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In the morning


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Me every morning of my life.


The alarm on my phone keeps going off. I’ve got five of them set close together to pester me until I’m finally ready to open my eyes in my still dark room.  I lay there, contemplating how long I could stay in the shower, versus possibly setting an alarm for a paltry 10 minute doze.  That’s when it starts, a burning itch in my right nostril, so gradual I don’t notice at first. It’s hitting me early today.

I’ve got one hell of a sneeze. It is what it is.  I’m a pretty big guy, deep voice, and a nose that becomes inflamed with itchy irritation quite easily. The result is a room rattling wet blast that can be heard throughout my workplace, a supermarket, and probably my poor apartment building.  
On top of all that, I’m a fairly frequent sneezer.  Allergies, dry air, sunlight, and the mere act of waking up cause my prominent nostrils to quiver.  This morning, I can feel it building before I even sit up.  I let it grow as I sit on the edge of the bed.  I hitch a few times and inhale sharply:
My release shatters the silence and I snap forward, I can feel the spray blast into the air, covering my bare legs and probably hitting the opposite wall.  But one isn’t usually enough in the morning, I barely recover from the first sneeze when I involuntarily hitch and then draw an impossible amount of air in to my lungs:
Even bigger then the first, it barrels out of me, more spray on my legs and arms 
 and some mess as well.  My ears are ringing at this point as the gooseflesh stands out on my skin where I’ve showered it.
I sit there, bracing for another when the itch suddenly lessens.  The violent need to sneeze retreats as quickly as it came on.  I sniff a few times and get up to go to the bathroom and start the day....
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