose really did tickle too much for him to resist. 

You squeaked a bit and whined. “Ahhh Nishith you got snot all over me.” You whined. It wasn’t too bad, but still. You reached down and wiped yourself off. He giggled a bit reaching up and rubbing his nose. “Sorry love, you know what your getting into when it comes to my nose though. You know how sensitive and messy it can be. Still I’ll clean you up, ok? I’ll even make you some food.”

He nuzzled you a bit with his nose, then kissed the top of your head tenderly. You giggled a bit as well. “That’s true, I do love it though. I’ll take the risk of getting sprayed though.”

Nishith nodded. “Glad to hear it.” he said. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” 

Nishith walked you to the kitchen sniffling and rubbing all the while. You figured more sneezes were coming based on how the sensitive appendage still twitched around. You would be happy to see more so you waited expectantly for another explosion. 

Your boyfriend really did have a super sensitive sneezy nose! 

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  • 4 years later...

Oh my Gosh ! It's so good ! It's so lovely and sneezy at the same time ! X) Thanks for sharing it with us, you're teally talented !

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