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Yes he IS super sneezy


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My SO is already a very sneezy person normally but today....HOLY COW :oso I thought I would share.

He was up before I was this morning. I could hear him sneezing from the other room while I was still laying in bed just starting to think about getting up. He sneezed his usual 4 sneezes, slight break then another 4. Nothing unusual as that’s his normal pattern. 

The spectacular fit happened later in the morning when we were setting up the Christmas tree. He was standing on a chair putting the star up when without warning, no sniffling or audible breath hitch, nothing, he suddenly started to sneeze , (rapidly compared to his usual sneezing fits )“EEEhChew! EHChew!EChew!Ectch-chew!ESHXt, eshxt, Eh-ehchew! Esch!”...it went on and on without a break- I wished I had counted the sneezes from the first one. I replayed them in my head trying to count them out but I’m really not sure how many times he sneezed without pause, I’m guessing twenty in a row-which is REALLY rare for him. I haven’t seen him have a fit like this for years.

His breath hitched, he sneezed again eEEChew! As he stepped off the chair. 

I waited a few seconds before I asked him “Wow, bless you, how many times did you just sneeze?” 

EEshew! ”I don’t know” He still sounded itchy as he rubbed his face and sneezed again “eschew!” He groaned a little and left the room. I could hear him continue to sneeze as he walked down the hall towards the bathroom. He was fine when he came back, a little pink nosed and the odd sniffle but the sneezing had seized for a while anyways.

For the rest of the day he has continued to sneeze in his usual 4 sneeze break then 3 or 4 more pattern multiple times But there hasent been any more huge fits, in my presence anyways. Though his “mini fits” definitely seem to be happening more then usual too. 

Just wow. :o 

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Yeah it could have been for sure though I never felt concerned for his safety as he didnt have huge back bender sneezes and seemed pretty stable up there through the fit. It didn’t feel like a serious situation and I truly didn’t think it was going to go on and go like it did either. If he had wobbled  I definitely would have been ready to help steady him as I was already right beside him watching him in shock.

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Sneeze wise he sounds as the best husband you can wish for :-) Thanks for sharing the obs. Wish i could have seen it myself, but this gives already a good picture :-) Might it have been the christmas tree what triggered his sneezes?

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Haha Gandalf; sometimes I worry I married him because of that ^_^

I don’t think it was the tree, as it’s the same artificial tree with have set up for years. Maybe there was some dust on it from storage? No idea what triggered such a huge reaction. 

Phychlone; the first sneeze caught him off guard and wasent covered at all but the rest were into his left elbow. He was still holding the star so didn’t have many options. 

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